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Team Assistant, AHFR.1

Tue, 20/08/2019 - 02:00

Reporting to the Division Manager – AHFR1  the Team Assistant is responsible for:

Resources Management:

  • Manage systems; create and process expense reports in SAP.
  • Assist the management in issues concerning resources such as the administrative budget; monitor and review expenses and bring issues to the attention of Manager.
  • Participate in the preparation of the annual and mid-year budget review by inputting data and the monitoring thereof.

Analytical Work:

  • Produce documents, briefing papers, reports, spreadsheets and presentations.
  • Take notes at meetings, write letters, and prepare minutes as requested.
  • Assist where applicable with the programming of operational activities by using the appropriate software, entering project information and producing the Department’s various status reports i.e.  Active Projects, Pipe Line Projects, Project Status Reports, etc.

Problem Solving:

  • Respond to inquiries on operational matters from Bank executives; liaise with member countries and other staff; coordinate with other members of management and partners; work with other operations assistants, secretaries and groups in different locations.
  • Carry out background research in field of competence and present in a logical manner.
  • Perform any other duties reasonably requested by management.

Workflow management:

  • Devise and maintain efficient office systems.
  • Track and follow up on documents; deal with incoming email, faxes and general mail.

Office Administration:

  • Organize and attend to multiple meetings, appointments and events to ensure that responsible management are well prepared.
  • Arrange travel, visa and accommodation; travel occasionally with management to provide general assistance.
  • Initiate and prepare various administrative documents and forms, such as staff list, staff travels, staff absence (annual leave, home leave, excused absence and maternity leave) as well as statistical data when required on staff;
  • Assist Investment Officers / Task Managers in the preparation of reports.
  • Create contracts for hiring consultants in DACON.
  • Create contracts from projects in SAP.
  • SAP entry of project information

Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Chief Regional Financial Management Coordinator, SNFI4

Tue, 20/08/2019 - 02:00

Under the supervision of the Division Manager, Financial Management, the Chief Regional Financial Management Coordinator will perform the following duties:

  1. Providing technical guidance at the Country Offices in the financial management activities of projects and programs within the framework of the Bank’s policies and guidelines throughout the project life cycle;
  2. Taking a proactive role to ensure ‘Quality at Entry’ in assessing the adequacy of the Borrower’s project financial management systems and the Borrower’s ability to manage and monitor Bank financed projects. This includes budgeting, internal control, treasury management, accounting, financial reporting and external auditing;
  3. Undertaking Country Fiduciary Risk Assessment (CFRA) during the preparation of Country Strategy Paper (CSP) orlatest at appraisal stage for consideration in eligibility criteria for the use of Country Public Financial management Systems;
  4. Overseeing the review of and provision of comments on financial management aspects of assigned projects and programs as documented in concept notes, feasibility studies, appraisal reports and other relevant documents to ensure consistency and enhance the quality of projects/program from the financial management perspective;
  5. Attending negotiations and ensuring FM issues are appropriately taken into account in the financing agreement and other associated documentations;
  6. Participating in project/program launching missions to assist the project/program team and building the capacity of executing agencies in the area of financial management;
  7. Undertaking on-site and desk supervision missions based on assessed risk, and providing inputs to the aide memoires and FM performance ratings;
  8. Carrying out supervision work to ensure that project financial management systems are functioning appropriately, including the periodic review of project financial management reports for adequacy of financial performance;
  9. Ensuring compliance with the Bank’s audit and other FM requirements;
  10. Providing advice and support to borrowers and the Bank Project Teams on matters affecting financial management and disbursement;
  11. Providing financial management guidance for the development of technical assistance programs and evaluating and monitoring their implementation;
  12. Assessing the selection and engagement of external independent auditors, ensuring their suitability including their independence, and competence to perform;
  13. Applying remedial actions in case of non-compliance with financial management requirements in accordance with Bank policy;
  14. Ensuring the quality of the Bank portfolio at country level and at regional level through agreed portfolio KPIs;
  15. Participating in PEFA, SAI-PMF, and ROSC-AA assessments and on that basis, providing inputs to Bank operations and other initiatives in the countries concerned;
  16. Playing a leading role in CPPRs from the financial management perspective and drafting the FM part of the CPPR report;
  17. Undertaking Capacity building on FM issues in the countries and in sector departments in the Bank;
  18. Participating in donor coordination meetings within the country or region (if applicable) and in country dialogue platforms between the country and the donors on the basis of the Bank’s overallstrategy to support aid effectiveness;
  19. Supporting the accountability institutions (PAO, SAIs, Parliaments) in the Country or Region on the basis of the Bank’s overall strategy to support aid effectiveness; and
  20. Supervising and coaching of country FMSs.

Director, Strategy & Operational Policies (SNSP)

Thu, 15/08/2019 - 00:00

Under the supervision and guidance of the Senior Vice-President, the Director Corporate Strategy And Policy will undertake the following:

