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Lead Reviser - French, CHLS

21 hours 50 min ago

Under the supervision and guidance of the Director of Language Services Department, the Lead Reviser will provide high level language services, including but not limited to:

  1. Ensure quality control of Translation Bank-wide, with special focus on the quality ofdocuments to be submitted to Senior Management and Governing Bodies of the Bank;
  2. Review, and update policies and procedures governing the Bank's language services;
  3. Lead and ensure quality control of work done by translators and coordinate such activities during meetings and events organized by the Bank for its stakeholders at headquarters and abroad;
  4. Revise translations of complex, highly technical and sensitive documents to be sent to the Bank’s Regional and Non-Regional Member Countries, including Head of State and Government;
  5. Ensure the publication of high quality translations covering the full range of the Bank’s work, namely: reports of an economic and financial nature, statements from Senior Management, audit reports, planning and programming documents, project appraisal reports, legal documents, etc.;
  6. Lead brainstorming sessions within the Department for terminology harmonization across the Bank;
  7. Devise strategies aimed at achieving the objectives of the Department and the Bank on multilingualism and translation;
  8. Serve as a contributing evaluator in the performance evaluation process of translators and revisers in accordance with Bank standards and practices;
  9. Advise management on the budgetary and financial implications of translation activities and its impact on the Bank’s administrative budget;
  10. Represent the Department in working groups comprising different organizational units of the Bank, at the request of the Director;
  11. Lead the Terminology Committee to ensure that new and technical concepts used in the Bank’s documents are identified, reviewed, translated and included in a Terminology Compendium for Bank-wide distribution;
  12. Lead initiatives aimed at establishing or enhancing partnerships with sister institutions for knowledge sharing and staff exchange programs;
  13. Design and implement programs aimed at building internal and external capacities in translation, editing and revision;
  14. Spearhead and coordinate all professional and related training required in Translation, including training in the use of various computer-assisted translation tools.

Young Professional

Tue, 15/10/2019 - 00:00


 The Bank seeks seek to recruit Young Professionals in specific disciplines and specialist professional areas that are aligned to the Ten-Year Strategy (TYS); the five priority areas of the Bank (High 5s) and People strategy. The Hi-5s are captured below:

  1. Light Up and Power Africa:

Power Systems Development (grid base power system, power utilities), Climate Change and Green Growth (climate finance, climate adaptation), Energy Statistics, Policy and Regulation (energy statistics), Renewable Energy (off grid energy access), Energy Partnerships (energy partnerships and stake-holders engagement, energy markets).

  1. Feed Africa:

Agriculture & Agro-industry (agribusiness development, agriculture research, production and sustainability), Agricultural finance & Rural development (agricultural and rural finance, rural infrastructure development).

  1. Integrate Africa:

Development Research (macroeconomic policy, debt sustainability and forecasting, microeconomic, institutional and development impact), Governance and public financial management (program development, policy management), Statistics (economic and social statistics, statistical capacity building).

  1. Industrialize Africa:

Private Sector Development (strategy and new product, portfolio asset management, special operations), Financial sector development (financial institutions, financial inclusion), Infrastructure, cities & urban development (transport and logistics, ICT), Industrial and trade development.

  1. Improve the lives of the people of Africa:

Water, Human and Social development (education, human capital and employment, sanitation and public health.

The Young Professionals Program (YPP) targets High Potential, best-in-class talent young professionals with a strong passion for Africa’s development. The Program offers exceptional career opportunities to talented young professionals with leadership potential, an established record of outstanding academic and professional achievement to make a difference to the development of the African continent. It is a three-year leadership opportunity for the development of Bank’s future workforce and leaders. The Bank aims attract highly qualified and motivated professionals from our member countries for a productive and rewarding career path in development. Through the YPP, the Bank ensures continuity and excellence in both the management of its work programs and the provision of policy advice to its RMCs.

The Bank aims to offer this opportunity to 30 candidates for the 2020 cohort. The Bank is an equal opportunity employer. To this end, we are committed to achieving and maintaining a diverse workforce that reflects our diversity

System Engineer (Data Centre), CHIS2

Tue, 15/10/2019 - 00:00

Under the supervision of the Division Manager, the incumbent will:

  • Oversee all aspects of data centre operations including:
    • Racking, cabling, server builds, hardware inventory and maintenance, manage vendors to ensure installed systems are architected and performing properly, maintain and test disaster plan.
  • Install, configure and test operating systems, application and system management tools.
  • Design and perform server and security audits, backup procedures, and other recovery processes in accordance with the Bank’s disaster recovery and business continuity strategies.
  • Implement and manage productivity tools to maintain proactive alerting on IT Infrastructure and services performance and availability.
  • and maintain scripts to increase system automation and minimize human errors.
  • service requests, problems and incidents logged through the bank IT service Desk within established SLAs.
  • timely communication to stakeholders during incidents and problems management.
  • Provide reports with purpose of improving the IT services.
  • Contribute to the development of standard operating procedures (SOP) required to run IT infrastructure operations in a mission critical environment.
  • Provide support to developers during application development life cycle in a framework of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipelines.
  • Contribute to the preparation of RFPs with technical requirements.
  • the bank’s security policies and audit recommendations implementation for operating systems and applications.
  • Perform any other duty assigned by the division manager.

