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Driver, RDGN

Vacancies - African Development Bank - Thu, 22/10/2020 - 23:12

Under the overall supervision of the Country Manager and the day-to-day supervision of the Administrative Officer of the Country Office, the incumbent will be responsible for the following:

  • Support the Operations with focus to the Office staff, visiting missions and official delegation of the Office on official duties, within Egypt as and when required;
  • Transport the Country Manager or as otherwise assigned in the conduct of the Bank’s operations;
  • Ensure routine maintenance for the vehicles of the Office;
  • Perform office messenger duties;
  • Represent the Bank in a professional manner with respect to appearance and conduct at all times;
  • Ensure the cleaning of the vehicles, keep records of official travel, daily mileage, fuel consumption, oil changes, lubrication etc.;
  • Ensure that the formalities provided for in the regulations are met in the event of an accident;
  • Perform any other duties reasonably requested by the Country Manager and management.

Principal Business Solution Development Officer, CHIS1

Vacancies - African Development Bank - Wed, 21/10/2020 - 20:33

Under the supervision of the Chief Business Solution Development and /or the Division Manager of CHIS.1, the Principal Solution Development Officer will undertake the following key functions:

  1. Work closely with the Project Management Office and CHIS Management by providing information for business cases, programs and project programming, in line with the Bank’s strategy and IT strategy.
  2. Effectively supervise the team of developers for data-driven application, Business Intelligence (B.I) and Reporting to implement and maintain systems and data solutions
  3. Coordinate with the database team, infrastructure team, the SAP team to manage AFDB data warehouse and relational database such as SAP BW, SQL databases, ETL systems
  4. Analyze, prioritize, develop, test, deploy, maintain and document effective Business Solutions
  5. Effectively apply IT security rules in his day to day activities, while ensuring compliance to these policies
  6. Provide deep technical expertise in the area data management, Big data, data lake and other top- notch data warehouse systems; such as Bank owned proprietary and non-proprietary data systems while leading the development and implementation and configuration with internal developers, consultants or external providers.
  7. Knowledge of SAP BW-Hana, data services, SAP BI/BO is a plus
  8. Ensure the source code and other standard configurations are properly archived in the Bank’s source code management systems.
  9. Prepare test plans and follows up tests, including coordination of technical tests and user acceptance tests.
  10. Ensure all information are provided for deploying software/ systems into production; this include all information necessary for approval by the Change Advisory Board, all technical configuration required for system engineers and Database Administrators (DBAs), documents for user support specialists and user signoff.
  11. Participate in system enhancement, upgrade and/or new functionality assessments. Keep abreast of new software releases, enhancements/new functionality and perform application research.
  12. Prepare or coordinates documentation writing, including user documentation and technical documentation. Ensures the documentation is properly archived.
  13. Guide and give advice to junior IT staff and makes recommendation for management in technical expertise area.
  14. Manage communication on new Governance, Standards, methodologies and tools to adequate public and train them for the use of applicable components to ensure these are adhered to.

Mail Services Assistant, CHGS3

Vacancies - African Development Bank - Mon, 19/10/2020 - 17:06

Under the supervision of Principal Logistics Officer or his delegated officials, the incumbent’s role include but not limited to:

  1. Ensuring postal and / or courier activities support and strengthen the strategic objectives of the overall organization
  2. Preparing the team’s work program,
  3. Assigning work to team members.
  4. Arranging for courier distribution to internal customers.
  5. Providing technical guidance on work problems and exercising supervision over team members;
  6. Implement contracts in works at Headquarters (Express mail, ordinary mail & parcels, hiring of staff for distribution of mail)
  7. Preparing TORs for postal and courier services in consultation with the procurement division,
  8. Preparing for the consideration of the Division Manager budgets for mail services.
  9. Assisting in setting rules and procedures for courier and mail services within the Bank
  10. Design mail follow-up and distribution solution in liaison with the IT department.
  11. Producing activity reports.
  12. Maintaining records.
  13. Liaising with external parties such as Express Courier Companies regarding movement of Bank mail.
  14. Planning, describing, arranging, explaining and confirming movement of all Bank mails.
  15. Working with authorized courier companies, complexes, departments, and units to resolve technical issues that may arise particularly related to movement of mail within and beyond the Bank.
  16. Performing other related duties when necessary.

AFAWA Officer - Affirmative Finance Action for Women in Africa (AFAWA), AHGC0

Vacancies - African Development Bank - Fri, 16/10/2020 - 17:48

The Principal AFAWA Officer under the oversight of the AFAWA Coordinator (AHGC.0), will perform the following duties and have the following responsibilities:

Business Development

  • Working closely with the Private Sector Finance Department and other relevant Bank departments, organize/participate in business development missions through market analyses and meetings with existing and potential clients to identify potential areas for AFAWA support to increase access to financial services for women in East Africa. This will include pipeline identification and participation in client due diligence and appraisal, identification of technical assistance and capacity building support
  • Prepare AFAWA TA pitch books and project proposals approval reports including project objectives, scope of work, key deliverables, timelines, budget and expected outcomes and impacts with input from the client and relevant Bank Departments
  • Work closely with the AFAWA Coordinator on enhancing the ability of key partners such as the African Guarantee Fund in implementing some of AFAWA’s major initiative (i.e. the AFAWA Guarantee for Growth Program)
  • Participate in drafting donor proposals and securing funding for AFAWA programs as needed.
  • Work closely with Digital Financial Services to design and implement projects to facilitate women-owned SME’s access to digital finance and the digital economy.
  • Contribute to tools and standards to further enhance the Bank’s ability to deliver strong and impactful access to finance and markets programs for women entrepreneurs on the continent.