  1. Contribute fully to the development and review of the Bank’s overall strategy and direction, the effective functioning of its governance systems, and the promotion of strong partnerships within and outside the Bank
  2. Contribute to the development and review of the Bank business plans to ensure that they are consistent with the Bank’s strategic direction;
  3. Ensure regular update and dissemination of the Bank Group’s Operational Manual and lead on corporate policy development and review;
  4. Liaise with other departments of the Bank and contribute as required to policy development and advice on the consistency of annual and multi-year planning with long-term Bank objectives;
  5. Advise senior management on issues and developments in Regional and Non-Regional member countries which impact on the Bank and its performance;
  6. Assume joint responsibility with other Directors for corporate performance and the achievement of the Bank’s strategic objectives;
  7. Provide analytical policy advice support to the President on long-term strategic initiatives;
  8. Advise senior management on strategic partnerships and discussions with key bilateral and multilateral partners including the conduct of African Development Fund (ADF) replenishments; ADB General Capital Increases (GCI), innovative financing options and on institutional reforms;
  9. Oversee and lead presentations to Board committees and/or the Board of policies/strategies for review or approval;
  10. Identify emerging international issues including G8 and G20 development priorities and or those pertinent for Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) and assess their potential implications on the Bank’s policies, strategies and development assistance, and accordingly provide advice on the Bank’s response to these issues.
  11. Coordinate the Bank’s relationships with other Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs), international organizations, and bilateral agencies at institutional level and on strategic matters;
  12. Provide overall leadership in the assessment of countries eligibility to the African Development Bank window.
  13. Develop and oversee the annual work program for the department in consideration of the Bank-wide strategic priorities, agreed results and the Bank’s fiduciary guidelines;
  14. Lead planning, organizing, monitoring and usage of human and financial resources of the department;
  15. Oversee the overall human resource management issues for the department related but not limited to staff planning, recruitment and performance management within the Bank’s annual cycles and policies and guidelines.
  16. Work closely with the Bank’s senior management as a member of the Senior Management Coordination Committee (SMCC) and represent the Department on relevant committees or work streams as requested by Senior Management.
  17. Foster teamwork and an environment that stimulates and rewards innovation, creativity and accountability for results, and motivate staff to contribute to delivering significant developmental impacts.

Manager, Operation Office - Implementation Support, RDGS

Wed, 14/08/2019 - 00:00

Under the overall supervision of the Director General, the manager performs the following:

  • Lead the strategic staffing of the Implementation Support Division team in the respective region, giving due support to and championing the Bank’s Gender Strategy, and promoting a culture of gender equality.
  • Lead, plan, organize, manage and supervise the activities and work program of the Division with appropriate delegation of day-to-day activities.
  • Drive and ensure operational efficiency and effectiveness of the Division in achieving the Bank’s strategic imperatives and the management of change and its budget resources management.
  • Cultivate and ensure a culture of "ONE-Bank" in the Implementation Support Division, with the highest levels of ethics, fiduciary responsibility and professionalism to protect and enhance the reputation of the Bank.
  • Provide both technical and managerial leadership to staff in the definition and realization of the Key Performance Indicators of the Division.
  • Advance regional integration through the development and execution of major regional transformative development projects to attain the Bank’s High 5s.
  • Strengthen the human and institutional capacities of countries, and deepen the capacity of the Bank to become the thought leader in knowledge products and advisory services to countries.
  • Lead or contribute to the development/review of appropriate strategies, policies and guidelines for efficient and effective implementation of the Bank’s portfolio.
  • Advise the Director General on strategic options and approaches to improve the overall health of the Bank’s portfolio and achievement of results.
  • Work with the relevant Sector Complexes to draw on and/or contribute resources as needed.
  • Support the business development division teams in the preparation of detailed Project Implementation Plans during project due diligence activities at preparation and appraisal stages to ensure effective implementation of project/programs post Board approval.
  • Support various aspects (fiduciary, legal, environment, etc.) of -business development during project origination and processing for Board approval to ensure compliance with bank policies and high quality at entry, in close collaboration with the sector Regional Operations Managers.
  • Support and advise the Director General on all issues relating to project implementation, portfolio management and monitoring.
  • Drive operational efficiency and effectiveness of project implementation boosting the overall health of the Bank’s portfolio across the different regional management division of the High 5s to achieve significant developmental results and impacts from the Bank’s interventions.
  • Ensure impact is made on the objectives of the ‘Gender Strategy,’ and the ‘Feed Africa,’ ‘Jobs for Youth,’ ‘New Deal on Energy for Africa’ flagship programmes.
  • Drive accountability for operational efficiency, effectiveness, and the overall health of the Bank's portfolio to achieve significant impacts in the delivery of the High 5s across the regions.
  • Ensure that when implementing projects in countries in fragile situations, there is effective liaison with internal Fragility and Resilience Experts to ensure effective application of fragility-lens, taking into consideration the fragility context (economic, political, social, environmental, and regional factors) and implications from a risk management point of view to minimize impact, and if within scope of the project to make an informed beneficial impact.  Give appropriate feedback to them when working in the field.
  • Strengthen the capacity of regional and country teams, as well as project implementation units and execution agencies within each region for efficient and effective portfolio management and performance.
  • Drive effective and efficient project management, disbursements and compliance with loan/grant conditions, supported by robust service-level standards in procurement, disbursement, legal and fiduciary safeguards.
  • Monitor closely, in collaboration with Country Managers, portfolio performance and drive achievement of performance KPIs (Key Performance indicators) and results.
  • Recognize and make appropriate interventions when loan conditions aren’t met.
  • Develop partnerships with the donor community in the region for effective project implementation collaboration, portfolio management, and achievement of Key Performance Indicators.
  • Disseminate and promote Bank Group project implementation and portfolio management and monitoring related policies, guidelines, frameworks, and procedures in the Regional Member Countries to improve their capacity to implement Bank Group operations.
  • Work closely with Country Managers, Deputy Director Generals and other relevant Departments in the Bank for project implementation, portfolio management and contributing lessons learned for the production of best practices and Portfolio Management/Monitoring reports.
  • Developing partnerships - Lead the Division’s contribution in the creation of networks and partnerships to implement the ‘Light up and Power Africa’ High 5 and make impact on ‘Feed Africa,’ ‘Industrialize Africa,’ ‘Integrate Africa,’ and ‘Improve the Quality of Life for the People of Africa’ High 5s.
  • Build strong relationships – a strategic focus with regional and local private businesses, Regional Economic Communities, River Basin Organizations, Civil Society Organizations, United Nations Organizations, bilateral and multilateral partners and Government officials to develop investment opportunities and to ramp up co-financing and loan syndications.
  • Execute staff performance management, including work performance appraisals and assessments of staff potential and training and development needs.
  • Foster an environment that stimulates and rewards performance, initiative and innovation, and encourages continuous learning, open communication and teamwork.
  • Champion the Complex / Regional mandate and purpose – provide a direct and indirect operational support that contributes to the regional output and mandate in assigned Country.

