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Division Manager, Financial Technical Services, FIST2

23 hours 13 min ago


The Division Manager will undertake the following functions:


A. People management


  1. Manage staff performance in line with the Bank’s guidelines, ensuring that clear objectives are set and agreed upon with the team in the work program and that annual performance cycles are effectively managed in line with the Bank’s calendar;
  2. Mentor, coach and guide staff ensuring their clear understanding of their roles and promote a supportive work environment that is responsive to personal development of staff, ongoing feedback and development, including long term career development.


 B. Development of innovative Financial Products and Balance Sheet Optimization Products


  1. Design and implement new and/or enhanced financial products for financing, leverage of Bank Capital and for risk management purposes; write product specifications, technical guidelines and implementation modalities for the Bank’s financial products.
  2. Design and Implement innovative balance sheet optimization structures including but not limited to cash and synthetic securitization, insurance, complex guarantee structures, credit default swaps etc..
  3. Monitor the performance of products and services, and where necessary, analyze, develop and implement changes to existing product range to ensure that they continue to adequately meet borrower needs.
  4. Manage the preparation of product competitor analysis and keep abreast of financial innovation, monitor economic and political trends in the international capital and money markets, and assess their impact on the Bank’s competiveness
  5. Support the general dissemination of the Bank’s financial products. This involves developing and delivering training, marketing and communication modules, helping to resolve important funding and risk management issues, and applying a broad knowledge of  financial markets and operational issues of each product to ensure high quality outcomes for the Bank and its clients.
  6. Provide financial advisory and technical services including debt management and an understanding of Bank products and financial services to clients.
  7. Build and maintain highly effective and successful relationships with key internal and external stakeholders, including financial advisors, investment banks, multilateral development banks and other financial institutions.


C. Financial Solutions, Advisory on Finance and  Technical Expert Support


  1. Provide financial technical expertise and advisory services on project teams in originating, structuring, appraising, negotiating, restructuring, secondary sales and closing of transactions in various sectors utilizing the breadth of available instruments.
  2. Lead the expansion of Bank’s project pipeline targeted to mobilize private sector financing. This includes (i) identification of opportunities and candidates, and (ii) relationship building and management with both internal clients and external clients (banks, institutional investors, private project participants etc.). 
  3. Review and negotiate complex project documentation, including mandate letters, term sheets, loan agreements and common term agreements.
  4. Lead the Divisions interventions in supporting task managers developing guarantee transactions (for e.g. but not limited to infrastructure projects and capital market financings), including support during upstream preparation, structuring, negotiation, and closing of the transactions. Draft, as appropriate, project related documentation, including guarantee term-sheets and in collaboration with Legal Counsel, finalize the terms and conditions of Bank’s support. Contribute to the operational documents and provide support for internal processing, review transaction agreements, and coordinate across project components with other team members.
  5. Support task managers to design appropriate structures and solutions to meet the growing and evolving needs of clients;
  6. Develop a fair and equitable pricing of the Bank’s lending products and assist Bank’s clients in their debt management strategies through the design of customized derivative based hedging solutions.
  7. Assist clients in developing expertise and maintain appropriate systems for identifying and assessing risks associated with their external liabilities.


D. Domestic Capital Markets Funding 


  1. Lead the Bank’s initiative to issue domestic bonds in African Capital markets and on-lend to projects.
  2. Manage the process of local currency papers preparation to seek President’s approval to designate specific regional member countries currencies as approved lending currencies of the Bank and thereafter establish medium term note programs in the underlying countries.
  3. Lead the development of local currency funding strategies for Bank’s projects utilizing domestic bond issuance, cross currency swaps or synthetic derivative structures.
  4. Design structured transactions (partial credit guarantees, securitizations, credit enhancements, and risk sharing facilities) to assist clients mobilize local currency in domestic capital markets or through syndicated loan structures or commercial lenders.


E. Management of the Division - Contributing to the Development and Adaptation of Financial Policies and Programmes


  1. Ensure that the division’s operations, processes and controls are strong and effective to ensure positive compliance of audit outcomes.
  2. Mitigate operational risk by ensuring that the division’s procedure manual is updated at all times and ensuring compliance with internal procedures and practices.
  3. Lead the design and implementation of a marketing strategy for the Division, both to internal and external clients.
  4. Chair or participate as a key member of all the Asset and Liability Management Committee working groups and in technical working groups.
  5. Provide input on strategic issues and policy dialogue concerning the Bank’s corporate business.
  6. Perform other duties as assigned by the supervisor.


Principal ICT Specialist, PITD3

23 hours 13 min ago


Under the overall supervision and guidance of the Division Manager, the Principal ICT Specialist in addition to the above mentioned tasks shall:

  • Dialogue with Regional Member Countries (RMCs), Partners and relevant specialised agencies on project requests;
  • Advise the Bank and RMCs on the viability of ICT projects;
  • Identify funding options including the use of PRGs, PCGs and the applicability of PPP structures;
  • Carry out identification, preparation, appraisal and supervision missions; Prepare and process project documentation (including Project Concept Notes and Appraisal Reports) and follow up on reviews and approval processes;
  • Mobilise co-financing for projects from other MDBs, donors and the private sector;
  • Manage the strategic project cycle process including consultations with RMCs and the Bank's Country Programme Officers to ensure that prospective ICT projects are included in the overall agreed lending plans of the Bank and the RMCs;
  • Manage a portfolio of projects, ensuring that each project is properly supervised, is disbursing funds and is achieving its original development goals.  In doing so, apply the rules and regulations of the Bank correctly to issues of procurement and fund management and disbursement;
  • Initiate and execute programmes and studies to develop knowledge in Africa on strategically important ICT subjects.  Where necessary, mobilise funds for studies.  To do so, it will be necessary to develop terms of reference for studies and pilot projects and comply with donor information needs to obtain financial support.
  • Develop consultancy terms of reference and recruit consultants to support the work area.  Observe fully Bank procurement rules and regulations;
  • Undertake Ad hoc activities including coordination with other operational and regional complexes; integration of ICT in Country and Regional Strategy Papers; strengthen the Bank's knowledge and expertise (article writing, briefing and analyses); support broad financial mobilisation activities of the Bank; attend Business Opportunity Seminars with the private sector to explain upcoming procurement opportunities in Bank ICT projects.
  • Participate in relevant skills development activities to ensure that technical, market, financial and processing knowledge is maintained to a required level.


