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Administrative Clerk (COGA)

Mon, 23/03/2020 - 00:00

Under the Supervision of the Country Manager, the Administrative Clerk will perform the following duties:

Support to the Administrative and Financial Officer :

  1. Monitor the files of requests for exemption from VAT to taxes on invoices for purchases and services provided to public services (customs, foreign affairs, postal service, etc.);
  2. Transmit and monitor the processing of files in the competent authorities of the host country, requests for tax exemption and the registration of vehicles of the international staff of the Office;

Protocol Services :

  1. Conduct the arrival and departure formalities at the airport for Bank officials and any other person invited by the Bank;
  2. Transmit and monitor the processing of visa application files, diplomatic cards and any other document of bank staff, in diplomatic missions and consulates accredited in the host country;
  3. Write a verbal note draft notes and any other required protocol documents;
  4. Support the Bank's experts during their missions (purchase of tickets, reservation, confirmation);

Other administrative activities:

  1. Forward letters and correspondence to post offices, government agencies and various partners;
  2. Enter document references, including attachments, seal, label and forward the diplomatic bag to DHL for shipment;
  3. Ensure the follow-up of formalities to allow withdrawals and deliveries to the office of couriers and parcels under customs;
  4. Enter data relating to the audit and activity reports for the follow-up of the reception of said reports at the External Office (periodical);
  5. Compile the weekly notes on office activities and the monthly (periodic) report;
  6. Carry out all reproduction and reprography work;
  7. Welcome and monitor users of the information and documentation center (registration sheets are made, and users are registered);
  8. Contribute to the organization of Bureau events and ceremonies;
  9. Follow up on information from the national press;
  10. Build and update the database of press journalists and local media;

Short Term Staff – Records Management and Archives Assistant, PSEG

Tue, 17/03/2020 - 00:00

Under the Supervision of the Chief Records Management Classification and Archives Officer the STS will perform the following:

DAI related tasks:

  1. Assist the Records Management and Archives Section/Disclosure Unit with the implementation of the Disclosure and Access to Information (DAI) policy, and compliance with said policy;
  2. Liaise with relevant Bank departments and monitor document capturing, processing and timely disclosure on the Bank’s external website;
  3. Assist with the review and respond to information requests from both internal and external stakeholders;
  4. Assist in updating and maintaining the external and internal DAI websites;
  5. Assist with the design of all necessary templates required for disclosure and access to information;
  6. Assist with DAI training, collect statistics on disclosure, write reports;
  7. Assist the Records Management and Archives Section/Disclosure Unit in preparing correspondences, documentation, tables, charts, briefing materials and presentations as required;
  8. Perform administrative duties, documentary research, and any other duties as required by the section;
  9. Support other divisional initiatives or activities including the preparation of Annual Reports to the Boards of Directors.


Records Management related tasks:

  1. Assist the Records Management and Archives Section/Disclosure Unit with the implementation of the Bank Group Policy on Records Management and Archives, and compliance with said policy;
  2. Assist with the development, implementation and evaluation of records management standards, methods, procedures, file plans and guidelines for physical and digital records management;
  3. Participate in the implementation of a new electronic document and records management solution (Sankofa);
  4. Assist in the efficient storage and retrieval of physical and electronic information and records;
  5. Assist in the delivery of training and information sessions related to new Information/Records Management technologies, processes, etc ;
  6. Assist with the transfer and organization of records to/in intermediate storage.

Director, Communication & External Relations , PCER

Fri, 13/03/2020 - 00:00

Under the general guidance and supervision of the President, the Director of the Communication and External Relations Department will be responsible for planning, organizing, coordinating and leading the activities of the Department. The Director will be responsible for two Divisions (‘Communication and External Relations’) and will have the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. Leading and providing oversight for the communication team and establishing clear reporting lines for the two Division Managers.
  2. Being a member of the Executive Team, contributing to the Senior Management Coordination Committee.
  3. Leading the department to ensure a constant review of the Bank’s communication and branding strategies and ensuring that they are effective in promoting the Bank’s policies, programs and interventions as one of the leading financial development institutions in Africa.
  4. Acting as the Bank’s spokesperson on the instructions of the President and Senior Management.
  5. Advising the President and Senior Management on public relations, communication, and media issues within and outside the Bank.
  6. Leading and coordinating Bank-wide communications across the Bank’s organisational units in all offices (HQ and Field Offices), and for specific operational or knowledge projects, by providing general guidelines, and setting clear communication goals and key performance indicators, and ensuring the allocation of necessary human and financial resources to achieve the required objectives.
  7. Supervising the implementation of the Bank’s communication strategy, especially in key areas of: localised communications; ‘results-based’ communications; support for the Bank as a knowledge institution; and strong and consistent branding.
  8. Enhancing knowledge communication to key stakeholder, public interest groups, and regional and non-regional member countries (government services, business circles, NGOs, international organizations, the general public, etc.); and planning, preparing and providing timely and relevant information on the Bank’s programmes and achievements.
  9. Preparing and implementing communication strategies and programmes to mobilize public opinion in support of the economic and social development of Africa, and the Bank’s activities in this area, through the publication of articles and speeches, the organization of exhibitions, visits, debates, seminars, and knowledge events. etc.
  10. Managing and developing creative and innovative content for web, digital, and social media platforms, including impactful beneficiary and project stories.
  11. Ensuring the production and distribution of high quality and informative digital and print publications, press reviews, multimedia content and productions, for distribution to the media, key audiences and stakeholders.
  12. Maintaining good and close working relationships with domestic, regional and global media companies and institutions.
  13. Preparing and disseminating press releases, as well as organizing and conducting press conferences and seminars that showcase the Bank’s views on major economic, political, social and financial issues and problems in Africa.
  14. Producing publications and information guidelines on Bank activities for distribution to all staff, in order to improve Bank-wide awareness of Management’s objectives and initiatives.
  15. Providing advice and assistance for formulating Bank policies and plans on the design, implementation and dissemination of information products and coordinating publishing and distribution services for printed, electronic and digital publications
  16. Implementing the Bank’s information disclosure policy and ensuring that relevant Bank information is disseminated to various audiences on and through appropriate platforms and channels s audiences through the appropriate channels.