2020 Mo Ibrahim Foundation Leadership, URPR

Sun, 11/08/2019 - 00:00

The Ibrahim Leadership Fellow will take leadership guidance from the President, the Senior Vice President, the Chief of Staff and Director of Cabinet and/or a designated Representative. With this guidance, the Fellow will contribute to the design and implementation of strategic assignments that will increase and enhance their professional and leadership capacity, with the intention of contributing to the governance and development of their countries. The Fellow will also have the following responsibilities:

  1. Advise on and develop strategic initiatives to advance the Bank’s mission and objectives.
  2. Design, develop, and implement innovative policies aligned with corporate priorities.
  3. Participate in high-level discussions and contribute to the preparation of the President’s meetings and missions.
  4. Carry out research and analysis as requested.
  5. Undertake other duties as assigned and required.

Senior Contracts Management Officer, CHGS2

Fri, 09/08/2019 - 00:00

Under the supervision of the Principal Procurement Officer, the Senior Contracts Management Officer has the following responsibilities:


  1. Provide advice and guidance on all aspects of contracting functions including providing contracting expert advice, advising management and clients on wide ranging and highly complex technical and other issues relating to institutional procurement.
  2. Develop, execute, and administer highly complex contracts for diverse services/commodities (e.g. information technology, telecommunication, software licensing of significant complexity).
  3. Develop and implement procedures for contract management, contract performance and contract administration
  4. Ensure timely follow-up and review of supplier performance evaluation
  5. Ensure suppliers meet the Bank’s mandatory contractual requirements for the duration of the contract
  6. Develop tools to address unsatisfactory performance
  7. Provide guidance on contract matters to procurement managers or other operational staff, including training to new procurement staff in contract management practices and procedures
  8. Ensure signed contracts are communicated to stakeholders to provide visibility and awareness, interpretation to support implementation
  9. Oversee service level agreement compliance
  10. In close connection with end users, ensure contract close-out, extension or renewal of contracts
  11. Plan and monitor quality of contract team’s output, reviewing all contracts prior to execution for appropriateness, completeness and accuracy.
  12. Lead work with other colleagues to maximize use of staff resources and streamline efforts, taking into account aggregate forecast of client requirements, as well as procurement trends, to ensure efficient planning overall.
  13. Develop and monitor contract administration program pre and post award, providing guidance and direction to support the implementation of work relative to contract issues.
  14. Develop and manage contract renewal schedules for all ongoing requirement contracts.
  15. Plan, develop and implement outreach programs providing guidance on contracts administration, as well as oversight (e.g. ex. post and ex ante audits). Supports clients’ efforts in creating annual works program estimates and plans.
  16. Work independently under general direction of section chief and guide and mentor junior staff,
  17. Prepare special reports, statistics and forecasts and carry on other assignments as required by supervisor

Team Assistant (Formerly Secretary), PESD.0

Mon, 05/08/2019 - 00:00

Under the General guidance and overall supervision of the Manager / Team Leader, the Team Assistant will perform the following:

  1. Undertake such transactional tasks and processes that support the smooth running of the work of the Manager and Team;
  2. Provide support and follow up on routine administrative correspondence and processes;
  3. Undertake correspondence and tasks in accordance with the Bank’s accepted formats and check on probable typographical errors, presentation, completeness and procedural accuracy of all documents submitted to the Manager / Team Leader for clearance, approval or signature;
  4. Review and prioritize important correspondence and tasks for execution;
  5. Follow-up and ensure that tasks are completed with dispatch and within given deadlines.


  1. Receive visitors and telephone calls with tact and discretion, and act according to the nature and urgency of each, including redirecting to the concerned division members or action parties as appropriate;
  2. Facilitate the arrangements for meetings with respect to their timings and booking of venue;
  3. Provide support to the Manager / Team for appointments with official visitors and/or staff members;
  4. Follow up on work deadlines for routine and assigned tasks;
  5. Schedule meetings for the Manager / Team, according to schedules and Agenda for the week;
  6. Arrange time and venue for meetings, and provide support required for their success;
  7. Write meeting reports/minutes.


  1. Maintain a filing system in both hard and soft copies to meet the needs of the Division / Team;
  2. Keep a weekly calendar of activities that shows all meetings to be attended by the Manager / Team Leader as well as by other staff members. It also includes all external visits to the Department;
  3. Obtain briefing and background materials for meetings, seminars, workshops, etc. to be attended by the team's staff, checking their availability and ensuring they have the appropriate briefing files and documents;
  4. Maintain Contact address / Mailing directory of partners working with the Division / Team.


  1. Make travel arrangements for the Manager / Team including tickets, hotel reservation, etc;
  2. Support the preparation of presentations as required;
  3. Photocopy and send electronic communication when the need arises;
  4. Undertake any other related tasks as assigned by the Manager / Team Leadership.