Principal Statistician (National Strategies for Development of Statistics), ECST2

Fri, 11/10/2019 - 00:00

Under the supervision and guidance of the Division Manager, the Principal Statistician will:

  1. Supervise the design and implementation of national Strategies for the development of Statistics in the region
  2. Support the design and implementation of regional strategies for the development of statistics
  3. Receive and handle requests for technical assistance support from RMCs
  4. Recruit and supervise consultants that support NSDS and RSDS development
  5. Secure buy-in from the RMCs to ensure that they develop their NSDSs and implement them
  6. Strategically engage NSOs in RMCs to assess their statistical capacity building needs
  7. Support the coordination of training workshops on leadership and management and other areas of interest
  8. Support the coordination of RMC peer learning on various statistical areas handled by the department
  9. Coordinate with Statistical Training centres to build statistical capacity in National statistical systems
  10. Explore potential partnerships for statistical capacity building and exploit them to the advantage of the Bank
  11. Support requests from RMCs for strengthening national monitoring and evaluation systems
  12. Work with country teams to contribute to the development of country strategy papers, country diagnostic notes and incorporating M&E issues in program and project cycles
  13. Participate in teams for handling common departmental assignments
  14. Represent the Bank at international and regional meetings on statistics as will be directed by ECST management
  15. Any other cross cutting issues in the Division

Senior Fragility and Resilience Assistant (RDTS)

Wed, 09/10/2019 - 00:00

Under the supervision of the Director of the transition states coordination office, the Fragility and Resilience Assistant is expected to perform the following duties:

  • Support the analytical work undertaken by the Fragility and Resilience team;
  • Assist with background research to support drafting of ESW and project proposals;
  • Support the experts in discussions and negotiations with potential partners in order to foster business relationships with the Bank;
  • Assist in preparing communication and presentation documents through drafting of elaborate memos, spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, etc...
  • Manage the Transition States Coordination Office webpage and share drive and contribute to the dissemination of reports related to the Bank’s activities in addressing fragility and building resilience;
  • Ensure the quality of exchanges (oral and written) within the department, communication with other departments of the AfDB, liaison with partner institutions.
  • Participate in the preparation of multiple events involving the Transition States Coordination Office and propose the activities and derived budget related to communication, and also ensure that these activities are well covered by the media and adequate reports are made;
  • Support in the organization and coordination of meetings with other Departments and Complexes and with external clients and partners;
  • Assist with the procurement of services and supplies for events through requests for quotations and their assessment;
  • Support in reviewing the quality of documentation for the Department and making recommendations for improvement and ensuring adherence to Bank formats and standards;
  • Perform any other reasonably justified task requested by management.

Monitoring & Implementation Officer, SNDI

Wed, 09/10/2019 - 00:00

Under the general supervision of the Director, Office of the SVP, the incumbent will perform the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. Attend and participate in all internal audit exit meetings;
  2. Maintain close links and collaboration with management, audit focal points Bank-wide and the audit department in the process of collating internal audit recommendations;
  3. Coordinate the periodic follow-up on Management implementation of internal audit recommendations: collect complex-level inputs; consolidate, review and validate prior to submission to the Internal Audit department (PAGL); and coordinate the Management response note to PAGL’s follow-up report with the Director, SNDI;
  4. Monitor and follow-up on implementation progress of internal audit, Board and Board Committee recommendations;
  5. Analyze, synthesize/prioritise information collated and prepare reports required to facilitate substantiated decisions on implementation or serve as input to Board Documents;
  6. Collate and prepare technical reports and briefing notes on implementation status’ of internal audit and other risk mitigation reports for presentation to senior management as well as the Board Committee on Audit and Finance (AUFI) and the Board;
  7. Monitor the implementation of recommendations of recourse mechanisms and report on anticipated delays or progress made as well as the way forward;
  8. In liaison with CHIS, lead the development of an automated centralized reporting system on implementation status of internal audit and evaluations recommendations;
  9. Participate in the execution of special corporate assignments, such as assisting in the preparation of SMCC meetings (scheduling, review of documents, and drafting of summary notes)
  10. Undertake ad hoc assignments as may be requested by the Director, the SVP or their delegated authorities.

Senior fragility and resilience officer , RDTS

Tue, 08/10/2019 - 00:00

Under the supervision of the Lead Coordinator/Fragility Expert and the Principal Fragility and Resilience Experts, the Senior Fragility and Resilience Officer will assist with performing the following duties:

1. Impact on the Business

  • As needed, participate in project and economic sector work identification missions;
  • Assist with background research and drafting of ESW and project proposals; 
  • Assist with coordination of project due diligence missions;
  • Contribute to the preparation of project appraisal reports, including various risk analysis and financial/economic analysis, for presentation to the various review committees and the Board of Directors;
  • As needed, participate in developing and promoting the Bank’s role in Transition Countries;
  • Work with consultants as and when required for the delivery of business objectives.

2. Clients/Stakeholders

  • Support the experts in discussions and negotiations with potential partners in order to foster business relationships with the Bank; 
  • Develop and nurture excellent professional working relationships with project appraisal team members, including colleagues in the regional centers; 
  • Initiate and nurture excellent relationships with other Multilateral Development Banks and other partners active in Transition Countries to share best practices and market knowledge;
  • Contribute to the experts’ work in preparing for Bank seminars, workshops and conferences on Transition Countries;
  • Ensure timely and efficient communication with all external partners;
  • Deliver accurate and relevant management information to various stakeholders.