Administrative Clerk (COGA)

Mon, 09/03/2020 - 00:00

Under the Supervision of the Country Manager, the Administrative Clerk will perform the following duties:

  1. Creation of Purchase Requisition in SAP MM environment;
  2. Assist as required with creating of trips and processing of mission claims in SAP travel environment;
  3. Receive and greet visitors including maintaining visitors’ book and responding to routine requests for from the public;
  4. Screen telephone calls by providing information and/or directing them to appropriate staff;
  5. Receive and screen all correspondences and distribute them to Country Manager’s Secretary;
  6. Provide secretarial assistance to include but not limited to typing, formatting, photocopying, scanning printing, and filing (electronic and hard copy) documents to Country Operations Manager, Country Programme Officers (CPO), sector specialists and visiting Missions as well as provide backup to Secretary to the Country Manager;
  7. Manage all public spaces of the office ensuring general upkeep; inventory of equipment and supplies, and provision of hospitality services;
  8. Maintain copies of all selected articles from national papers and maintain a simple database of all these articles;
  9. Make travel arrangements for the Country Office staff and visiting Bank missions;
  10. Act as Secretary, taking and distributing minutes of staff meetings;
  11. Perform any other duties reasonably requested by the Country Manager, Country Operations Manager, CPO and sector specialists.

Division Manager – Financial Management (for north, west and central regions), SNFI2

Thu, 05/03/2020 - 00:00

Under the supervision of the Director – SNFI, the Financial Management Division Manager will perform the following duties:

  1. Provide leadership and insight on all aspects relating to financial management (FM);
  2. Set the division work program and budget including the performance objectives of staff and regularly providing feedback, coaching and performance evaluation thereof;
  3. Plan and prioritize FM work and communicate the same to Task Managers, Country Managers and the Regional Operations Manager-Implementation Support ;
  4. Ensure effective participation of FM staff in all project cycle activities in his/her regions, including CSP, preparation, appraisal, supervision and completion missions with a view to ensuring “Quality at Entry Work” and efficient delivery of the operations from financial management perspective ;
  5. Provide technical leadership to the financial management function through high quality performance with respect to compliance with Bank financial management policies and procedures in lending operations, including leading the  fiduciary risk assessment exercises in the Bank’s financed operations at country and Entities levels to ensure that appropriate risk mitigating measures are incorporated into project/program design; 
  6. Lead initiatives to prepare Borrower’s public financial management (PFM) Assessment and dialoguing with Borrowers for endorsing and implementing the resulting action plan with a view to building sound PFM systems in RMCs;
  7. Provide technical guidance, in particular on high-risk and particularly complex FM issues, within the framework of the Bank’s policies and guidelines to Task teams, Country Financial Management Officers (CFMO) and Executing Agencies with respect to the financial management activities of projects and programs for the region;
  8. Contribute to the development of FM training strategy and materials for Bank Staff and Borrowers with a view to building financial management capacity for ensuring efficient and effective implementation of projects/programs financed by the Bank;
  9. Contribute to the preparation of FM performance reports from regions under his/her responsibility, and Annual Review Reports on the application of Bank’s FM policies in Bank Funded Operations;
  10. Pursue the Aid Effectiveness Agenda in supporting the Use of Country PFM Systems in Bank Funded Operations, and facilitating harmonization of Donor practices in his/her regions;
  11. Lead the FM aspects of new areas of business and providing relevant information on country generic and specific issues to sector and regional staff;
  12. Coordinate the participation of FM staff in donor coordination meetings within his/her regions, including representing the Bank in regional FM workshops and other relevant forums;
  13. Supervise, mentor, and coach FM staff in regions under his/her responsibility.