  1. Assist in carrying out the function of procurement duties;
  2. Process Purchase Requisitions assigned to the Functional Group related to procurement of goods, services and works;
  3. Receive and review requisitions for clarity, adequacy of specifications, completeness, obtain additional information and liaise with the User Departments and, confirm that the budget exist for the requisition.


  1. Manage the budget assigned to the division;
  2. Assist management in issues concerning resources such as the administrative budget; monitor and review expenses and bring issues to the attention of management;
  3. Participate in the preparation of the annual and mid-year budget review by inputting data in SAP system and the monitoring thereof

Senior Communication Officer & Writer, PCER.1

Thu, 01/08/2019 - 00:00

Under the overall supervision of the Division Manager, Communication and External Relations - PCER.1, the Communication Officer & Writer has the following responsibilities:

Writing skills

  • Researching, writing, and editing content for online and external publication that reflects current African Development Bank practice and is of the quality and scope that meets the objectives of the Bank’s external and internal stakeholders
  • Ensure that all information from organizational units is reviewed, edited and posted onto the Internet web platform and other designated channels.
  • Proactively seeks to create content and information on the organization in various formats.
  • Draft press releases, media-style briefs, web content, talking points, event notices and briefs in keeping with Bank style.
  •  Provide editorial and media coverage of high-level events, projects, programmes, initiatives and success stories for posting on the external website.
  • Act as a news desk officer, researching and writing news and feature stories

Media relations

  • Respond to requests from the media and solicit press interest in a range of Bank projects, products and issues.
  • Maintain and update media contact lists/databases,

Other communications and external relations duties as needed.

Research Assistant, BDEV2

Thu, 01/08/2019 - 00:00

Under the direct supervision of the Task Manager, the Research Assistant identifies sources of relevant data and information, compiles, analyses and presents this information for internal use - for the preparation of evaluation background documents and final summary reports, presentations, and dissemination products.

The incumbent undertakes the following specific duties:

  1. Identifying and accessing possible sources of existing information relevant to the subject of study (normally Bank Group policies, projects and programmes) and extracting the information;
  2. Assisting in the preparation of evaluation missions conducted by professional staff and/or consultants and participating on missions as required;
  3. Providing logistical support to the BDEV team during evaluation conferences and workshops both within and outside of the Headquarters;
  4. Identifying and contacting internal and external sources and other stakeholders to seek required information.
  5. Consolidating, categorizing and maintaining background information and records on relevant issues, developing related databases and information systems and updating them accordingly;
  6. Reporting on developments within the work programme; and
  7. Performing other duties as may arise.

Chief Natural Resources Officer, ECNR.3

Wed, 31/07/2019 - 00:00

Under the supervision of the Division Manager, Policy Analysis and working in collaboration with other colleagues, the Chief Natural Resources Officer is responsible for:

  1. Leading the Centre’s knowledge and analytical work on natural resource conservation, long-term resource planning and integrated development of renewable and non-renewable natural resources. This will involve rigorous analysis of national, regional and global natural resource policy issues, and the production of high-quality reports and other advisory tools.
  2. Coordinating capacity building programmes and technical advisory services to assist RMCs on integrated natural resource management and natural resource planning, by designing and overseeing ECNR country support programmes, contributing to internal and cross-Complex country support activities in the areas of responsibility, and providing on-demand technical advice for RMCs on cross-cutting policies related to the natural resource sectors.
  3. Designing policy tools for investment decision-making in the natural resource sector, in support of integrated natural resources management, natural resource conservation and green growth.
  4. Overseeing the work of consultants engaged to advise RMCs on integrated natural resource development, natural resource conservation, biodiversity and green growth.
  5. Leading advocacy programmes to build internal and external knowledge on integrated natural resource management for sustainable development,
  6. Providing technical advice to renewable and non-renewable resource experts in the Centre to ensure an integrated, holistic approach in the Centre’s interventions on natural resource management.
  7. Providing technical inputs on integrated natural resource management for the implementation of the Bank’s green growth and climate change agenda.
  8. Participating in the Centre’s knowledge dissemination activities, in particular by organising seminars and workshops on issues related to integrated natural resource management, biodiversity and natural capital, resource conservation, climate change and environmental safeguards;
  9. Providing internal advice to the Division and Centre to ensure mainstreaming of global best practices on green growth, climate change and environmental safeguards in the Centre’s activities on renewable and non-renewable natural resource management.
  10. Coordinating the Centre’s relationships with regional and global institutions operating in the space of integrated natural resource management, biodiversity, natural capital, climate change and green growth across the renewable and non-renewable resource sectors.
  11. Supporting the Centre’s resource mobilisation efforts by developing and proposing to external funders new programmes and initiatives in the areas of natural resource planning and conservation, biodiversity and natural capital management; sustainable financing for natural resource projects and overall, integrated natural resource management;
  12. Collaborating with other departments in the ECVP Complex and other Bank Departments for research, policy analysis and advocacy on integrated natural resource management and green growth;
  13. Supporting the Centre’s role in the Bank’s operations, providing necessary inputs into natural resources-related projects, including contributing to the preparation of Country Strategy Papers, project appraisals, and relevant Economic and Sector Work (ESWs).
  14. Carrying out a range of assignments, such as; assisting in the preparation and coordination of the Division and Centre’s work programmes; drafting statements, briefing notes, talking points and responses to questions by the press, on behalf of Management;
  15. Contributing to major ECVP and Bank Group reports such as African Economic Outlook, Annual Report, as designated.
  16. Managing resources specific to own areas of responsibility.