3. Teamwork

  • Work closely with Principal Experts and other relevant team members;
  • Contribute to the planning of various initiatives designed to facilitate interaction with other AfDB departments, regional centres and external partner institutions;
  • Participate in the preparation of annual work program/budget of the team.

4. Operational Effectiveness & Control

  • Keep abreast of market developments and share knowledge with colleagues;
  • Work collaboratively with the ‘ecosystem’ both in the region and at headquarters to ensure timely and effective delivery on business objectives. 

5. Management of Risk

  • Ensure compliance of projects with Integrity Due Diligence requirements including anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing guidelines;
  • Assist the experts to continually assess the operational risks inherent in the business and changing economic or market conditions, legal and regulatory requirements, operating procedures and practices and the impact of new technology.

Fragility and Resilience Officer, RDTS

Tue, 08/10/2019 - 00:00

Under the supervision of the Lead Coordinator/Fragility Expert, the Fragility and Resilience Officer is expected to perform the following duties:

  • Carry out regular and periodic analytical and research work on drivers of fragility and resilience in and on countries and regions of assignment for internal decision making and programming (e.g. situation briefs, country overviews and fragility assessments) and/or for publication/dissemination within or outside the Bank; Clients/Stakeholders Support the experts in discussions and negotiations with potential partners in order to foster business relationships with the Bank;
  • Conduct/contribute to fragility assessment of the bank’s projects, programs, policies and strategic documents (e.g. Country Strategy Papers) in countries of assignment or at the request of the Lead Coordinator/Fragility Expert;
  • Carry out economic policy and strategic analysis work in and on countries of assignment using the fragility lens;
  • Contribute to the department’s research work related to fragility and dissemination of knowledge products such as discussion/research papers and publications;
  • Conduct/participate in the advisory work carried out by the Transition States Coordination Office;
  • Contribute to the development and constant improvement of the Bank’s tools and methodologies for economic growth diagnostic and forecast (trend analysis) using the fragility perspective;
  • Conduct economic growth diagnostic and trend analysis in countries of assignment applying the fragility lens;
  • Contribute to the department’s work in arrears clearance, revenues’ management and public goods and services delivery from the fragility perspective;
  • Contribute to the analyses and support the work of the department in addressing the spillover effect of the fragility in the region;
  • Actively support the dissemination and implementation of the Bank’s strategy for engagement in fragile situations, including the Transition Support Facility in countries/regions of assignment;
  • Provide quality enhancement services (as commentator or peer reviewer) to analytical work of the department as well as provide comments and inputs to relevant reports and publications initiated by other units of the Bank;
  • Build partnerships in countries of assignment, with a view to implement the Bank’s Strategy for Addressing Fragility and Building Resilience;
  • Attend/represent the Bank in external events (conferences, seminars, workshops) related to fragility;
  • Attend and contribute to the activities of the Public Finance Working Groups (group of donors providing direct budget support) in countries of assignment;
  • Perform any other assignments and tasks as requested by the Lead Coordinator/Fragility Expert and/or the Director of RDTS

Document Control Officer, CHLS0

Tue, 08/10/2019 - 00:00

Under the supervision and guidance of the Director of the Language Services Department, the Document Control Officer will ensure the conformity of translation requests with Bank rules and procedures and maintain control and traceability of documents from reception to delivery. In particular, he/she shall:

Technical advisory role

  1. Ensure technical supervision of the document control section
  2. Advise colleagues on new developments in document control activities
  3. Coordinate all document control initiatives in the Department
  4. Keep abreast of developments in document control and translation project coordination.

Operational role

  1. Set up and run an efficient document control system in the Department
  2. Ensure established rules are followed and that documents are in accordance with agreement conditions; identify processing problem and recommend corrective actions
  3. Supervise all stages of document control of a translation project, from receipt of a job request to delivery of the completed job, including negotiating with the requesting unit, ensuring the conformity of the request with corporate rules, consulting with internal and external services providers, preparing files, resolving complex issues relating to language combinations, and providing quality assurance at exit
  4. Receive and review client requests for quality and completeness of submissions, clarify client expectations and resolve coordination and operational issues
  5. Run and regularly monitor the translation workflow (Hermès)
  6. Manage workflows of documents either in electronic form or on paper support
  7. Advise clients on full range of services, production techniques and technology options and responds orally or in writing to routine and complex inquiries
  8. Collect information and analyze any trends related to the document processing and present the related report to management
  9. Track and monitor requests against service standard turnaround times, handle client requests for changes and communicate impact on budget and timeline
  10. Provide detailed time and cost estimates to clients and negotiate mutually beneficial cost and delivery details
  11. Monitor translation progress in cooperation with clients and service providers and report on the progress of translation projects
  12. Ensure all documents and reference materials are correctly identified and distributed
  13. Undertake translation-related assignments at the request of Management
  14. Produce monthly reports and prepare input for the Department’s KPIs.



  1. Engage with requesting units to agree on deliverables, key expectations and service level agreements
  2. Engage with internal and external service providers to monitor progress, identify issues and resolve them
  3. Drive innovation, by introducing and promoting new approaches to document control and management activities across the Department
  4. Engage with the Office of the Secretary General to meet Board expectations on document distribution.