Advisor to the Vice-President, RDSA

23 hours 13 min ago

Under the overall guidance of the Vice-President RDVP, the Advisor works closely with the entire team in the Vice-President’s Office in the following areas:

  1. Support and advise the Vice-President RDVP in the coordination of the Bank's Operational activities through the Operations Committee (OPSCOM), as well as other relevant platforms. Among other things, this entails providing support to the RDVP Front Office Director and the   Lead Country Programme Coordinators (CPCs) and advising the Vice-President, RDVP, as appropriate.
  2. Support and advise the RDVP in the coordination of the Bank’s corporate activities through the Senior Management Coordination Committee (SMCC) and other relevant platforms. In this regard, work closely with the RDVP Front Office Director and the RDVP Budget Manager to review documentation submitted for SMCC consideration.
  3. Support and advise the RDVP in the coordination and review of policies, strategies, directives and initiatives submitted by the Departments in the RDVP complex.
  4. Advise the Vice-President RDVP on emerging matters of strategic, policy and institutional significance, including the formulation/update of Bank Group Policies, Strategies, and Guidelines.
  5. Support the RDVP Front Office Director and the RDVP Budget Manager in the coordination and harmonization of the work program of the respective Departments in consultation with the Manager responsible for Budget and Results, following up on their implementation and report periodically on the status of their progress to the Vice President.
  6. Advise and support the Vice-President RDVP on all aspects related to performance indicators, KPIs and report periodically on the status of their progress.
  7. Collaborate with the RDVP audit focal point in the coordination and monitoring of the implementation of audit recommendations relating to the complex and report periodically on the status of implementation to the Vice-President.
  8. Advise and support the Vice-President RDVP on resource mobilisation and donor coordination   activities (e.g. ADF replenishment, Trust Funds, and General Capital Increase, etc.), including participating in related Committees and Task Forces.
  9. Advise and support the Vice-President RDVP on all matters pertaining to organisational units within the RDVP Complex.
  10. Support the Vice-President’s participation in internal and external meetings/events - Board meeting, Workshops, Seminars, etc. - including preparing technical reports, briefing materials, speeches, etc.
  11. Provide technical support and advice to the Vice-President RDVP and the Complex in their interaction with other Complexes to ensure effective coordination and communication - including participation in activities aimed and improving Bank-wide communication and coordination, e.g. the Front Office Forum, cross-Complex coordination meetings, documents review, etc.
  12. Provide technical and analytical support/advice to the Vice-President RDVP Front Office and represent the Office in relevant Bank­ wide Committees, Initiatives, Task Forces, etc.
  13. Monitor the implementation of decisions made by the Boards, the President or the Vice-President in respect to Departments under the RDVP.


Principal Evaluation Officer, BDEV2

23 hours 13 min ago

Under the supervision and guidance of the Division Manager Division.2, the Principal Evaluation Officer will:

  1. Undertake Evaluation Activities: Design, conduct and report on evaluations in accordance with the Bank’s Evaluation Policy and Manual and international evaluation standards (e.g., OECD DAC evaluation standards and the Evaluation Cooperation Group Good Practice Standards).
  2. Undertake Meta-Evaluations and Meta-Analyses; Lead, and guide meta-evaluations and meta-analyses including designs, and methods (for literature search, and data collection, analysis and reporting).
  3. Undertake Evaluation Quality Management: Contribute to updating the Independent Development Evaluation Department evaluation quality standards, and quality assurance processes, tools and capacity.
  4. Contribute to the capture of learning from evaluation design to evaluation dissemination for use in updating the Independent Development Evaluation Department evaluation manual, and for staff learning events.
  5. Manage human and financial resources of a multi-disciplinary evaluation team to ensure the delivery of complex and concurrent evaluations that are conducted in an independent, cost-effective, rigorous and timely manner.
  6. Promote the mandate of the evaluation function and contribute to the creation of an evaluation culture in the Bank and in Regional Member Countries (RMC).
  7. Contribute to positioning the Independent Development Evaluation Department as an innovator on the leading-edge among other multilateral institutions and to maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of the Bank’s Evaluation Function.
  8. Contribute to building strategic alliances and partnerships with key stakeholders within and outside the Bank to further the Evaluation Function’s mandate and engage in evaluation communities of practice within and outside the Bank. Provide substantive input to these communities and share lessons of experience. 
  9. Contribute to the preparation of Independent Development Evaluation Department’s three-year rolling work programme and annual report.
  10. Perform any other assigned tasks.


Lead Research Economist, ECMR0

Wed, 08/07/2020 - 00:00


Under the general supervision of the Director the incumbent’s Duties and Responsibilities will be as follows:


  1. Provide critical and intellectual oversight on strategic work program of the department including :
  • Quality assurance: by working closely with Division Managers, review key knowledge products of the department and provide technical support to achieve rigor, clarity and credibility.
  • Oversee the quality of working papers series, journal publications (African Development Review) and flagships by leading peer review and editorial committees.
  • Assess technical capacity of the research team in the department and ensure they are strengthened as needed.


  1. Conduct research in the areas supporting the Bank’s High 5s (High priority areas: Light Up and Power Africa (Energy), Feed Africa (Agriculture and Nutrition), Industrialize Africa (Industrialization), Integrate Africa (Regional Integration) and Improve quality of live for Africans (Sustainable socio-economic development)).