Chief Evaluation Officer, BDEV1

Tue, 30/07/2019 - 00:00

The key duties and responsibilities of Chief Evaluation Officer are:

  1. Evaluation Activities : Design, conduct and report on evaluations in accordance with the Bank’s Evaluation Policy and Manual and international evaluation standards (e.g., OECD DAC evaluation standards and the Evaluation Cooperation Group (ECG) Good Practice Standards).
  2. Synthesis Report and Meta-evaluation; Lead, guide meta-analysis design, evaluation and methods including research protocols for literature search, capturing, organizing, and analysing data and monitoring project level completion reports and other evaluations.
  3. Quality Management: Contribute to updating the BDEV evaluation quality standards, and quality assurance processes, tools and capacity as well as establish an effective quality management process and tools including  peer review  terms of reference and checklists for each evaluation
  4. Stakeholder Engagement and Communication: Lead engagement and management of relationships with key evaluation stakeholders including investors, promoters, Bank Management and staff throughout the evaluation process and develop appropriate stakeholder engagement and communication strategy, and lead its implementation:
  5. Dissemination and Learning: Lead and guide the capture of learning from evaluation design to evaluation dissemination for use in updating the BDEV evaluation manual, knowledge products and staff learning events.
  6. Manage human and financial resources of a multi-disciplinary evaluation team to ensure the delivery of complex and concurrent evaluations that are conducted in an independent, cost-effective, rigorous and timely manner.
  7. Promote the mandate of the evaluation function and contribute to the creation of an evaluation culture in the Bank and in Regional Member Countries (RMCs).
  8. As a recognized authority on evaluation theory and practice, contribute to positioning BDEV as an innovator and leading-edge among other multilateral institutions and to maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of the Bank’s Evaluation Function.
  9. Build strategic alliances and partnerships with key stakeholders within and outside the Bank to further the Evaluation Function’s mandate and engage in evaluation communities of practice within and outside the Bank.  Provide substantive input to these communities and share lessons of experience. 
  10. Evaluation Cooperation with Experts from other Multilateral and Bilateral Development Institutions. Participate in joint evaluation missions of co-financed interventions, in joint training/seminars/workshops on evaluations, and develop partnerships with Evaluation Units in development agencies and with counterparts in RMCs.
  11. Contribute to the preparation of BDEV’s three-year rolling work programme and annual report.

Senior Transport Engineer, RDGE3

Tue, 30/07/2019 - 00:00

Under the supervision of the  Private Sector, Infrastructure and Industrialisation Division (RDGE3) Division Manager, the incumbent will have the following responsibilities:


  1. Contribute to the preparation and evaluation of strategies and policies for the development of infrastructure sectors (transport, urban infrastructure, etc.) in collaboration with government agencies, development partners and other stakeholders;
  2. Participate in the preparation of terms of reference and monitoring of studies relevant to the infrastructure sectors, contribute to the examination and review of study reports and propose actions to be taken by the Bank;
  3. Participate in missions for the identification, preparation and evaluation of studies, transport and urban development infrastructure projects/programmes and reform support programmes in these sectors in support of the Bank's strategy and contribute to the drafting and review of reports;
  4. Participate in project launch, supervision mid-term review, completion and portfolio review missions for transport sector projectsand contribute to the preparation of reports;
  5. Provide advice and expertise to the heads of implementing agencies on transport sector issues and priorities, technical aspects of projects and the Bank's rules and procedures, including procurement of goods and services, disbursement procedures;
  6. Provide expertise in the review of bid evaluation reports and conduct the evaluation of technical and financial proposals for contracts related to project implementation;
  7. Follow up on recommendations made in supervision, mid-term review, portfolio review and audit reports with due attention to project monitoring and evaluation;
  8. Carry out analytical and sector work to inform and support the Bank's downstream involvement in the design of transport sector projects and programmes;
  9. Collaborate with other development partners to harmonize approaches, share experiences, and continuously improve practices, and integrate transport sector policy commitments into project management;
  10. Develop partnerships with the private sector, bilateral and multilateral agencies on issues within the Directorate's mandate;
  11. Prepare transportation project fiches identified with borrowers for inclusion in the project pipeline;
  12. Carry out any other related tasks assigned by the Regional Operations Division Manager or Country Office Manager.

Director Human resources management, CHHR

Mon, 29/07/2019 - 00:00
  • Formulate and recommend human resources policies and programmes in line with the Bank’s strategies and priorities, in the different aspects of Human Resources Management, including institutional capacity building; career development; staff mobility; performance management, compensation and benefits management, and employee health and well-being.
  • Plan, organise, direct and coordinate the Human Resources Department's work plan and related resource planning and utilisation; assign projects and programmatic responsibilities; review and evaluate work methods and procedures; engage staff to prevent and/or identify and resolve problems.
  • Provide leadership and direction to management in the implementation of institutional and HR reforms by establishing appropriate linkages to the operational strategy of the Bank.
  • Advise senior management on the vision and strategic framework for the management of its human resources and the supporting policies and practices in order to make the most effective use of Bank staff;
  • Drive change management programmes and effective culture changes that are required to ensure the success of the organisation.
  • Design and deliver an HR strategy that is aligned with the Bank’s vision, mission, strategic objectives, as well as operations;
  • Provide leadership in the development of Bank Group’s human resources policies, rules, regulations, norms and standards; ensuring their successful dissemination across the Bank and alignment to international practice and legal requirements.
  • Manage and supervise HR Managers, supporting them to achieve strategic and operational targets.
  • Promote a focused and team based culture, to ensure consistent service across the department.
  • Plan, organize, direct and supervise human resources planning, recruitment, placement, performance management, career development, compensation and benefits, and health and well-being of Bank employees, and determine the appropriate organizational structure of the department.