Director, General Services and Procurement, CHGS

Tue, 03/03/2020 - 00:00

The Director is responsible for developing a strategic approach to defining, planning, organizing, coordinating and leading the activities of the Department. His/her duties include:

  1. Lead the effective delivery of the General Services and Procurement department work and budget programming;
  2. Ensure the effective budget resources management with the objective of cost saving;  
  3. Lead the institutional procurement planning, control and implementation of  all corporate activities relating to works, goods, services, contracts and insurance, ensuring that staff are empowered with a clear focus on clients’ orientation and results;
  4. Develop the AfDB Real Estate Development Strategy (including the Headquaters, Regional and Country Offices) and implement deriving annual implementation plans; 
  5. Drive efficiencies to achieve increased effectiveness in service delivery and in the acquisition and  management of works, goods and services, ensuring value for money of all corporate activities of the General Services and Procurement department;
  6. Lead the  development and implementation of policies,  procedures and processes for procurement of works, goods and services;
  7. Ensure that the Key Performance Indicators set for the department are met;
  8. Lead the General Services and Procurement management team by leading the strategic staffing of the department to ensure appropriate skills mix, regularly assessing the management team and overseeing overall performance management and outcomes of the department, and the learning needs of the department with the support of the Human Resources Department;
  9. Promote the Gender strategy by ensuring that the Bank is a safe place for women to work by making available provision of gender related equipment in all Bank’s offices premises;
  10. Lead offices space planning and management of assets to support the Bank’s the decentralization strategy; 
  11. Lead the development and implementation of policies,  procedures and processes for management of Bank’s Assets including the operation and maintenance of Bank properties (Bank real estate at HQ and in the Bank’s country offices),  inventories etc;
  12. Lead the development and implementation of policies,  procedures and processes relating to Bank vehicles , travel and shipment;
  13. Lead the development and implementation of policies,  procedures and processes relating to the disposal of Bank Assests;
  14. Lead the work program and resources programming related to the Bank’s mailing and restaurants services;
  15. Oversee the implementation of corporate plans for the  Headquarters building;
  16. Lead and monitor the change management to ensure that the ultimate goal of the Bank is met and propose or recommend any corrective measures;
  17. Perform other related duties such as participation in various standing committees’ meetings such as Capital Investment Steering Committee,  Annual Meeting Committee, Purchasing Committee, and  Board meetings dealing with matters related to the Department’s function.

Driver, RDGC

Fri, 28/02/2020 - 00:00
Under the overall supervision of the Country Manager and the day-to-day supervision of the Administrative Officer of the Country Office, the incumbent will be responsible for the following:

  • Support the Operations with focus to the Office staff, visiting missions and official delegation of the Office on official duties, within Gabon as and when required;

  • Transport the Country Manager or as otherwise assigned in the conduct of the Bank’s operations;

  • Ensure routine maintenance for the vehicles of the Office;

  • Perform office messenger duties;

  • Represent the Bank in a professional manner with respect to appearance and conduct at all times;

  • Ensure the cleaning of the vehicles, keep records of official travel, daily mileage, fuel consumption, oil changes, lubrication etc. ;

  • Ensure that the formalities provided for in the regulations are met in the event of an accident;

  • Perform any other duties reasonably requested by the Country Manager and management.

Operations and Administrative Assistant (PSF)

Mon, 24/02/2020 - 00:00

Under the supervision of the PSFA, the Operations and Administrative Assistant will perform the following:

Operation and financial management

  1. Support the management and coordination of PSF resources and work program implementation in keeping with procedures and in strict compliance with the Bank's policies and guidelines.
  2. Assist the management of issues concerning resources such as administrative budget; monitor and review expenses and bring issues to the attention of management.
  3. Coordinate with focal points of the PSF ecosystem in the sourcing, archiving and maintenance of operational pipeline and portfolio information as well as legal and financial documentation.
  4. Support the production of reports, presentations (layout, documentary review, production of graphic material), as well as excel based analytics, and input/extract SAP PS and LM information.
  5. Assist where applicable with the programming of operational activities by using the appropriate software.
  6. Track and follow-up on documents, draft letters and memoranda, monitor incoming emails, deal general correspondence and briefs.
  7. Ensure secure filing of sensitive and confidential information.


Administration management

  1. Lead on the organization and logistics of key meetings, keep record of decisions reached from meetings.
  2. Arrange travel, visa and accommodation; travel occasionally with management to provide general assistance. Arrange logistics for visiting delegations, including PSF team members and consultants.
  3. Processing of Travel claims.
  4. Manage systems and subscriptions, create and process expense reports in SAP.
  5. Participate in the monitoring and update data on work schedule and Key Performance Indicators.
  6. Produce documents, briefing papers, reports, spreadsheets and presentations.
  7. Take notes at meetings, write letters, and prepare minutes as requested.
  8. Contribute to the preparation of communication and information materials.