  1.    Provide technical and analytical inputs into the work of Operations Complexes:
  • Provide input into Country Strategy Papers (CSPs).
  • Participate in Economic Sector Works (ESW).
  • Peer review project, program, policy documents, including documents submitted to the Operations Committee.
  1.    Coordinate the production of Bank Economic Intelligence documents:
  • Provide economic intelligence (statement, policy briefs) to Senior Management on economic development issues.
  1. Contribute knowledge in the Bank’s “Working Papers Series " and the Bank’s "African Development Review":
  • Publish research papers and review submitted articles to the African Development Review and Working Paper Series.
  1. Participate in collaborative research and knowledge management activities carried out jointly with regional and international organizations, research and capacity building institutions in Africa, development research centers and universities.
  2.     Review operation documents and participate in review meetings.
  3.     Perform other duties as may be assigned by the Director.


Senior Power Engineer, PESD2

Fri, 03/07/2020 - 00:00


Under the overall supervision of the Manager, Power Utilities, the incumbent will perform the following:


1- Contribute to the preparation of the Bank Group Energy Policy and Strategy;

2- Contribute to the development of national and regional strategy documents; undertake relevant studies and analyzes;

3- Provide timely guidance necessary to achieve project development results;

4- Be part of the teams working through the project cycle and ex post reviews of the Bank's operations, with a focus on the energy sector in the region, notably involving the RMCs in the region, Regional Economic Community (REC) institutions, Power Pools, other development partners and all relevant stakeholders;

5- Provide the technical skills required to design national and multinational projects aligned with the needs of RMCs, Power pools and regional economic communities according to their priorities;

6- Ensure timely review and quality assurance of project identification, preparation, evaluation and supervision documents according to technical, financial, regulatory, environmental, social and economic requirements;

7- Represent the Bank in the context of national and regional partnerships, networks, conferences, workshops and training seminars on issues related to the development of the energy sector and related issues;

8- Establish interdepartmental cooperation within the Bank and partnerships with other similar institutions engaged in the energy sector development;

9- Undertake any other task the Director or Division Manager may assign.


Chief Power Engineer, PESD2

Fri, 03/07/2020 - 00:00


Under the overall supervision of the Manager, Power Utilities, the incumbent will perform the following:

  1. Coordinate the implementation of relevant flagship projects / programs with a view to achieving the objectives of the New Deal on Energy for Africa;
  2. Provide advisory support and Technical Assistance to Regional Member Countries (RMCs) / Regional Economic Community (REC) institutions / Power Pools and Task Managers in the identification, preparation, screening and implementation of complex and innovative projects aimed at developing the energy sector and improving performance (e.g. benchmarking); 
  3. Provide leadership as Task Manager, in collaboration with all the team members, in the process of identifying, preparing and implementing projects/programs related to the development of the energy sector;
  4. Coordinate/Lead, in conjunction with other teams, Bank power sector business development and operations to support transformation, including human capacity building and smart partnerships;
  5. Coordinate with Bank governance units and/or other Divisions in conducting policy dialogue and implementing projects/programs aimed at power sector development;
  6. Provide in-depth sector expertise to guarantee the technical quality of projects/programs;
  7. Ensure timely review and quality assurance of project identification, preparation, appraisal and supervision documents vis-à-vis technical, financial, regulatory, environmental, social and economic requirements;
  8. Contribute to the preparation of the Bank Group Energy Policy and Strategy; 
  9. Provide timely guidance and inputs necessary to achieve project development goals;
  10. Work with other PEVP Divisions on relevant policy and regulatory matters and the structuring and financial analysis of complex / innovative projects, especially those involving private sector participation;
  11. Support delivery of Economic and Sector Work, in collaboration with other Directorates / Divisions of the Bank, utilities, power pools and development and other strategic partners;
  12. Undertake any other tasks the Director or Division Manager may assign.


Chief Statistician, ECST1

Fri, 03/07/2020 - 00:00

Under the supervision of the Division Manager Economic & Social Statistics and Chief Statistician, the Chief Statistician will:

  1. Coordinate activities within the Bank & in Regional Member Countries for streamlining data management & dissemination through the Africa Information Highway initiative to inform policies, strategies & decision making.
  2. Coordinate 1BDS activities related to the provision and management of all categories of data assets and related metadata required by Bank units in their activities, as well as data and metadata assets stored by Bank units for further dissemination and utilization within or outside the Bank.
  3.  Define appropriate statistical methods to be used to estimate and forecast key macro, sectorial and social indicator in Regional Member Countries and contribute to the African Economic Outlook work (data collection; management; forecast analysis and generation of projections of economic indicators for all African countries).
  4. Develop and maintain a knowledge base on social and cross-sectoral statistics relating to the concepts, methods, classifications, best practices in such areas as demography, employment, health, education, poverty and living conditions, housing, environment, gender, governance, infrastructures, etc.
  5. Coordinate technical work and provide guidance on concepts, methods, classifications, best practices in such statistical domains as: Demography, employment, health, education, poverty and living conditions, environment, gender, governance, infrastructures and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  6. Provide the Bank and member countries with comparative research analysis, socio-economic data and projections of the most widely used socio-economic parameters relating to Africa’s economy and Bank Group operations.
  7. Provide statistical and analytical support to meet the operational and research needs of organizational units throughout the Bank.
  8. Supervise statistical analyses in support of the activities and ensure accuracy and consistency in the use of statistical data throughout the Bank and provide guidance on statistical analysis and interpretation.
  9. Coordinate the development and maintenance of the Bank’s statistical databases, including access, interface and utilization.
  10. Represent the Department/Division in country teams and interdepartmental working groups within the Bank; review operations documents, provide statistical inputs to Bank group’s Annual Report and other reports.
  11. Promote the implementation of the Strategy for the Harmonization of Statistics in Africa (SHASA), the African Charter on Statistics and other regional statistical strategies and principles, as well as agreed upon quality assurance standards across Africa.
  12. Initiate, build and maintain partnerships with regional and international institutions which includes developing and implementing regional joint programmes, organizing and participating in meetings, conferences and interregional dialogues and networks
  13. Prepare publications for dissemination within the Bank and to officials and institutions in member countries; and review data for consistency, accuracy and reliability in Bank reports.
  14. Provide technical support and professional advisory services to heads of National Statistics Offices in leadership of National Statistics Systems and implementation of capacity development initiatives; promote increased availability of official statistics across RMCs, assuring the timely identification of gaps and assisting in filling the gaps.
  15. Provide leadership and oversee capacity development initiatives in Regional Member Countries (RMC) in order to ensure production of statistical indicators in compliance with international statistical standards and norms; improve capacities of statistical training centers to meet the needs of National Statistics Systems.
  16. Represent the Bank at international and regional platforms and meetings pertaining to statistics as will be directed by ECST management and provide guidance on statistical issues and applications.
  17. Provide technical guidance to junior staff oversee the production of statistical reports and publications
  18. Assist ECST.1 Division Manager in quality control of the work of the division and act as Officer-In-Charge in his/her absence.