Ensure that appropriate systems for performance management and development, communications, quality measures, monitoring and review are in place to support organizational change, culture and values.

Principal board affairs officer and committee secretary - Code

Mon, 22/07/2019 - 00:00

Under the supervision and guidance of the Chief Board Affairs & Advisory Services Officer, the Principal Board Affairs Officer and Committee Secretary will:


  1. Contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of the Boards of Directors and Boards of Governors and the CODE Committee by enhancing the decision-making process;
  2. Assist the CODE Chair in preparing and conducting the Committee meetings and advise on any relevant matters ;
  3. Prepare background papers, analyses and recommendations to be used by Committee Chairperson and members;
  4. Coordinate the activities of the CODE Committee and manage the relationship between Senior Management and members;
  5. Cover Committee meetings, analyse and determine the thrust of the discussions/deliberations and then synthesize, compose the main decisions and conclusions reached;
  6. Contribute to strengthening the effectiveness of Committee through research and submission of documents on issues under consideration;
  7. Populate the Board Dashboard and follow up on Committee recommendations;
  8. Ensure the coverage of relevant Boards of Governors meetings; analyse and determine the thrust of the discussions/deliberations and then synthesize, draft the main decisions and conclusions reached;
  9. Translate, when and as necessary, in the other working language of the Bank the synthesis and reports drafted.

Carry out any other assignment required by service exigency

Principal investment officer - Africa fertilizer financing mechanism

Mon, 22/07/2019 - 00:00

The specific responsibilities include, but not limited to:

  • Contribute in the development and implementation of the AFFM Work programs, by managing all investment-related interventions in the countries, and provide technical advices during the programme implementation.
  • Work closely with the Bank’s private sector and financial inclusion departments to partner with relevant financial and non-financial institutions for the development and structuring of fertilizer financing deals for new entrants or existing actors in the fertilizer sector;
  • Drive new business development and resource mobilization for fertilizer sector financing with relevant departments of the Bank as well as sovereign, multilateral, bilateral, financial institution and private sector partners;
  • Mobilize innovative initiatives to close financing gaps for the development of major fertilizer operations by promoting innovative financial products, and  mobilizing new sources of financing;
  • Establish synergies between the Bank’s various initiatives in the fertilizer sector with the Bank’s strategies and programs;
  • Build and maintain strong relationships with relevant partners in the area of fertilizer businesses, banking, with private sector and government officials to further develop the sector and to develop specific investment opportunities.
  • Formulate alliance strategies with actors along innovative fertilizer financing, service delivery with a particular focus on public private partnerships (at the country and continent level) to engage stakeholders in alignment of sustainable development goals;
  • Analyze the constraints and opportunities related to fertilizer investment options with emphasis on the functionality of fertilizer industry, support services, trade policies, market institutions and organizations, risk management systems and private sector engagement.
  • Support fertilizer value chain strengthening through structured finance in syndicate deals with commercial banks and other creditors (fertilizer finance and innovative fertilizer financing schemes).
  • Actively involved in all the activities of projects development cycle, as task manager (identification, preparation and appraisal), follow up with different departments for project approval process, and work with legal department to ensure that all projects have appropriate legal documentation.
  • Monitor project implementation by recipients, provide required technical assistance and follow up project periodic reporting;
  • Contribute towards building a strong pipeline of good quality investment opportunities for the AFFM operations particularly identifying entry points for private investments in public sector transactions.
  • Working with the Agricultural Finance and Rural Development units, understand the landscape of various guarantee schemes or risk sharing facilities utilized to finance fertilizer supply chains and agro-dealer networks around the continent, their advantages, achievements, challenges, and weaknesses;
  • Enhance project implementation quality, timeliness and integrity through developing and implementing result based performance monitoring and evaluation systems and reporting activities to enable transparent assessment of AFFM financing outcomes and impacts, for both internal and external audience.
  • Collaborate with other AFFM team and Banks’ Units in reviewing the operations performance, preparing completion reports, etc., so as to ensure that the lessons drawn from the implementation of past operations are taken into account in new projects.
  • Undertake any other assignment relevant to the successful implementation and performance of the AFFM.

Head of unit, Ethics Office

Wed, 17/07/2019 - 00:00

Under the direct supervision and guidance of the Bank’s President and  functional supervision of the Chief of Staff the Head of Unit - Ethics Office (PETH), has the following responsibilities:


Specific accountabilities of the function:

  1. Provide overall leadership, vision and strategy for the Ethics and Compliance Programs
  2. Lead key components of the Bank’s Ethics and Compliance Program including risk assessment, policy development, training, communication, monitoring, and program evaluation and improvement;
  3. Use data to evaluate trends and monitor applicable practices to recommend appropriate strategy and program enhancements;
  4. Serve as a subject matter expert on ethics and compliance advice on how to meet the standards of conduct set out in the Staff Code of Conduct, assist Staff in understanding their ethical obligations, identify areas of conflict or possible conflict, and make recommendations, thereby preventing ethics violations before they occur;
  5. Ensure compliance with the Staff Code of Conduct to ensure that ethical procedures are consistently adhered to throughout the Bank;
  6. Create and maintain an ethical culture consistent with the highest standards of corporate governance,
  7. Oversee the implementation, review and communications strategy for complying with the Bank’s disclosure process. This includes helping Managers and Staff create and nurture a culture where raising ethical issues is safe and institutionally acceptable;
  8. Advise Staff and Management on queries pertaining to conflicts of interest involving the Bank, whether personal or business/organization in nature and making recommendations to top Management on related polices and guidelines as appropriate;
  9. Develop key knowledge and contact points as well as provide training and sensitization on issues relating to Bank wide corporate governance conduct principles and ethics;
  10. Advise Senior Management, Director, Human Resources Management Department (CHRM), and others on the application of ethics rules; and conduct information sessions as well as training programs aimed at increasing awareness on ethics issues; and
  11. Advise Staff and Management on actions that could constitute misconduct.