Director, Human Capital, Youth and Skills Development (AHHD)

Tue, 08/10/2019 - 00:00

The Director of the Human Capital, Youth and Skills Development Department, under the oversight of the Vice-President for Agriculture, Human, and Social Development Complex, manages staff of the Department and plans, organizes, supervises and directs the work to ensure efficient and effective Bank Group assistance. Specifically, the Director:

  1. Leads, supervises and carries out the strategic direction of the two Divisions as well as the initiatives hosted within the Department; evaluates their performance; and promotes and organizes team work among them to achieve the objectives of the Department.
  2. Determines and manages the human and financial resource requirements of the Department; participates in the selection of staff, allocates and provides management support to the staff and facilitates their full performance in technical work; determines the staff's training and career development needs; approves their annual performance evaluation; and resolves serious staff disputes/complaints.
  3. Oversees the programmatic/administrative tasks necessary for the functioning of the Department, including preparation of budgets, reporting on the Department’s performance, evaluation of staff performance; recruits staff, taking due account institutional values; and manages, guides, develops and trains staff under his/her supervision.
  4. Leads and coordinates the work programme of the Department, determining priorities, and allocating resources for the timely delivery of outputs; fosters teamwork and communication among staff in the Department and across organizational boundaries; implements the work programme of the Department; Oversees the management of activities undertaken; and ensures that the key performance indicators set for the Department are met.
  5. Participates in and/or chairs meetings for the Departmental Management Team, Inter-Departmental Working Groups, donor and partner meetings related to the initiatives and trust funds under the Human Capital, Youth and Skills Development Department and other meetings related to the work of the Department.
  6. Provides expertise and leadership in the development and review of Bank Group's policies, rules, regulations, norms and standards especially related to human and social development; and ensures their implementation in the Department; promotes and ensures the professional quality of the documents produced by the staff of the Department.
  7. Provides advice to the Vice President and the President of the Bank on Jobs for Youth, human capital development and health matters and defends before the Board papers originating from the Department.
  8. Develops and maintains cooperation and co-financing relations with the other development agencies and organizations; Leads important and sensitive missions to the member countries and partner organizations and agencies; Represents the Bank Group in major international conferences and meetings especially on human and social development.
  9. Performs other duties assigned by the Vice President

Head of Cyber Risk Unit, CHSA

Tue, 08/10/2019 - 00:00

The areas of responsibility for the head of the unit are the following categories:

  • Governance & strategy: Making sure all of the above initiatives run smoothly and get the funding they need — and that corporate leadership understands their importance
  • Security operations: Real-time analysis of immediate threats, and triage when something goes wrong
  • Cyber risk and cyber intelligence: Keeping abreast of developing security threats, and helping the board understand potential security problems that might arise from acquisitions or other big business moves
  • Data loss and fraud prevention: Making sure internal staff doesn't misuse or steal data
  • Security architecture: Planning, buying, and rolling out security hardware and software, and making sure IT and network infrastructure is designed with best security practices in mind
  • Identity and access management: Ensuring that only authorized people have access to restricted data and systems
  • Program management: Keeping ahead of security needs by implementing programs or projects that mitigate risks
  • Investigations and forensics: Determining what went wrong in a breach, dealing with those responsible if they're internal, and planning to avoid repeats of the same crisis


The incumbent’s duties will include the following:

1. Ownership of the information security compliance vision, strategy and assurance including:

  • Strategic planning for Cyber Security Risk Management at the Bank, including situation assessment, vision and mission, objectives, road maps for short, medium, and long terms.
  • Evaluation and interpretation for AFDB of industry best practices (NIST, ISO, SANS, COBIT, CERT) and compliance requirements (Legislative, Regulatory).
  • As appropriate - ownership, sponsorship, management, support and supervision of information security assessments, audits and ongoing monitoring.
  • Information security threat and vulnerability management, incident reporting, event management, event investigation and analysis.
  • Ownership of the information security project portfolio, including developing new or improved capabilities and addressing areas for needed remediation.
  • Overall stewardship and sponsorship for AfDB Enterprise IT Risk management strategy.

2. Strategic planning, Risk management plan and actions

  • Develop enterprise cyber security risk management strategy to address short term, medium term, and long term needs.
  • Design, develop and maintain Enterprise Information Security Architecture (EISA) by aligning business processes, IT software and hardware, local and wide area networks, people, operations, and projects with the organization’s overall security strategy
  • Perform external analysis of the organization (e.g., analysis of customers, competitors, markets and industry environment) and internal analysis (risk management, organizational capabilities, performance measurement etc.) and utilize them to align information security program with organization’s objectives
  • Identify and consult with key stakeholders to ensure understanding of organization’s objectives
  • Define a forward-looking, visionary and innovative strategic plan for the role of the information security program with clear goals, objectives and targets that support the operational needs of the organization

3. Business Engagement

  • Engage with business leaders on risk matters ranging from policy and governance to security risk operations.
  • Provide active expert level support to bank’s ICT and business project team to ensure on target, on time and on budget delivery of the projects to meet business needs.
  • AFDB has adopted a “Cloud first” strategy. Cloud-based platforms and software-as-a-service (“SaaS”) are widely used by IT and business units at the Bank. The incumbent will lead the unit to develop a cloud security strategy and be accountable for the implementation of the strategy.
  • Provide administrative and tracking actions to the Vice President CHVP, while interfacing with the Business Continuity Unit, the Physical Security Unit, the Information Technology Department, the Operational Risk Team and the Group Chief Risk Officer.
  • Lead and ensure coordination and consensus with other Bank teams to align processes and procedures to ensure a common approach to cyber risk management activities.