Senior Video Producer – Production and Content, PCER2

Thu, 02/07/2020 - 00:00

Under the overall supervision of the Division Manager, External Relations (PCER2), the Senior Video Producer – Production and Content, will manage all aspects of video project production including scripting, filming, and editing to ensure timely delivery of professional video and photography digital content. This individual will work with a team to create compelling and engaging digital content through video, photography, presentation, emerging media, and other multimedia applications. They will ensure continual creative improvement and actively contribute to a culture of innovation, excellence and accountability.

Specifically, they will have the following responsibilities:

Multimedia Production

  1. Create, develop and manage the full video production process from start to finish including
  • Pre-production – vision, strategy, script development, manage production timeline 
  • Production – planning and managing video shoots and carrying out interviews as required
  • Post-production – video editing - narration, translation and subtitling
  1. Deliver ready to publish multimedia content across all Bank’s channels
  2. Create and maintain production schedules taking into account changing project priorities, milestones, and resource constraints.
  3. Analyse and prioritize requests for multimedia content
  4. Ensure quality control for all visual media and ensure that creative content and products comply with brand standards, policies, directives, and client needs.
  5. Achieve consensus among diverse viewpoints and effectively translate ideas into, actionable steps.
  6. Manage content production and workflow from inception through completion, ensuring all stakeholders are aligned. This includes development of budget estimates, resourcing, and project management


Content Development

  1. Creatively package and turn video footage into engaging multimedia content
  2. Create video project success stories
  3. Write treatments for motion graphic videos, live videos and photography projects including sound, graphics, animation, special effects and other visual forms to be included.
  4. Serve as a creative point of contact by developing strong relationships with clients and colleagues.
  5. Ensure all information is accurate before publishing, whether written or visual content, to prevent copyright infringements (e.g. plagiarism and ghost-written content) and discard any misrepresentation or defamation.



  1. Research and develop content for digital, online and print media to meet and exceed the Bank’s external and internal stakeholders’ expectations.
  2. Coordinate contributions by other departments and complexes, teams/units on major initiatives, and obtain required clearance.
  3. Identify and interview experts, conduct research, and write and analyse a broad range of material for multimedia projects and assignments
  4. Collaborate with the editorial team on projects as necessary


The incumbent will also undertake the following:

  1. Ensure that the quality and accessibility of information on the Bank’s multimedia platforms is consistent with the image of the Bank as the leading development institution in Africa and its global role as a development organization. In this regard, the incumbent will ensure that the information posted and published is timely, accurate and conforms to the Bank’s information disclosure and editorial policies.
  2. Ensure that all content received from departments and complexes is reviewed, edited and posted on the Bank’s communication platforms.
  3. Proactively develop content and acquire organizational information.
  4. Meet all required deadlines.

Principal Knowledge Management Officer, BDEV 3

Thu, 02/07/2020 - 00:00

Under the supervision and guidance of the Division Manager, BDEV.3; the key duties and responsibilities of Principal Knowledge Management Officer are to:

  1. Lead the development, implementation and evaluation of strategic, tactical and operational stakeholder engagement strategies aligned with the Work Program of IDEV.
  2. Conduct and update knowledge needs assessments of Bank operations staff, Management, Board members and other clients. Develop strategies to meet those needs, identifying and requesting resources as necessary.
  3. In collaboration with evaluation teams, plan and lead the implementation of integrated stakeholder engagement plans and initiatives to improve and enhance the perceptions and experiences of Bank operations staff, Management, Board members and other clients as necessary.
  4. Manage stakeholder mapping, prepare communications for stakeholders and respond to stakeholder enquiries. Provide briefings and support to evaluation teams for meetings with stakeholders.
  5. Lead specific stakeholder outreach initiatives, dialogue and other forms of engagement to understand key concerns and issues and inform review and enhancement of IDEV evaluation dissemination activities.
  6. Determine and develop the knowledge management and dissemination strategy for IDEV.
  7. Contribute to the implementation of the KM strategy by supporting evaluation teams throughout the evaluation process (providing KM expertise, acting as a peer reviewer and providing constructive comments on approach papers, inception reports, (draft) evaluation reports and other evaluation products as required) and planning and undertaking outreach and dissemination of evaluation findings in various ways. Provide advice on the most effective evaluation dissemination methods and approaches, drawing on good practices from other IFIs.
  8. Plan and oversee the production and dissemination of knowledge products from evaluations, and the organization and facilitation of meetings, seminars and other internal and external events to disseminate evaluation findings and results.
  9. Facilitate a process through which the main users of evaluations deepen their understanding of evaluation findings and lessons. Coordinate with the Knowledge Management Officer and Communications Officer to ensure the availability and accessibility of information to enhance awareness and capacity among key stakeholders.
  10. Coordinate with the Knowledge Manager Officer and Communications Officer to synthesize lessons and encourage uptake of best practices and knowledge on stakeholder engagement.
  11. Establish and maintain effective working relationships and communication channels with clients within and outside the Bank to ensure the widest possible dissemination of information about evaluation results. Develop and manage relationships with other development agencies and inform IDEV and Bank operations staff on their knowledge management activities.
  12. Provide oral and written responses and briefings for queries
  13. Contribute to the IDEV website, help desk, and Evaluation Matters magazine
  14. Represent IDEV in initiatives, meetings and conferences related to his/her duties
  15. Propose the knowledge management activities to be included in the three-year IDEV work programme
  16. Report on activities achieved during the year to be considered in the IDEV Annual Report
  17. Perform any other assigned tasks.