Detailed activities in relation with the accountabilities of the function:

  1. Establish an impartial point of contact to provide confidential advice and guidance on matters of ethics and conduct for employees to use without fear of retaliation;
  2. Maintain working knowledge of relevant regulatory and ethical issues; of professional ethics codes, and of international laws and regulations, or professional or industry ethics codes, and of ethics conflicts resolution techniques;
  3. Develop the ethical compliance programs as well as Standards of Ethical Conduct and behaviour for approval of Senior Management and implement/maintain;
  4. Develop/conduct training, sensitization and awareness-raising sessions for Staff, Management and different Stakeholders;
  5. Coordinate outreach and education to promote, inter alia, and increase awareness of Bank values, standards of conduct and procedures through orientation and induction programs, as well as other means of communication to continuously reinforce the Bank’s ethical work culture;
  6. Assist Management in establishing policy recommendations and guidelines to deal with new and evolving areas related to ethical aspects of corporate behaviour, and the development and dissemination of best practices;
  7. Take responsibility for the Staff, strategy, budget and work program of the Ethics Office; and
  8. Manage the Ethics Help/Hotline to provide guidance on ethical values, ensure the development of internal and external communications, Code of Conduct and other material and tools for ethics issues management.
  9. Lead the development and implementation of the HR strategy and plans of the unit


  1. The Director is to maintain strict confidentiality with respect to information disclosed to him or her in the exercise of the duties of the Office
  2. The Ethics Office shall maintain confidential records of advice given and reports received.



  1. The Director shall provide an Annual Report to Management that shall be made available to Staff members, which includes an overview of the activities of the Office specifying the number and general nature of matters brought to its attention and the outcome over the prior twelve-month period.
  2. Prepare and present periodic reports and presentations to stakeholders and employees regarding various ethics and compliance-related topics

Chief Program Officer

Wed, 17/07/2019 - 00:00

The Program Officer will be responsible for:

  • Pipeline development and portfolio management
  • Plan and coordinate the annual work programs  to operationalize the Facility’s strategy and business plan;
  • Coordinate and proactively engage in business development to maintain a pipeline/portfolio management system to track project implementation progress and performance;
  • Drive portfolio management and early warning systems, particularly in areas of performance reporting and analysis;
  • Follow up disbursement procedures and coordination with relevant financial management and portfolio teams vis-à-vis transactions for which guarantees have been triggered.


  • Strategic program management
  • Provide technical guidance and prepared Documentation on PSF risk participation recommendations
  • Develop guidelines, templates and user manuals for internal and external
  • Design appropriate approaches and tools to appraise

Draft documentation recommending specific transactions for inclusion in the PSF portfolio.

  • Reporting, monitoring and evaluation
  • Develop and implement a Monitoring and Evaluation system and promote joint performance indicators and ensure its operationalization;
  • Lead in the preparation of PSF’s annual report, quarterly updates and monthly briefs;
  • Lead on development of annual work plans, closely monitoring implementation;
  • Carry-out research and prepare briefs as required by PSFA.
  • Fundraising and stakeholder engagement
  • Contribute to the mobilization of financial resources for the Private Sector Facility
  • Serve as the main contact for internal communications and reporting on the Private Sector Facility with outside parties, including to donors and other stakeholders, and ensure timely responses to solicitations from internal and external stakeholders;
  • Develop and implement a communication strategy for the Private Sector Facility;
  • Coordinate PSF public relations workflow and web-presence (AfDB website, external website, external donor data platform, etc.);
  • Communicate and represent the PSF effectively to various audiences, including key stakeholders, clients, beneficiaries, public, internal and external partners under the supervision of the PSFA;
  • Participate in fundraising outreach activities;
  • Liaise and coordinate with internal and external partners.


  • Lead the organization of thematic forums and workshops related to Private Sector Facility;

Principal Risk Management Officer

Wed, 17/07/2019 - 00:00

The key duties and responsibilities of Risk Management Officer are to:

  1. Process and analyze data and perform other related duties in support of credit risk measurement, assessment, monitoring and management for the Private Sector Facility.
  2. Monitor credit risks of the PSF portfolio analyzing the evolution of the risk profile and country, sector and obligor concentrations, the adequacy of provisions and risk capital required to support the non-sovereign credit exposure.
  3. Prepare at a glance reports and tables of exposure indicators;
  4. Maintain and update the PSF’s stand-alone models.
  5. Monitor and review PSF treasury and liquidity position, for committed and uncommitted capital.
  6. Prepare financial projections for PSF.
  7. Undertake data processing and computational work required in support of quarterly and annual PSF risk reviews.
  8. Coordinate with the Risk organizational units to collect all the necessary risk information.
  9. Coordinate with the Treasury Department as regards management of the PSF treasury.
  10. Coordinate with the Financial Control Department as regards production of financial statements and billing.
  11. Coordinate the preparation of relevant ALM and risk reports and decision-making documents.
  12. Contribute to the preparation and review of PSF guidelines in respect of risk, treasury management, and Asset and Liability Management aspects.
  13. Take a leadership role in the preparation of the rating of the Facility.
  14. Contribute to fundraising activities.