4. Lead Cyber Security Technology innovation at the Bank and provider highest level expertise advisory services to the senior management

5. Ensure all processes and access are in line with Bank policies.

6. Support internal and external audits.

7. Manage multiple projects with broad scope, ambiguity, and high degree of difficulty.

8. Maintain an advanced knowledge of all cyber risk principles, technologies and elements.

9. Understand the Bank global program structure, operations and support the High 5 strategy.

Senior Financial Management Officer, SNFI4

Tue, 08/10/2019 - 00:00

Under the oversight and guidance of the Division Manager, Financial Management, the Senior Financial Management Officer will:

  1. Take a proactive role in assessing the adequacy of the Borrower’s project financial management systems and their ability to manage and monitor Bank financed projects. This includes budgeting, internal control, treasury management, accounting, financial reporting and external auditing;
  2. Attend negotiations and ensure Financial Management issues are taken into account in the loan/grant agreements and other associated documentations;
  3. Participate in project/program launching missions to assist the project/program team in developing capacity building of the Executing Agencies in the area of financial management;
  4. Carry out supervision work to ensure that projects financial management systems are functioning appropriately, including the periodic review of project financial management reports for financial performance;
  5. Review audited financial statements received, monitor the Borrower's compliance with financial covenants including audit compliance, ensure adequate communication with the Borrower and the project implementing agencies with respect to audits and advise as appropriate;
  6. Provide advice and support to Borrowers and the Bank Project Teams on matters affecting financial management and disbursement on capacity building in projects and with public sector accountability institutions;
  7. Provide financial management guidance for the development of technical assistance programs and evaluate and monitor their implementation;
  8. Assess the selection and recruitment of external independent auditors, ensuring their suitability including their independence, and competence to perform;
  9. Play an active role in Country Portfolio Performance Reviews (CPPRs) /Country Strategy Paper (CSPs) from the financial management perspective and draft the FM sections of the CPPR/CSP report;
  10. In collaboration with other colleagues, undertake Public Financial Management diagnostic reviews;
  11. Undertake Financial Management Capacity building in Regional Member Countries and sector departments in the Bank;
  12. Participate in fiduciary clinics;
  13. Participate in donor coordination meetings within the region and in country dialogue platforms between the country and the donors on the basis of the overall Bank’s strategy to support aid effectiveness; and
  14. Undertake other activities, as appropriate, as requested by the Manager, Financial Management.

Chief Resource Mobilization Officer, FIRM1

Fri, 04/10/2019 - 00:00

Under the supervision and guidance of the Division Manager, the Chief Resource Mobilization Officer will:

  1. Take a leadership role in the organization and coordination of the ADF replenishment and mid-term review processes, including the management of relationships with ADF Deputies, as well as contributing to discussions, papers, presentations on the ADF’s financial and related issues (e.g., the long-term financial sustainability and capacity of the ADF, alternative sources of funding, innovative instruments, etc.);
  2. Take a leadership role and/or contribute to the monitoring and reporting on the utilization of the different ADF resource envelopes, in collaboration with the other relevant departments;
  3. Take a leadership role in working with other units in the Bank to maintain and regularly updating of the Bank’s HIPC and MDRI dossiers and related debt issues as well as arrears; leading the drafting support of periodic reports on RMCs’ sovereign debts, debt sustainability, and debt management, including those in response to requests from management, MDBs or donors.
  4. Lead and/or contribute to the development of strategic options for positioning the Bank Group in the global aid architecture, mobilizing and deploying its resources, by contributing to the planning, conceptualization, elaboration and presentation of the Bank Group key resource mobilization and negotiation documents;
  5. Play a key role in coordinating resource mobilization through co-financing, trust funds, special initiatives and any other innovative partnership mechanisms; while also promoting the utilization of mobilized resources by user Departments, monitoring their disbursement, and preparing progress reports/financial reports to the respective Donors;
  6. Contribute and/or participate in the organization of regular internal and external outreach events for the benefit of staff, clients and other stakeholders, to explain the activities of the different funds and key drivers of the allocation system;
  7. Organize business development and strategic initiatives consultations and meetings with key sovereign partners; and effectively monitor the implementation progress of any existing or new partnership agreements formalized with those partners;
  8. Organize high-level partnerships events and forums involving the Board Members, Senior Management and external partners;
  9. Provide internal stakeholders with regular information and analysis of development partner funding priorities to strengthen opportunities for target fundraising and facilitate the coordination and collaboration between Bank Group business units;
  10. Help organize and lead key Multilateral Development Bank (MDB) meetings and working groups of important donors and international meetings, as required;
  11. Contribute to the effective collaboration with other departments and complexes; and
  12. Help mentor junior team members.