Team Assistant, ECCE0

Fri, 21/02/2020 - 01:00

Under the General guidance and overall supervision of the Director, the Department Assistant will perform the following:



  1. Receive and register all incoming and outgoing documents of the Department;

  2. Ensure that documents presented for Director’s signature are complete, with necessary attachments and background documents;

  3. Draft general or administrative correspondence on own initiative or on the basis of instructions and finalize for the Director's signature;

  4. Verify that outgoing correspondence is presented in accordance with the Bank’s accepted formats and check on probable typographical errors, presentation, completeness and procedural accuracy of all documents submitted to the Director for clearance, approval or signature;

  5. Review and classify priority and important correspondences and submit accordingly;

  6. Follow-up and ensure that target dates and deadlines are met using appropriate tracking tools, and that correspondence and queries are responded to in a timely manner;

  7. Channel correspondence for action by the Director or send directly to the concerned Division, if necessary.



  1. Receive visitors and telephone calls with tact and discretion, and act according to the nature and urgency of each, including redirecting to the concerned divisions, as appropriate;

  2. Screen Director's calls/visitors, make appointments for visitors to meet the Director or the Division Manager concerned;

  3. Provide background information to the Director for appointments with official visitors and/or staff members;

  4. Relay information between Director, Division Managers and other staff members of the department;

  5. Follow up on work deadlines with Division Managers;

  6. Schedule weekly team and ad hoc meetings for the Director, according to schedules and Director's Agenda for the week;

  7. Arrange time and venue for meetings, collect necessary background materials of meetings needed from the relevant Departments/Divisions; Remind Division Managers and other staff members about scheduled meetings.



  1. Maintain a filing system in both hard and soft copies to meet the needs of the Department;

  2. Keep a weekly calendar of activities that shows all meetings to be attended by the Director as well as by other staff members. It also includes all external visits to the Department ;

  3. Obtain briefing and background materials for meetings, seminars, workshops, etc. to be attended by the team's staff, checking their availability and ensuring they have the appropriate briefing files and documents;

  4. Maintain Contact address / Mailing directory of partners working with the Department.



  1. Make travel arrangements for the Director including tickets, hotel reservation, etc.;

  2. Assist in preparation of presentations using PowerPoint and other software packages on own initiative or on the basis of instructions;

  3. Perform other office administration tasks (photocopies, emails) when the need arises; Administration, Budget and Finance

  4. Assists in and advises the Director and Managers on a variety of administrative and personnel matters;

  5. Establishes stock control system for the management of office supplies and other bank properties (Personal computers, printers, faxes ...); centralizes requests for office supplies submitted by staff within the department and makes provisions in order to ensure distribution of the required items.

  6. Negotiates with CHGS allocation of appropriate office space for the Unit by providing justifications; responsible for organizing and coordinating office moving operations.

  7. Contributes to preparation of budget of department as as Mid-year budget retrospective by:

  8. Collecting facts and presenting them for decision making; recording data, monitoring and reporting on the department budget implementation level;

  9. Initiating actions on expenses to be incurred, processing requests for recruitment of  short-term   staff and consultants, missions, with particular attention to the procedures, follow-up of the required travel authorizations, contracts and payments.

  10. 1Arrange travel, visa and accommodation for staff going on missions.

  11. Initiate and prepare various administrative documents and forms, such as staff list, Staff missions, training programs, staff absence (annual leave, home leave, excused absence and maternity leave) as well as statistical data when required on staff.

  12. Manage create process reports in SAP.

  13. Store inventory control, reception, management and distribution of promotional items

Lead Information Technology Governance, Program Management Officer, Planning & Administration and Enterprise Architecture, CHIS.0

Fri, 21/02/2020 - 00:00

Under the overall supervision of the Director CHIS, the Lead IT Governance, Program Management Officer and Enterprise Architecture will undertake the following:

  1. Lead in long-range strategy planning and manage policy development to address complex business issues, provide leadership to cross-functional teams.
  2. Review service continuity and availability plans taking into consideration applicable business operations, risks and service requirements with BCP, Security and the external services providers.
  3. Review all the business requests before presentation to ISSC and advise ISSC on the GO or NOGO.
  4. Oversee the development of service-based management processes, controls and measures to ensure quality of service is maintained to meet business objectives.
  5. Champion & promote on-going service improvements to continually enhance quality and customer satisfaction with respect to Fields office / Regional Center, working closely with IT external and internal services providers Division.
  6. Manage globally distributed teams, including Third Party Vendors and Outsourced Partners to guarantee deliverables to Time, Budget and Quality Objectives.
  7. Work with CHIS stakeholders to ensure that the Solutions Delivery Road Map reflects current priorities.
  8. Ensure that Program / Project Dependencies are reflected on the Road Map and are under active management at all times.
  9. Ensure that programs and projects are adequately staffed and funded at all times.
  10. Regularly review service related KPI’s that identify the success of the services being utilized to recommend & coordinate the implementation of changes in services to improve overall metrics.
  11. Design and implement a continuous improvement program which seeks to improve both customer satisfaction and demonstrably improve program, project and Business Analysis metrics year-on-year.
  12. Responsible for executing projects against the agreed IT Strategy and the agreed Enterprise Architecture.
  13. Lead the Program / Project Managers to deliver professional assignments, staffed with appropriately skilled individuals, delivering to the expectations of CHIS’s customers.
  14. Focus on cost savings, high performance, high reliability, quality of user experience and architectural alignment of solutions.
  15. Carry out regular need assessment and ensure the IT services respond to the business need at all times.
  16. Successful management of budget and head count responsibilities.
  17. Ensure that the business solutions being delivered via support fully align with business requirements.
  18. Ensure that third-party contracts are continually assessed for value, be that in the search for cost efficiency, service enhancements or improvements or to leverage those contracts for additional services.
  19. Define, implement and maintain service continuity and availability levels agreed by customers.
  20. Work with the Human Resource Information System (HRIS) Management Team to ensure that support resources are adequately provisioned and skilled on a global basis.
  21. Accountable for proactively and holistically leading enterprise responses to disruptive forces by identifying and analyzing the execution of change toward the desired business vision and targeted outcomes.
  22. Responsible for taking a practical approach to supporting the business. This starts and ends with a focus on delivering signature-ready, actionable recommendations to business leaders, so they can adjust policies and projects to achieve target business outcomes.
  23. Lead the formal Enterprise Architecture (EA) program, managing a team of architects (business, information, solution, technical and other) in a direct capacity (solid-line reporting relationship).
  24. Responsible for helping business leaders enable their future-state business capabilities that, in turn, drive the organization's targeted business outcomes through the choice of programs, projects and initiatives the organization chooses to invest in.
  25. of practically applying existing, new and emerging technologies to new and evolving business and operating models. Understand, monetize and operationalize new technologies.
  26. Coordinate Enterprise Architecture Review Board activities.
  27. Recommend and participates in activities related to the design, development and maintenance of the Enterprise Architecture (EA).
  28. Advise and recommends enterprise architecture strategies, processes and methodologies.

Manager, Client Services Division, CHIS.4

Fri, 21/02/2020 - 00:00

Under the overall supervision of the Director CHIS, the Division Manager will undertake the following:

  1. Provide strategic leadership and guidance to Client Services Team on achieving the effective and efficient delivery of IT services to realize strategic objectives of the Bank.
  2. In collaboration with CIO, develop IT Strategy and coordinate the implementation of key IT Service Management processes from demand and strategy to delivery and support.
  3. Define, design, develop & implement strategies, policies and processes of IT service management for the department
  4. Develops and implement the business relationship and vendor management processes is to support Bank’s digital transformation and enhance customer experience.
  5. Define, maintain and ensure the IT services meet the business need and are delivered in accordance with agreed business requirements with a proposition of “client first”
  6. Develop and implement a sourcing and cloud strategy which guides the Bank to acquire competitive capacities and innovative technologies.
  7. Define, design, develop & implement a service-orientated culture across the IT department.
  8. Manage the communication, learning, raising awareness and socializing with clients about the IT services, solutions and business value.
  9. Actively participate in long-range strategy planning and manages policy development to address complex business issues, provide leadership to cross-functional teams.
  10. Lead the development of service-based management processes, controls and measures to ensure quality of service is maintained to meet business objectives
  11. Ensure that IT services are provided costs effectively to the business through a process of regular review and external benchmarking.
  12. Define, design, develop & implement a quality-driven culture across the IT department such that quality criteria are clear, available, measured, adhered to and reported upon Champion & promote on-going service improvements to continually enhance quality and customer satisfaction with respect to technology services.
  13. Ensure proper management of client devices and solutions including desktops/laptops, tablets and other mobile devices and solutions.
  14. Develop, implement, and maintain change control and rigorous testing processes for modifications to all systems, including the application of formal Release Management governance and procedures.
  15. Ensure that the Change Advisory Board (CAB) is actively chaired and operates effectively
  16. Manage distributed and virtual teams, including Third Party Vendors and Outsourced Partners to guarantee deliverables to Time, Budget and Quality Objectives.
  17. Develop, review, manage, set and measure objectives and motivate team members to successfully accomplish company and personal advancement objectives.
  18. Focus on cost savings, high performance, high reliability, quality of user experience and architectural alignment of solutions
  19. Manage capital improvement projects under the division in collaboration with CIO office
  20. Develop and implement a continuous improvement plan including the implementation of ISO/IEC20000 standard.
  21. Develop and ensure the Bank’s IT Asset Management Program is effective and efficient to control and optimize hardware and software costs, audits, and mitigate related risks.
  22. Prepare and manage the allocated Bank’s resources including human capital, financial and IT Assets.