Knowledge Management Officer , BDEV3

Thu, 02/07/2020 - 00:00

Under the supervision and guidance of the Division Manager BDEV3 the Knowledge Management Officer will:

  1. Work closely with the Principal Knowledge Management Officer, Senior Knowledge Management Officer and evaluation teams on the implementation of IDEV stakeholder engagement strategies;
  2. Work closely with evaluation task managers and teams throughout the evaluation process to support the retrieval, compilation and sharing of knowledge in ways that are responsive to clients’ needs;
  3. Identify relevant sources of evaluation knowledge and other information and extract, compile, analyse and present this for use in the preparation of evaluation reports, presentations, and other knowledge and communication products;
  4. Support evaluation, knowledge management and dissemination activities (such as meetings, missions, events) conducted by professional staff and/or consultants and participates in these activities as required;
  5. Identify and contact internal and external sources and other stakeholders to seek required information;
  6. Consolidate, categorize and maintain background information and records on relevant issues, developing related databases and information systems and updating them accordingly;
  7. Ensure that an accurate audit trail is maintained of all stakeholder engagement and that all contacts and activities are recorded in a stakeholder database;
  8. Perform other duties as may arise.

Senior Knowledge Management Officer, BDEV3

Wed, 01/07/2020 - 00:00

Under the supervision and guidance of the Division Manager BDEV.3, the Senior Knowledge Management Officer will:

  1. Work closely with the Principal Knowledge Management Officers and evaluation teams on the implementation of IDEV stakeholder engagement strategies.
  2. Undertake and contribute to knowledge needs assessments of Bank operations staff, Management, Board members and other evaluation stakeholders. Develop strategies to meet those needs.
  3. Develop and deliver stakeholder engagement plans in accordance with the overarching stakeholder strategy.
  4. Prepare stakeholder mappings, coordinate and prepare communications to stakeholders and respond to stakeholder enquiries.
  5. Work closely with evaluation task managers and teams to compile and share evaluative knowledge and be responsive to clients’ needs throughout the evaluation process.
  6. Arrange and attend stakeholder meetings with evaluation teams and ensure that feedback of stakeholder responses and requests to evaluation teams are responded to within agreed timelines.
  7. Attend client-facing meetings, collaborative planning workshops and report to clients on progress.
  8. Support the implementation of IDEV knowledge management strategies by supporting evaluation teams throughout the evaluation process (acting as a peer reviewer and providing constructive comments on approach papers, inception reports, (draft) evaluation reports and other evaluation products as required), undertaking outreach, broadly disseminating findings and knowledge from IDEV evaluations, and responding to questions about evaluations.
  9. Prepare a range of knowledge products summarizing and presenting findings and lessons from IDEV evaluations, including evaluation reports, briefs and highlights, factsheets, info-graphics, audio-visual productions, presentations, lessons learned, etc.
  10. Ensure that the products meet high quality standards and that their content responds to the knowledge needs of various audiences: Bank operations staff and management, authorities and beneficiaries in Regional Member Countries, other development partners, researchers/academia, the media, etc.
  11. Disseminate IDEV knowledge products through various channels, including print and electronic publication and distribution, direct mailings, virtual and physical events, the IDEV website, social media, etc. Ensure that evaluation results are communicated across the Bank, including by undertaking presentations to stakeholders and staff.
  12. Develop relationships and collaborate with other Bank departments, external stakeholders and clients to ensure the widest possible dissemination of evaluative knowledge.
  13. Develop relationships with evaluation departments of other organizations to exchange best practices.
  14. Coordinate and guide the work of more junior staff members and consultants.
  15. Perform other duties as required.

Division Manager, Capital Markets and Financial Operations, FITR1

Tue, 30/06/2020 - 00:00


The Division Manager will manage and supervise the personnel and activities of the Division, determine the overall objectives, oversee the execution of the work program and ensure effective use of the Division’s budget. Her/his duties and responsibilities will include the following:

  1. Provide leadership and effective people management. Committed to the success of the team
  2. Ensure that the division has strong controls and processes in place.
  3. Lead and coordinate the formulation of the Bank’s funding and investors relation strategy, and the preparation of the Bank’s annual borrowing programs; oversee and ensure regular review and update of the Bank’s borrowing documentation and capital markets requirements;
  4. Oversee the execution of the Bank’s annual funding program in capital markets in line with its funding and hedging strategy, conservative asset and liability management framework, policies, guidelines and benchmarks; lead and supervise the asset/liability management activities of the Division;
  5. Provide leadership in the analysis of capital market trends and their likely impact on the Bank’s liability and derivatives portfolios;
  6. Build and maintain the Bank’s reputation in the capital markets by developing and maintaining t contact with market participants. Keep abreast of market developments.
  7.  Manage the investors’ relations program to efficiently deepen and widen the Bank’s investor base,
  8. Lead on the financing framework and the administrative management of subscriptions to the Bank, ADF, and the MDRI. Advise Management and participate/contribute to discussions on capital increases and ADF replenishments; prepare relevant technical papers. Manage relationships with member countries and Donors.
  9. Provide technical leadership and contributions to the Bank’s credit rating review process and ESG rating process; participate in the review of the Bank’s financial policies.
  10. Lead the preparation of the financial presentation of the Bank for the annual meeting, and various stakeholders presentation.
  11. Lead the preparation of the administrative hedge of the Bank’s budget.