Chief Accountability Officer, Corporate Performance and Accountability Division, SNDR1

Fri, 04/10/2019 - 00:00

Under the supervision and guidance of the Manager, Corporate Performance and Accountability, the Chief Accountability Officer will:

  1. Develop and implement an efficient process to coordinate quality and timely management responses to evaluations.
  2. Develop, update and disseminate specific guidelines to produce quality and timely management responses.
  3. Review independent and external evaluations; coordinate with Management, Sector Departments and the Independent Evaluation Department, to prepare the Management’s responses to these evaluations.
  4. Coordinate and provide inputs, on behalf of Management to the Board Agenda.
  5. Provide guidance and extensive inputs in the preparation of Management responses.
  6. Manage and coordinate the Management Action Record System.
  7. Produce an annual report to the Board on the implementation of commitments made by Management in response to these evaluations.
  8. Contribute to the Bank-wide work for consolidating and updating the Bank Group’s Results Measurement Framework and including the development of appropriate metrics;
  9. Regularly engage with the Board of Directors on progress in implementing the Bank’s mandate and addressing challenges and corporate priorities.
  10. Proactively respond to emerging performance or strategic issues affecting the Bank and coordinate the development of a corporate response;
  11. Lead analytical work to formulate recommendation and policy advice for addressing operational challenges in improving the Bank’s performance and accountability.
  12. Establish and maintain strong working relationships with other Bank Departments and build networks with professionals from other development organisations to learn their practices and processes.
  13. Participate in relevant internal and external meetings and promote the work of the Bank through presentations and papers.
  14. Contribute to the Division’s and Department’s work programme as required.
  15. Commission and supervise work of consultants or contractors as required.

Senior Water and Sanitation Engineer, RDGE2

Thu, 03/10/2019 - 00:00

Under the overall supervision of the managers for RDGE2, the Country Office and AHWS2, the incumbent will be responsible for the following:

A: Programming of Sector Priorities with Reference to Infrastructure

  • Provide technical advice/assistance to RMCs for the development of their water and sanitation sector (WSS):
  • Assist RMCs in identifying institutional capacity building and reform requirements, human resources development needs;
  • Assist RMCs in policy development and review and provide guidance in sectoral development planning;
  • Promote stakeholder participation in sectoral activities: local authorities, private sector, communities and community-based organizations (CBOs), and NGOs.
  • Contribute to the formulation of the Bank Group Water and Sanitation Sector policy and provide technical advice/guidance in implementation and monitoring compliance of the policy.

B. Identification, Preparation and Appraisal of Water and Sanitation Projects / Programs

  • Prepare water supply and sanitation projects/programs
  • Review relevant documents on the WSS sector in RMCs;
  • Lead/participate in field identification missions to RMCs, discuss needs, policies and strategies with relevant officials of RMCs;
  • Assist RMCs to prepare water supply and sanitation projects/programs;
  • Prepare and update project/program briefs and project /program matrices
  • Ensure project compliance with Bank Group acceptance criteria.
  • Check to ensure that projects conform with RMCs policies, priorities and development plans as well as with Bank Group policies and priorities;
  • Ensure that projects/programs are conceptually, technically and environmentally sound; prepare cost estimates;
  • Suggest possible financing arrangements;
  • Determine capacity of RMC to operate and maintain the completed project and propose solutions.
  • Ensure inclusion of proposed studies and projects in the pipeline of projects and Lending Program.
  • Contribute to preparing studies and projects for Bank Group financing
  • Lead or support missions to prepare Terms of Reference (TOR) of studies;
  • Provide guidance to relevant RMC officials for the preparation of TOR of the studies;
  • Propose implementation and project financing, and collaborate in arranging co-financing of projects to leverage resources when necessary;
  • Prepare mission reports and aide memoires.
  • Appraise projects and process for Bank Group financing
  • Lead/participate in multidisciplinary appraisal missions to RMCs to carry out technical, financial, economic, institutional, social and environmental appraisal of proposed projects;
  • Prepare Back to Office Reports and Appraisal Reports;
  • Lead/participate in joint field missions with co-financiers for co-financed projects.