Participate in the production of PSF reports on as needed basis

Senior Financial Compliance Officer

Wed, 17/07/2019 - 00:00

The Financial Compliance Officer is responsible for:

Financial planning

  1. Coordinate the production of the Facility’s Profit and Loss account.
  2. Lead the production and implementation of PSF operational budgets and program taking into account financial projections, business needs and strategic business objectives.
  3. Contribute to business planning by producing relevant outputs such as management accounts, financial performance reports, financial projections and budget proposals.


Verification and outsourced financial services

  1. Contribute to monitoring the PSF financial data, flag emerging trends control weaknesses and risks, propose remedial action as appropriate, and follow up on recommendations.
  2. Provide technical guidance on program activities, including: (i) quality of PSF financial management; (ii) on all financial management issues; (iii) quality of preparation of billing, financial reporting and audit queries; (iv) outsourced treasury investment activities.
  3. Ensure compliance of PSF fiduciary functions both insourced and outsourced.
  4. Undertake the analytical work in order to provide management with a background for their decision making in support of PSF financial planning , reporting and audit reviews.
  5. Coordinate with officers of the finance organizational units to collect all the necessary financial management and audit information.
  6. Coordinate with officers of the Financial Control Department as regards production and verification of financial statements and billing.
  7. Coordinate with officers of the Treasury Department as regards PSF treasury investment and reporting.


Financial control and reporting

  1. Monitor and review quantitative and qualitative data and analyze periodic financial and operation performance ofagainst targets to proactively identify issues that should engage management attention and review consistency with policy and guidelines;
  2. Coordinate the preparation of the PSF’s periodic financial reports for the ADF Board, Management and audit purposes.
  3. Prepare management accounts and at a glance reports and tables of exposure indicators as well as of lending monitor program.
  4. Ensure quality and timely financial management and reporting advice including by making sure PSF periodic reporting is completed using the most recent and updated financial, risk and project information available to the Bank.
  5. Track key performance indicators for Private Sector Operations (PSO) in which the PSF risk participates.
  6. Contribute to other PSF reporting, including on the capital relief impact of the PSF on the ADB and the incremental development results of the PSF portfolio.
  7. Contribute to reporting to support the PSFA’s activities aimed at augmenting the PSF’s risk bearing capacity.


Systems improvements

  1. Coordinate periodic review of guidelines, processes and tools, and to ensure they are compliant and aligned with financial management standards.
  2. Assess the continued compliance with and adequacy of operating accounting systems and related financial controls.
  3. Liaise with operational, risk, financial management and legal functions to produce and update process maps and identify improvements to current processes and systems. (Including: budgeting, internal control, treasury management, accounting, financial reporting and external auditing).
  4. Contribute to the preparation and review of PSF guidelines in respect of financial planning, compliance verification, financial reporting and control, performance monitoring and evaluation.

Contributing to initiatives augmenting the PSF’s risk bearing capacity

  1. Engage with external investors, donors and guarantors to ensure the financial planning and reporting requirements of their support to the PSF are systematically complied with;
  2. Coordinate with the financial management and disbursement organizational units, to ensure that related guarantee and administrative fees preparation and payments (to and from third party providers) are undertaken timeously and accurately

Chief Portfolio Management Officer

Tue, 16/07/2019 - 00:00

Under the supervision of the Director (Division Manager*), the Chief Portfolio Management Officer (CPMO) will perform the following duties:

  • Monitor assigned NSO Energy Project progress through field visits (once a year, minimum) / desk reviews and prepare relevant reports (including, inter-alia, the quarterly Portfolio Status Report (PSR) and Project Completion Reports (XSR / PCR) for submission to Senior Management, as periodic updates on implementation progress;
  • Review periodic Reports (including but not limited to quarterly, half-yearly, and annual operational, technical, environmental and financial reports) of assigned projects to ensure compliance with covenants and project implementation timelines, highlighting any implementation issues and challenges, and keep regular communication with related Country and Head Office staff ;
  • Lead the review of utilization, disbursement, restructuring and waiver requests from clients, and advise management on financial impact; and coordinate the preparation, submission and archiving of documentation from the clients / RMCs for presentation to internal approving authorities (to seek and obtain necessary credit and other approvals);
  • Advise and be a member of the origination and appraisal teams on transactions with focus on improving the design, preparation and implementation of projects to strengthen the quality of the portfolio at entry;
  • Build and maintain strong relationships with clients, banking, multilateral partners, and government officials to develop a strong pipeline for new investment opportunities; and participate in relevant Lender and stakeholder meetings.
  • Monitor the impact of the operating environment on assigned projects under implementation and alert Management on any material potential risks that might arise;
  • Monitor the adequacy of the level of provisions for the assigned NSO energy portfolio, and recommending its adequacy or adjustment as necessary;
  • Lead analytical work on portfolio trends, drivers of investment returns, and draw and share lessons from the portfolio analysis;
  • Monitor performance of the assigned portfolio with particular focus on compliance with covenants, arrears monitoring, updating of Collateral Register, rating of projects and Non-Performing loans, and prepare recommendations for Senior Management’s consideration.
  • Represent the Director in various Bank Committees, on issues related to NSO (Energy) portfolio Management; and supervise other PMOs as necessary.
  • Develop medium- and long-term strategies and action plans to improve quality of the Bank’s / Department’s NSO Portfolio and contribute to achievement of corporate targets.

Perform any other ad hoc assignments relating to NSO Portfolio Management, as required by the Director or immediate supervisor.