Principal External Relations and Communication Officer , SNAR

Mon, 29/06/2020 - 00:00

Under the overall supervision of the Director of SNAR, the External Relations and Communication Officer has the following responsibilities:

  • Assist the Director of SNAR on overall management of the office as Deputy Head of Office including planning, budgeting, financial control, KPI (Key Performance Indicators) management and monitoring, staff management, etc.;
  • Be a mentor for and also a leader of other PL and GS Staff of SNAR under the guidance of the Director of SNAR;
  • Engage with Asian members of the Bank to promote stronger partnerships through participating in each government’s important policy interface toward African development or business such as, but not limited to, the Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) for Japan, Korea Africa Economic Cooperation (KOAFEC), Ministerial Conference for Korea, Forum on China-Africa Economic Cooperation (FOCAC) for China, Conclave on Project Partnerships (Conclave) for India. The incumbent takes charge of one or two countries out of SNAR’s mandate in 4 countries depending on language proficiency;
  • Work closely with other departments in the Bank for partnership activities in order to have integrated and unified approach as One Bank;
  • Prepare and implement SNAR’s Communication Strategy, including the organization of seminars, conference and workshops on African development issues, business opportunities in African countries, preparation and display of electronic and print materials for external partnership and dialogue, knowledge promotion, exchanges and business promotion activities;
  • Develop and implement a dissemination strategy that will ensure wide dissemination of Bank information and publications in the Region, including appropriate web resources and social media management;
  • Work closely with the Bank’s Communications Department in respect of communication activities and dissemination of regional documents, ensuring that regional publications comply with the Bank’s standards and editorial policies;
  • Offer free consultation on business investment and advice about the bank’s activities;
  • Work with other international organizations such as MDBs, UN agencies, academia and other specialized agencies to complement specialties;
  • Carry out other duties and responsibilities requested by the Director of SNAR.


Secretary to the Country Manager, RDGE

Mon, 29/06/2020 - 00:00

Under the Supervision of the Country Manager, the Secretary will perform the following:



  1. Receive and register all incoming and outgoing documents of the Country Office;
  2. Ensure that documents presented for Country Manager’s signature are complete, with necessary attachments and background documents;
  3. Draft general or administrative correspondence on own initiative or on the basis of instructions and finalize for the Country Manager’s signature;
  4. Verify that outgoing correspondence is presented in accordance with the Bank’s accepted formats and check on probable typographical errors, presentation, completeness and procedural accuracy of all documents submitted to the Country Manager’s for clearance, approval or signature;
  5. Review and classify priority and important correspondences and submit accordingly;
  6. Follow-up and ensure that target dates and deadlines are met using appropriate tracking tools, and that correspondence and queries are responded to in a timely manner;
  7. Channel correspondence for action by the Country Manager’s or send directly to the concerned unit, if necessary.
  8. Manage the SAP-based travel management function, to create missions, track and request missions’ approval, request air tickets and insert mission claims on behalf of CORW Staff;
  9. Discharge role in processing of administrative payments in SAP in line with the Bank segregation of duty guidelines.



  1. Receive visitors and telephone calls with tact and discretion, and act according to the nature and urgency of each, including redirecting to the concerned offices, as appropriate;
  2. Screen Country Manager’s calls/visitors make appointments for visitors to meet the Country Manager;
  3. Provide background information to the Country Manager’s. for appointments with official visitors and/or staff members;
  4. Manage information flows between Country Managers and other staff members of the Country Office;
  5. Follow up on work deadlines with Managers of the Country Office;
  6. Schedule meetings for the Country Manager’s, according to schedules and Country Manager’s Agenda for the week;
  7. Arrange time and venue for meetings, collect necessary background materials of meetings needed from the relevant Country Offices; Remind Country manager and other staff members about scheduled meetings.
  8. Provide protocol services and events management services in support of senior visits and events led or participated by the office, in coordination with the protocol officers in the regional office and in headquarters as necessary.



  1. Maintain a filing system in both hard and soft copies to meet the needs of the Country Office;
  2. Keep a weekly calendar of activities that shows all meetings to be attended by the Country Manager. as well as by other staff members. It also includes all external visits to the Country Offices;
  3. Obtain briefing and background materials for meetings, seminars, workshops, etc. to be attended by the Country Manager and when appropriate by CORW staff, checking their availability and ensuring they have the appropriate briefing files and documents;
  4. Maintain Contact address / Mailing Directory of partners working with the Country Office.



  1. Make travel arrangements for the Country Manager’s including tickets, hotel reservation, etc.;
  2. Assist in preparation of presentations using PowerPoint and other software packages on own initiative or on the basis of instructions;
  3. Perform other office administration tasks (photocopies, emails) when the need arises;


Chief Internal Auditor / Principal Internal Auditor , PAGL

Mon, 29/06/2020 - 00:00


Under the supervision and guidance of the Division Manager, the Chief Internal Auditor/Principal Internal Auditor will:

  1. Lead Audit Teams / Plan to conduct audits of highly diversified Bank-wide activities or operations relating to the financial, administrative, and operational functions of the Bank.
  2. Plan audits and determine the audit objectives, scope, criteria, methodology to be used as well as staff and budget resources required to ensure that the audit adequately covers the selected area of the Bank's operations, activities, systems, and controls.
  3. Decide on the applicable audit approach and techniques to facilitate the conduct of the audit and prepare the planning memorandum for Manager’s and Auditor General’s approval.
  4. Prepare Audit Programme or modify existing ones (if any), to ensure a systematic approach to the audit and ensure that the scope of the audit is covered adequately. In addition, lead the automation of risk assessment for the audit programme.
  5. Conduct the fieldwork by collecting data, documents, and information, testing and analysing such information, identifying weaknesses, causes and effects of variances, errors, non-compliance with rules, regulations, policies, procedures, etc with a strong focus on using data analytics and analytical tools.
  6. Supervise and review the work performed by other Auditors and Consultants to ensure that objectives are achieved; working papers adequately support the findings, conclusions, and recommendations, and the report is accurate, objective, clear, concise, constructive, and timely while ensuring efficiency and effective use the auditing software.
  7. Lead or participate in Audit Missions to Member Countries' organizations, Project Executing Agencies, and Sites.  Advice on compliance with Bank Rules, Regulations, Policies, and Procedures to improve project implementation.
  8. Select, present and discuss audit findings of particularly significant impact or recommendations for substantial changes in procedures, workflow or organization, with concerned Managers and Directors to obtain their agreement.
  9. Prepare the Preliminary Audit Report containing observations, conclusions, and recommendations to tighten controls, safeguard the assets or image of the Bank, improve working procedures and ensure that resources are efficiently utilized, under the supervision of the Manager for transmission to the Auditor General.
  10. Prepare the Final Internal Audit Report after incorporating the comments of the auditee Departments under the supervision of the Manager for transmission to the Auditor General.
  11. Monitor the implementation of audit recommendations to ensure that the weaknesses observed are corrected and do not recur.
  12. Give advice to other departments and Committees on matters relating to internal control, audit of Bank projects, procedures, financial management, operational issues to facilitate their decision-making process.
  13. Propose and prepare broad audit guidelines, audit manuals, procedures, and standards for internal audit activities to ensures consistency of audit approach, independence, objectivity, professional proficiency, and due care.
  14. Lead/Coordinate the External Quality Assurance Reviews usually conducted by External Auditors or Institute of External Auditors or Internal Audit Department of a Multilateral Development Bank, to facilitate their work by collecting all the data, documents, information requested in all Departments, sending survey questionnaires to all Directors, arranging and attending their meetings with Directors and Top Management, reading and commenting on their draft Reports.
  15. Train, direct and counsel less experienced Internal Auditors in the performance of audit assignments to ensure compliance with audit procedures, proficiency and time schedules.
  16. Lead/Coordinate the preparation of the department’s statutory reports like the annual activity report, annual work program, report on follow up of the implementation of audit recommendations among as reports as may be requested by the Manager and/or the Auditor General.
  17. Participate / carry out knowledge management activities within and outside the department like facilitating at training events, retreats, staff orientation programs and other client liaison activities.
  18. Provide technical updates to the audit team on new developments in the profession.


Lead Investiment Relations Specialist, PAIF

Sat, 27/06/2020 - 00:00
  1. Drive and support the Africa Investment Forum platform under the leadership of the Senior Director, of the African Development Bank.
  2. Build solid AIF work streams with defined outcomes.
  3. Develop AIF strategic partnerships and sponsorships with the Bank’s stakeholders (private sector, development institutions, government, foundations, etc).
  4. Support the Senior Director in internal and external engagement plans.
  5. Strong coordination capacity and the day-to-day running of the office of the Africa Investment Forum.
  6. Internally, collaborate with all Complexes, Regions and Teams across the Bank to develop the pipeline of private sector and PPPs deals and relationships needed to make the Africa Investment Forum a success and subsequent Forums.
  7. Lead related investment fora organized by the Bank’s Sector complexes.
  8. Lead the development and management of strategic relationships and partnerships related to the event management and the technical programme in relation to the Africa Investment Forum. This includes event management company and related companies, host government, media, etc. This includes supervision of the vendors and service providers.
  9. Contribute towards business and deal flow development in identifying suitable class of investors – DFIs, Institutional investors - Pension Funds, insurance, Sovereign Wealth Fund, Commercial banks, private equity funds.
  10. Be responsible for expanding the base (attracting/acquiring) of non-traditional investors - Pension Funds, insurance, Sovereign Wealth Fund to the AIF platform, across the AIF platforms, in addition to traditional investors, including on the AIF Digital Platform.
  11. Build and maintain strong relationships with a network of high net worth sponsors, financiers – Institutional investors, private equity, SWFs, Commercial, DFIs, pension funds, family offices, etc, and .
  12. Coordinate the Department work program and budget.

Manager, Agricultural Value Chains Division, AHAI1

Wed, 24/06/2020 - 00:00

The Manager of Agricultural Value Chains, under the oversight of the Director of Agriculture & Agro-Industry Department, manages staff of the Department and plans, organizes, supervises and directs the work to ensure efficient and effective Bank Group assistance. Specifically, the Manager:

Specific accountabilities of the function

  1. Provide specialist, pragmatic, and effective advice to agribusiness clients based on successful value chain development strategies and models that are contextually appropriate to the region, including assistance in developing bankable business deals;
  2. Establish effective partnerships with internal, external stakeholders, including other development partners, using a range of communication and facilitation skills, to deliver improved efficiency along commodity value chains to clients;
  3. Engage in knowledge generation (case studies), value chain analysis, policy reviews, and other analytical support service relevant to building competitive commodity value chains and an enabling environment;
  4. Provide leadership to Division staff, including those leading the implementation of the following flagships in the division: (a) Post Harvest Loss Reduction and Agro-Processing, (b) Technologies for African Agricultural Trasnformation (TAAT) and  Technologies for African Agricultural Trasnformation in the Savannahs (TAAT-S), (c) ENABLE Youth, (d)  Blue Economy, and (e) Livestock Value chains;
  5. Design and deliver solutions that increase the ability of the division staff and across the Bank to effectively deliver their respective objectives, in line with their key performance indicators;
  6. Provide assistance and coaching for staff members requiring capacity strengthening to ensure they improve engagement and them to model organisational behaviours and improve technical competence;
  7. Represent the division, department, the Complex and the Bank at major agribusiness gatherings;
  8. Work with other divisions across the Vice Presidency for Agriculture, Human, and Social Development to lead complex and innovative project cycle management activities;
  9. Work with other Complexes at the Bank on integrated agro-industrial platforms for value addition to agricultural commodities on the continent;
  10. Review Bank policies, practices and procedures as necessary to identify and scope areas for improvement; lead and implement change in a way that engages clients and improves service delivery.
  11. Work within the complex to support the implementation of organizational change process.
  12. Ensure delivery and promotion of the strategic aims of the Bank’s Feed Africa agenda.
  13. Promote the creation of a fully conducive and inclusive work environment.