Manager, Data Center & System Management Services Division, CHIS.2

Fri, 21/02/2020 - 00:00

Under the overall supervision of the Director CHIS, the Division Manager will undertake the following:

  1. Set the goals and objectives of the division, lead the team, evaluate its performance, manage staff potential and training needs.
  2. Plan and oversee the management of activities undertaken by the division: monitoring of work programs and projects in a timely fashion within the budget.
  3. Ensure that the IT infrastructure services needed by the bank, as agreed, are provided in a usable, efficient, timely, secure, highly available and cost-effective manner.
  4. Actively participate in long-range strategy planning and manages policy development to address complex business issues; provides leadership to cross-functional teams.
  5. Oversee the development of service-based management processes, control and measure to ensure quality of service is maintained to meet business objectives.
  6. Implement a service-oriented, quality-driven and result based culture across the division teams that quality criteria are clear, available, measured adhered to and reported.
  7. Champion & promote on-going service improvements to continually enhance quality and customer satisfaction with respect to infrastructure services.
  8. Develop, implement, and maintain change control and rigorous testing processes for modifications to IT infrastructure, including the application of formal Release Management governance and procedures.
  9. Define, implement and maintain service continuity, capacity and availability plans taking into consideration applicable business operations, risks and service requirements.
  10. Manage distributed teams, including Third Party Vendors and Outsourced Partners to guarantee deliverables to Time, Budget and Quality Objectives.
  11. Develop, review, manage, set and measure objectives and motivate team members to successfully accomplish company and personal advancement objectives.
  12. Focus on cost savings, high performance, high reliability, quality of user experience and architectural alignment of solutions.
  13. Work with CHIS management, present supporting information to Steering Committees, the Boards of Directors, and others in order to obtain approval for major IT contracts and investment for the Bank.
  14. Represent CHIS in meetings, task forces and work groups comprised of sister agencies and as required, representatives of governments.

Senior Translator (English), CHLS1

Tue, 18/02/2020 - 00:00

The Senior Translator (English) will:

  1. Translate from French to English, alone or as part of a team (with other in-house or freelance translators), using IT tools (word processing, spreadsheet and terminology databases), specialized and general dictionaries and glossaries, various documents (policy, administrative, budgetary, financial, legal and economic, social, technical, etc.) prepared or received by the Bank.
  2. Check the texts to be translated to assess their difficulty and length, determine the reference documents and persons to be consulted.
  3. Carry out related research and documentation.
  4. Consult with authors/requesting services and/or experts for clarification or details in case of difficulties of interpretation of a text or explanation of certain technical terms.
  5. Typeset the entire translated text including tables, charts, figures, etc.
  6. Undertake research and documentation with reference to the Bank’s documentation and archiving services, external organizations, consultation of other translators or interpreters.
  7. Create terminology files and glossaries on all areas of Bank activities.
  8. Contribute to the development and sharing of terminology within the Division (terminology consultation meetings with all members of the Division, non-discriminatory glossary of terms).
  9. Participate in the meetings organised within the Department or Institution;
  10. Inform, guide (presentation of documentation and archiving services), advise, and provide tips to new freelancers to help them improve.
  11. Coordinate and harmonize translated texts in collaboration with other in-house translators.
  12. Establish and maintain smooth professional relations with authors/requesting entities.
  13. As part of the translation team, participate at the annual meetings of the AfDB Group.

Short Term Staff Assistant Portfolio Data Analyst, PIVP

Fri, 14/02/2020 - 00:00


Under the supervision of the Assistant to the Vice-President, the incumbent will perform the following duties:

  1. Collect, process, provide and maintain accurate data on Bank operations (new, on-going and completed).
  2. Prepare bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual and adhoc documents on the management and performance of the PIVP loan programme.
  3. Contribute to the preparation and monitoring of the PIVP's annual work programme and its regular updates, using established schedules or according to the guidelines.
  4. Develop, maintain and update desktop data and reporting platforms that interface with existing enterprise systems, e.g. SAP, BPPS, BRAG, SharePoint, etc. for seamless updating of pipeline data, loan programme processing, supervision reports, etc.

Senior Disbursement Assistant, FIFC.3

Fri, 07/02/2020 - 00:00

The Disbursement Assistant functions will include the following:

Disbursement Transactions Processing:

  1. Analyze and determine the appropriateness of borrowers’ requests for disbursements and the supporting documentation.
  2. Determine whether they should be approved, reduced or rejected in accordance with Bank’s policies and procedures. This requires the identification of irregularities and non-compliance with Bank procedures and policies, as well as highlighting circumstances for further investigation where the Bank may be exposed to financial risk.
  3. Review and recommend changes to disbursement systems, policies and procedures to promote timeliness, accuracy and efficiency in processing while maintaining appropriate internal controls.
  4. Draft clear and concise correspondence to borrowers of operational staff on disbursement-related issues.
  5. Process special commitment amendments and prepare amendment letters.