C. Loan Processing, Project/Program Implementation and Supervision

  • Process projects for Bank Group financing
  • Process TORs of studies and Appraisal Reports of projects/programs with President’s Memoranda through Internal, Inter-Departmental Working Groups and Loans Committees to the Board of Directors for loan/grant approval;
  • Organize and participate in loan negotiations and arrange loan signature;
  • Collaborate with the Legal Department in preparation of loan agreements;
  • Monitor the process of loan effectiveness and ensure the RMCs meet the conditions for loan effectiveness;
  • Collaborate with other Divisions and Departments in the administration of Bank Group loans.
  • Monitor implementation of studies/projects through desk reviews and field missions
  • Ensure studies and projects are implemented in accordance with TORs and contracts, and within time and budgetary allocations;
  • Review progress reports and all other reports related to the project including inception reports, final reports, detailed designs, etc.;
  • Conduct regular field supervision and follow-up missions to RMCs to review progress in the field and resolve implementation problems;
  • Ensure compliance with general and specific conditions of loans and grants.
  • Monitor compliance of RMCs to Bank Group procurement procedures
  • Review bidding documents to ensure that they are in accordance with Bank Group rules of procurement of goods and works, and rules of procurement of consultancy services;
  • Review and analyze bid evaluation reports to ensure that RMCs procure works and services in accordance with the agreed procedures with the Bank Group;
  • Review RMC requests for special procurement methods Bank’s procurement units;
  • Monitor RMCs to ensure that the necessary bonds and guarantees are received from contractors and those contracts are in accordance with the requirements.
  • Carry out Project Completion Report (PCR) preparation
    • Ensure RMC preparation of PCR in close collaboration with the Borrower;
    • Lead/participate in missions to RMCs to ascertain project completion and its being operational;
    • Carry out technical, financial, institutional, social and environmental evaluation of the completed projects.
  • Identify and coordinate the needs for co-financing water projects/programs and initiate proposals for funding by:
    • Operationalizing an integrated approach to water sector investment;
    • Monitoring and reviewing water sector aid programs of other donor agencies in specific regional member country and determining financing gaps;
    • Representing the Bank/Department at national and international water related meetings.
  • Perform other related administrative or technical duties by:
    • Drafting responses for the Manager’s or Director General’s signature on water related issues;
    • Attending Working Groups, Loans Committee, Loan Negotiations and Board meetings;
    • Providing support to the manager in coaching staff in the division in areas related to project development, supervision, and oversight including responding to government and project implementation entities requests for non-objection and other approvals.
  • Liaise with other multilateral and bilateral institutions (such as: World Bank, UNESCO, UNICEF and regional institutions - AU, EAC, etc.) in the context of the Bank’s operations, and represent the Bank in Sector Donor Group meetings in the country.
  • Represent the Bank at seminars and conferences related to water and social sector activities.


Senior Private Sector Development Officer, PISA

Fri, 20/09/2019 - 00:00

Under the overall guidance and direct supervision of the Chief Policy Economist, the Senior Private Sector Development Specialist will perform the following, but not limited to:

  1. Prepare economic sector work and private sector diagnostics in assigned countries
  2. Prepare policy notes, reform action plans following economic analysis
  3. Participate in policy dialogue with government officials, business associations, private businesses, and other relevant stakeholders that would result in priority actions
  4. Prepare public projects to address priority action plans agreed during the policy dialogue
  5. Lead projects through the project approval process of the Bank
  6. Seek funding from trust funds or donor countries as necessary
  7. Support the implementation of projects in collaboration with the country office and other relevant units of the Bank.
  8. Identify, contract and manage expert consultants as needed to leverage the work of the team
  9. Participate in Bank wide working groups as necessary
  10. Represent the Bank in international conferences and workshops related to PSD

Short term staff – security agent, PSEC

Tue, 17/09/2019 - 00:00

Under the Supervision of the Head Of Security Unit, the Security Agent will perform the following:

  1. Follow up and control the work delivered by the contracted guards and firemen
  2. Take all incoming calls on the Bank’s emergency security numbers
  3. Keep a daily incidents/events logbook and provide a daily situation report to the supervisor
  4. Take initiatives to respond efficiently to security situations occurring in the Bank’s office buildings
  5. Liaise with external partners to provide assistance to staff in distress outside the Bank’s facilities (police, medical services, fire department, contracted Rapid Reaction forces)
  6. Inform immediately their supervisor whenever a situation needs to be escalated to a more senior level in the structure – using phone and/or the Bank’s VHF/UHF communication system
  7. Whenever required, move rapidly to the location of an incident to provide direct support and assistance to staff and to coordinate the action of external partners on the ground

Results Analyst, SNDR1

Mon, 16/09/2019 - 00:00

Under the supervision and guidance of the Division Manager, the Results Analyst will:

  1. Consolidate the Result Measurement Framework data set; review the available documentation, including Project Appraisal Reports and Project Completion Reports and data from a broad range of sources (e.g. SAP, private sector database, etc...).
  2. Provide assistance in the preparation of the Annual Development Effectiveness Reviews by collecting data, performing due-diligence, undertaking data analysis; support the preparation of other reports as needed, including data analysis for the African Development Fund and countries in fragile situations.
  3. Maintain the Management Action Record System and production of the Flashlight reports tracking Management actions committed in response to evaluations.
  4. Support relevant departments to improve the collection of relevant results data. Take actions to fill missing information, including proposals for appropriate methodologies and interact with Task Managers where no documentation is available.
  5. Take a leading role in data quality check regarding theResult Measurement Framework, ensuring data consistency, reliability and robustness; ensure gender disaggregated data are properly reported.
  6. Support the implementation of the Result Reporting System, including data-entry, testing, etc..
  7. Analyze, categorize and establish patterns, trends and correlations and make projections based on a clear set of assumptions.
  8. Support the work of Division as required.