Detailed activities in relation with the accountabilities of the function

  1. Contribute to the preparation of departmental annual work program and budgets according to the priorities set forth by the countries and regional divisions;
  2. Prepare annual division report detailing achievements, constraints and outlook;
  3. Contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by providing input for the streamlining of Departmental and Bank interventions in the sector;
  4. Participate in complex project cycle activities, the preparation of results documents based on Country Strategy Papers (CSPs) and multi-sector portfolio review in regional members countries to ensure its consistency with sector work and other cross-cutting profile review towards selection of key pillars for Bank intervention;
  5. Engage with the Private Sector Complex on infrastructure development that supports agro-industrial development for transformation of African agricultural commodities into higher value products;
  6. Participate in the review of policies, strategies, procedure and guidelines for Bank’s intervention in the agricultural and agro-industry sectors and related activities;
  7. Contribute to the development of appropriate strategies for intervening in the agricultural and rural development sector in line with country strategic paper/poverty reduction strategic papers for the various regional members countries;
  8. Serve as a base for sector knowledge building and dissemination by initiating sector studies and analysis;
  9. Assist in the creation of platforms, networks and partnerships relevant to agriculture and agro-industry.

Co-financing and Aid-Coordination

  1. Represent the Bank in donor meetings aimed at reviewing borrowers’ priorities for sector investment programs and agree on various sectorial issues, policies and strategies, as well as co-financing arrangements;
  2. Propose projects and programs to be co-financed with other donors;
  3. Act as co-operating institutions for other donor agencies to follow up on the implementation of their projects;
  4. Participate in the Bank’s representation at regional and international meetings, conferences, seminars and workshops dealing with issues concerning the sectors’ development and related areas;           
  5. Develop partnerships with Developmen Finance Institutions (DFIs), CGIARs, United Nations agencies, bilateral agencies, Non-government organization and relevant regional and sub-regional bodies for the realisation of the department’s strategic plan.
  6. Undertake any other assignments assigned by the department Director.


Chief evaluation officer, BDEV1

Fri, 19/06/2020 - 00:00

The key duties and responsibilities of Chief Evaluation Officer are:

  1. Evaluation Activities: Design, conduct and report on evaluations in accordance with the Bank’s Evaluation Policy and Manual and international evaluation standards (e.g., OECD DAC evaluation standards and the Evaluation Cooperation Group (ECG) Good Practice Standards).
  2. Multiple and Complex Evaluations: Design, guide, lead, manage and report on multiple and complex types of evaluations in a year, in accordance with the Bank’s Evaluation Policy and Manual and international evaluation standards.
  3. Synthesis Report and Meta-evaluation; Lead, guide meta-analysis design, evaluation and methods including research protocols for literature search, capturing, organizing, and analysing data and monitoring project level completion reports and other evaluations.
  4. Private Sector Evaluations: Design, guide, lead, manage and report on complex private sector evaluations; in accordance with the Bank’s Evaluation policy and Manual; and international evaluation standards.  
  5. Quality Management: Contribute to updating the BDEV evaluation quality standards, and quality assurance processes, tools and capacity as well as establish an effective quality management process and tools including  peer review  terms of reference and checklists for each evaluation
  6. Stakeholder Engagement and Communication: Lead engagement and management of relationships with key evaluation stakeholders including investors, promoters, Bank Management and staff throughout the evaluation process and develop appropriate stakeholder engagement and communication strategy, and lead its implementation:
  7. Dissemination and Learning: Lead and guide the capture of learning from evaluation design to evaluation dissemination for use in updating the BDEV evaluation manual, knowledge products and staff learning events.
  8. Manage human and financial resources of a multi-disciplinary evaluation team to ensure the delivery of complex and concurrent evaluations that are conducted in an independent, cost-effective, rigorous and timely manner.
  9. Promote the mandate of the evaluation function and contribute to the creation of an evaluation culture in the Bank and in Regional Member Countries (RMCs).
  10. As a recognized authority on evaluation theory and practice, contribute to positioning BDEV as an innovator and leading-edge among other multilateral institutions and to maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of the Bank’s Evaluation Function.
  11. Build strategic alliances and partnerships with key stakeholders within and outside the Bank to further the Evaluation Function’s mandate and engage in evaluation communities of practice within and outside the Bank.  Provide substantive input to these communities and share lessons of experience. 
  12. Evaluation Cooperation with Experts from other Multilateral and Bilateral Development Institutions. Participate in joint evaluation missions of co-financed interventions, in joint training/seminars/workshops on evaluations, and develop partnerships with Evaluation Units in development agencies and with counterparts in RMCs.
  13. Contribute to the preparation of BDEV’s three-year rolling work programme and annual report.


Information and Communication Technology Officer (Country Office), CHIS3

Fri, 19/06/2020 - 00:00

Under the supervision of the Division Manager, Network & Telecom Services, the Information Technology Office will:

  1. Manage the Bank's unified telecommunication services pertaining to Voice, Data transmission and video;
  2. Ensure connectivity to all corporate applications by proactive and efficient management of the LAN/WAN multi-user environment;
  3. Implement system configurations as approved in the Bank's change management processes;
  4. Install, configure and support Bank standard hardware and software including desktops, laptops, printers, scanners and other relevant peripherals and facilitate the operation;
  5. Monitor the Bank's VSAT and fibber optic networks and liaise with service providers to ensure uninterrupted services;
  6. Administer the information systems in the Country Office/Regional Directorate General (RDG) including routine housekeeping, troubleshooting. maintenance and upgrading;
  7. Ensure that the bank's information and information systems are protected in a manner consistent with its information security policy, procedures and standards;
  8. Provide technical support to country office staff and visiting missions as well as direction and support on end user computing and applications, including incidents on available hardware, software, network services and videoconference sessions;
  9. Work together with other Engineers from Headquarters to investigate, test, circumscribe and correct incidents/problems;
  10. Be responsible for Vendor Contract Management in the Country offices/RDGs including enforcement of SLAs:
  11. Identify IT related needs, prepare specifications and assist the Country Offices/RDG in the preparation of Request For Proposals (RFPs) for the procurement of IT equipment and services and manage contracts and suppliers;
  12. Assume responsibility for IT asset management in Country Office or RDG and the completeness of the inventory in SAP;
  13. Assume responsibility at the Country Office or RDG level in the Service Asset and Configuration Management process
  14. Assist the resident representatives or directors (RDG) in determining training needs, equipment requirements and specifications.