Project Management

  1. Respond to questions from Task Team Leaders, borrowers, commercial banks, and suppliers on payments, balances, and application status.
  2. Cooperate with concerned departments and stakeholders to resolve disbursement issues promptly.
  3. Monitor borrowers’ utilization of special account funds, ensuring that the funds are properly accounted for and used in accordance with Bank procedures.
  4. Participate in loan disbursement missions to verify use of resources and resolve disbursement issues.
  5. Contribute to improving the efficiency of disbursement operations by ensuring that records and reports are properly maintained and updated at all times.
  6. Participate in technical discussions and loan negotiations to ensure that disbursement arrangements are compliant with Bank Group disbursement policies.
  7. Provide input on audit reviews, and monitor borrower compliance with audit findings, as requested by the Disbursement Officer.


Capacity Building

  1. Provide input into the training of Executing Agencies, Projects, and Bank Staff.
  2. Participate in the design of materials for disbursement seminars.
  3. Respond to questions regarding disbursement procedures.
  4. Answer questions from Task Team Leaders, borrowers, commercial banks, and suppliers on payments, balances, and application status.


Departmental/Divisional Tasks

  1. Participate in departmental/divisional task forces.
  2. Identify issues relating to disbursement policies, procedures and guidelines and propose actions or enhancements.
  3. Undertake ad-hoc assignments at the discretion of the Country Manager or Division Manager.
  4. Participate in the review of project documents such as Appraisal Reports, CountryStrategy Papers, and Project Completion Reports and provide input to supervisors.

Principal Institutional Capacity Development Officer, RDTS

Fri, 07/02/2020 - 00:00

The Principal Institutional Capacity Development Officer will work closely with RDTS team members on the operational implementation of the Bank’s fragility agenda. Her/his duties are:

  1. Under the operationalization of the Bank’s strategy for addressing fragility and building resilience, prepare, implement and maintain a comprehensive capacity development plan around the Bank’s operational approach for tackling fragility, its fragility analytical tools, its financing instruments, as well as the fragility lens application.
  2. In coordination with appropriate Bank authorities, develop a clear and practical roadmap to foster dialogue with RMCs, assess their capacity building needs, and identify targeted entry points for building institutional resilience through capacity development programs. This includes strengthening RMCs capacities, especially those that are in conflict-affected and fragile situations, to apply the fragility lens towards the preparation of fragility-sensitive national capacity building frameworks, sectorial strategies, and development plans.
  3. Work with Regional Economic Communities (REC) and international development partners, as well as peace-building and humanitarian actors for the development of joint trainings and platforms of experience and information-sharing.
  4. Contribute to the preparation and the peer-reviewing of RDTS analytical products, including regional and national full-fledged fragility assessments, the annual Country Resilience and Fragility Assessment (CRFA) Report, Economic and Sector Work (ESW) studies, as well as briefing notes.
  5. Contribute to RDTS team’s efforts for institutionalizing and applying the fragility lens through an appropriate mainstreaming of fragility considerations in the Bank’s strategies and operations. In close collaboration with key Bank units, she/he is expected to participate in the preparation, peer-review, and readiness reviews processes of the Country Diagnostic Notes (CDNs), Regional Diagnostic Notes (RDNs) Country Strategy Papers (CSPs), Regional Integration Strategy Papers (RISPs), Project Concept Notes (PCNs), and Project Appraisal Reports (PARs).
  6. Develop approaches for integrating institutional development and capacity building more comprehensively and effectively in the Bank’s lending and non-lending activities. Among others, these include the integration, in PCNs and PARs, fragility-sensitive components in investment projects promoting policy dialogue and sectorial policy reforms.
  7. Provide technical inputs to improve portfolio management in order to enhance project performance (cancellation of older projects, improvement of portfolio management in consultation with implementing project agencies, maintaining a continuous dialogue with governments and other development partners, training of project units, improved projects reporting system and promoting good governance, etc.)
  8. Support the institutionalization of the fragility lens application through the development of internal sensitization and capacity building programs for the benefit of operational, sectorial, and corporate Bank’s staff. This includes the development of training series and training accreditation modules in coordination with appropriate units in the Bank.
  9. Participate in the Bank's departmental and inter-departmental working groups and provide technical inputs that help the understanding of capacity building and institutional development issues in fragile situations.
  10. Devise innovative and sustainable national and regional inclusive capacity building approaches to guide the Bank’s institutional capacity development interventions in fragile situations.
  11. Contribute to preparing relevant issues in key documents for resource mobilization, especially of the Transition Support Facility (TSF) during the replenishment and mid-term review discussions of the African Development Fund (ADF) in close coordination with relevant Bank units.
  12. Undertake any other assignments and tasks as requested by the Director (RDTS) and/or the Vice-President (RDVP). Such assignments may involve working with Bank teams and/or staff within or outside RDTS.