Senior Rural Infrastructure Engineer, RDGS2

Wed, 11/09/2019 - 00:00

Under the direct supervision of the Regional sector manager, Agriculture and Human development (RDGS2), the Country manager, and working closely with other Task Managers in the Agriculture and Agro-Industry Department, the Agriculture Finance and Rural Development Department, the Industry and Trade Development Department, etc., and with external stakeholders, the Senior Rural Infrastructure Engineer’s role includes but is not limited to the following:

  1. Undertake analytical work and provide technical guidance in the area of rural infrastructure and water resources, focusing on agriculture, water and agriculture infrastructure development, and advice on how to ensure sustainability of benefits of Bank-financed agricultural projects and programs in Madagascar.
  2. Identify opportunities for strategic collaboration with multilateral and bilateral donors in support of the agriculture sector in Madagascar, to increase the advantage effects of ADB’s loan and grant operations.
  3. Support RDGS in all rural infrastructure engineering and agriculture-related activities, including project design, preparation implementation and supervision, and co-ordination with other stakeholders within the Bank as well as other donors and development partners.
  4. Contribute to the preparation of Country Strategy Papers, with particular reference to rural roads, water resources, and agriculture infrastructure development.
  5. Participate in the relevant sector donor-coordination meetings, sector wide approaches, and advise on sector policy issues.
  6. Assist where required in the development of the Bank’s policies, procedures and guidelines, and ensure their application.
  7. Provide expert advice and guidance to officials of executing agencies on sector issues and priorities, technical and operational aspects of projects, and Bank rules and procedures, including those for the procurement of works, goods and services, and disbursement activities.
  8. Provide active support to Government in facilitating loans/grants effectiveness and advise the Government on agricultural portfolio management in the country.
  9. Assist country officials and implementing agencies in carrying out procurement and disbursement activities in accordance with Bank Group rules and procedures.
  10. Assist Government and implementation agencies in the utilization of revolving funds and preparation of quarterly reports and annual audit reports.
  11. Provide inputs in the review of tender evaluation reports and undertake the evaluation of technical and financial proposals for contracts relating to project implementation.
  12. Ascertain good performance of operations through regular supervision of portfolio operations, technical guidance and training of Borrowers on compliance with the Bank’s rules of procedure, monitor the agricultural portfolio in the country in addition to a supervision mission;
  13. Collaborate with other Banks’ Units in reviewing the operations performance, preparing completion reports, etc., so as to ensure that the lessons drawn from the implementation of past operations are taken into account in new projects.
  14. Undertake any other duties as may be assigned by the Regional sector manager and Country manager.

Chief Staff Integrity Investigation Officer, PIAC2

Thu, 05/09/2019 - 00:00

The key duties and responsibilities of the Chief Staff Integrity Investigation Officer are to:

  • Conduct and lead Investigation Teams in investigations into allegations of misconduct involving staff members of the Bank which are not related to fraud, corruption, coercion, collusion obstructive practices, or the offering receiving or soliciting of bribes, kickbacks or other personal benefits either in kind or otherwise in connection with Bank Group Financed or supported activities or any other Sanctionable Practice;
  • Review and analyze allegations and whistleblowing information to determine relevancy and reliability, conduct sensitive interviews and other investigative research activities;
  • Analyse and prioritize new allegations and whistle-blower information and assist in controlling and tracking allegations, investigations and findings;
  • Conduct data-mining and analysis of Bank Group’s databases and systems to support investigation activities;
  • Develop appropriate processes and investigation tools including a case management system and ensure compliance with chain of custody procedures, maintain case records, archives, testimonies and evidence;
  • Develop and update internal manual of investigation procedures which sets out how to investigate misconduct in the Bank;
  • Plan investigations and determine investigation objectives, scope, criteria, methodology to be used as well as staff and budget resources required to accomplish the assignment;
  • Make decisions that are ethically based, transparent and take into account due process;
  • Supervise fieldwork, control evidence and data collection and review documents and information gathered in the course of an investigation to ensure that investigation objectives are achieved; evidence protected and adequately support the findings, conclusions and recommendations of the investigation;
  • Assist in supervising outsourced investigation assignments and ensuring appropriate deadlines and processes for work products of the highest standards;
  • Provide leadership to staff in a group investigation and assist in evaluating work-load, quality assurance as well as take responsibility for the outcomes of the team’s investigations;
  • Provide statistical analyses of both on-going and completed investigations into staff misconduct cases and providing regular tracking to the Division Manager PIAC.2;
  • Prepare Investigation Reports relating to investigative findings, discuss and defend the findings, conclusions and recommendations;
  • Prepare, review and edit required written outputs of the highest quality with logical and clear presentations of investigative findings;
  • Contribute in conjunction with the Division Managers in PIAC.1 and PIAC.2 to the prevention efforts in the Bank including staff awareness in staff misconduct related matters;
  • Review the results of preliminary inquiries to determine availability of sufficient evidence of wrongful conduct or irregularity to warrant comprehensive investigation;
  • Conduct specially sensitive and complex interviews and investigations;
  • Prepare Management Implication Reports resulting from internal control weaknesses giving rise to the occurrence of an investigative event;
  • Monitor the implementation of investigation recommendations to prevent reoccurrence of such irregularities and safeguard the assets and image of the Bank;
  • Prepare Quarterly Activity Reports containing the status of allegations, preliminary reviews and assignment progress for the attention of the Manager PIAC.2;
  • Participate in the preparation and representation of PIAC at Board hearings;
  • Prepare the Division’s reports on misconduct and contribute to the preparation of the Work Program and Budget, and Annual Reports of the Department;
  • Contribute to PIAC’s program development, policy and strategy formulation and updating;
  • Liaise with sister institutions on information exchange and harmonization activities and collaborate in multilateral efforts to mitigate the risks of misconduct in Bank activities.
  • Contribute to special initiatives/projects and undertake other ad hoc assignments upon request by the Manager or Director