Fragility and Resilience Assistant, RDTS

Fri, 31/01/2020 - 00:00
  • Support the analytical work undertaken by the Fragility and Resilience Team;
  • Support the experts in discussions and negotiations with potential partners in order to foster business relationships with the Bank;
  • Provide support in the management of the Transition States Coordination Office webpage and share drive and contribute to the dissemination of reports related to the Bank’s activities in addressing fragility and building resilience;
  • Participate in the preparation of multiple events involving RDTS and support in the organization and coordination of meetings with other departments and complexes and with external clients and partners;
  • Assist with the procurement of services and supplies for events through requests for quotations and their assessment;
  • Perform any other reasonably justified task requested by management.

Short Term Staff – Desktop Publisher , PCER2

Wed, 29/01/2020 - 00:00

Under the immediate supervision of the Desktop Publishing Assistant, and the overall supervision of the Division Manager PCER2, the incumbent will undertake the following Key Responsibilities:

  1. Generate, proofread and edit finished graphic design for publication, digital and broadcast platforms and ensure that all design work follows branding standards
  2. Consult with the graphics team on requested projects; make recommendations and decisions related to design, ideas, approach, costs, technical specifications, etc.
  3. Develop, edit additional visual content, including photo and video
  4. Liaison with printers, suppliers, etc. for assigned projects
  5. Prepare and send print ready artworks / digital files for print and finishing to printers
  6. Assist lead graphic designer with layout, updating copy, prepress duties, and upholding/implementing branding standards
  7. Provide quality control on finished jobs, including but not limited to printing issues, finishing defects, correct quantities, and confirming the completed materials match the requested order
  8. Demonstrate excellent communication skills, providing a prompt, high level of customer service. Interpret work orders and instructions assigned from PCER Support

Short Term Staff – Web Assistant , PCER2

Wed, 29/01/2020 - 00:00

Under the immediate supervision of the Corporate Infomaster, and the overall supervision of the Division Manager PCER2, the incumbent will undertake the following Key Responsibilities:

 Posting web content (news, press releases, speeches, events, interviews, loans and grants, blogs, videos, job vacancies)

  1. Posting and tagging documents
  2. Creating / updating web pages in categories
  3. Graphic creation and photo design
  4. Updating news on the intranet
  5. Providing analytics data to users.
  6. Running basic quality check on provided contents

Lead Governance Officer, ECGF

Mon, 27/01/2020 - 00:00

Under the overall guidance of the Director - ECGF, the Lead Governance Officer will perform the following:

  1. Assist the Director in planning, organising, managing and supervising the activities, work programme, and budget of ECGF.
  2. Assist the Director in coordinating and supervising staff of the department. Coach and provide professional guidance to staff. Lead and foster teamwork in the department towards the delivery of the work program.
  3. Provide technical support and operational guidance, to ensure the timely delivery and quality of the Banks operations, in the area of governance, including through the review of reports on the different stages of the operations cycle (identification, preparation, appraisal, supervision), sector studies and policy papers, as well as participation in project missions;
  4. Lead/ coordinate the development and implementation of a program of analytical work to reinforce Governance operations and policy dialogue; Facilitate the mobilization of targeted support to the Bank’s governance agenda including through technical assistance and trust funds.
  5. Promote sector knowledge and dissemination of good practices in the area of governance, within and outside the Bank; articulate and advocate key governance issues and challenges facing the continent and the Bank’s response; strengthen the Bank’s work on governance, anticorruption and public financial management, as well as integrity, transparency and accountability standards and practices.
  6. Lead, guide and support the Bank’s strategic engagement and knowledge base with its partners (AU, UNECA, UNDP, World Bank, European Commission, OECD, pivotal bilateral donors) and relevant special initiatives, such as Africa Peer Review Mechanism (APRM), Africa Technical Assistance Centres Initiative (AFRITAC), Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), the Collaborative African Budget Reform Initiative (CABRI), African Tax Administration Forum (ATAF), in close coordination with the Director and respective Task Managers.
  7. Advise on policy matters, strategic issues, special initiatives and strategic partnerships relating to the Governance work of the Bank. Lead, coordinate and/or participate in the preparation and review of policy statements, briefs, strategies and various reports on governance.
  8. Coordinate engagement in corporate processes, policies and guidelines especially on budget support, governance, and public financial management, including the review of IFF and Governance strategies, as well as relevant evaluations (on budget support, public financial management, fragile states).
  9. Ensure that governance aspects are mainstreamed in Bank country strategy papers and Bank-financed operations, in collaboration with the other Bank organizational units; Play an active part in formulation and implementation of Bank policies, initiatives and operations, in light of international best practice with the aim of strengthening quality at entry, operational effectiveness and policy dialogue.
  10. Represent the Bank at technical conferences and report on best practice with a view to disseminating it to the Department’s staff. Also liaise with the other organizational units to prepare the Director’s participation in conferences, workshops and initiatives within the Department’s scope of responsibility.