Design Implementation and Quality Assurance

  • Participate in the review of both lending and non-lending projects within the ambit of the AFAWA Program, strengthen the provision of operational inputs for the mainstreaming of AFAWA key performance indicators, including the identification of women entrepreneurship indicators and development outcomes and specific technical assistance activities.
  • Work closely with the Gender, Women and Civil Society Department, as well as the Financial Sector, Private Sector and other Sector Departments (notably the Agriculture Finance and Rural Development Department), to harmonize the integration of AFAWA in Bank’s operations
  • Provide market intelligence on the women’s market and business case for investing in women; recommend innovative and operational products/toolkits with the aim of addressing adequately the challenges women entrepreneurs face in accessing finance and markets and achieve the objective of AFAWA.
  • Have overall responsibility for project AFAWA technical assistance and capacity building design at client level, including scope of work definition, timeline and budget setting, outcome target setting, stakeholder identification and mapping, terms of Reference development including procurement of experts and coordination essential to the implementation of AFAWA projects.
  • Manage client relations through open and regular communications to assess progress and satisfaction; anticipate and respond to client needs
  • Prepare and draft internal and external project documents and reports e.g., project documents, mission reports, project supervision and completion documents
  • Monitor and review project implementation, scope of work and resources deployed, to ensure project qualitative and quantitative milestones are achieved, and corrective actions taken when necessary, provide project updates for internal and external audiences
  • Meet with clients on a regular basis to assess project progress; continually anticipate and respond to client needs to ensure client satisfaction
  • Supervise consultant work to ensure high quality and on-time delivery of work program
  • Contribute to research and knowledge management events and publications
  • Perform analysis of client-related data and information to derive insights
  • Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Director General, RDGS0

Vacancies - African Development Bank - Wed, 14/10/2020 - 19:53

The African Development Bank has rolled out a new development and business delivery model in order to bring its operations closer to its clients; grow its portfolios from sovereign and private sector operations; and expand the revenue of the Bank. This model will enable the Bank to better deploy high quality knowledge and advisory services, and, most importantly, to accelerate its developmental impacts across Africa.

The Bank has established five (5) regional development and business delivery offices, with one in each region of Africa: North, South, East, West, and Central.

The Directors General will drive and ensure the operational efficiency, effectiveness and overall health of the Bank's portfolio across his/her region to achieve significant developmental impacts. The Director General will oversee the full implementation and integration of all aspects of the Bank's work in that region. S/he will spearhead regional business development and investment, driving resource mobilization across the countries under his/her remit and growing significantly the business of the Bank. S/he will work closely with Sector Vice Presidents and Directors to deliver on the Bank's program in the region to achieve transformational development impacts. The regional Director General will collaborate with internal and external partners to accelerate private sector investments through the development and implementation of the African Investment Forum, amongst other initiatives.

Additional objectives include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Advancing regional integration through the development and execution of major regional infrastructure and development projects and by supporting Regional Economic Communities.
  • Strengthening the human and institutional capacities of countries and deepening the capacity of the Bank to become the thought leader on knowledge products and advisory services to countries.
  • Building effective collaboration with bilateral and multilateral finance and development institutions to ramp up co-financing and loan syndications.
  • Developing and deploying special programs and advisory services to support fragile states.

The Director General will operationalize his/her mandate by undertaking the following:

  • Building a team of highly talented and motivated technical and operational staff, drawn from all sector complexes. This will enable the Bank to improve the quality of all projects and deliver high- quality portfolios to meet the needs of regional member countries and the private sector.
  • Supporting countries in the development of country strategy papers and regional integration strategies that will drive country ownership and accelerated delivery on all "high-five" priorities of the Bank.
  • Developing critical resources and the technical capability necessary for sourcing and originating bankable projects. This will include collaboration with the private sector on projects with regional social impacts.
  • Ensuring efficient and effective project completion by streamlining and speeding up internal processes, enhancing operational efficiencies, and driving accelerated disbursements on all approved projects.
  • Driving greater value for money in all operations and ensuring country and regional offices are cost- effective through prudent management of human and financial resources.
  • Fostering a culture of accountability for results across all offices in the respective regions.
  • Cultivating and ensuring a culture of "ONE-Bank", with the highest levels of ethics, fiduciary responsibility and professionalism to protect and enhance the reputation of the Bank.
  • Representing the Bank in the region and building strong partnerships with countries, regional economic communities, and other development partners.

The Director General will report to the Vice President for Regional Development, Integration and Business Delivery.

Principal Quality, Results and Monitoring Officers, SNOQ.2

Vacancies - African Development Bank - Wed, 14/10/2020 - 19:38

The expected outcomes of the Principal Quality, Results and Monitoring Officer role are to (i) improve compliance with corporate reporting standards; (ii) improve the quality and effectiveness of monitoring in the region; (iii) contribute to improved quality and effectiveness of Bank operations in the region.

Specifically, Principal Quality, Results and Monitoring Officers support quality and compliance through the following duties:

For sovereign and non-sovereign operations:

  • Provide advice to task teams to develop robust projects’ results based logical frameworks

(RBLFs) in accordance with the Bank’s guidance and international good practice.

  • Provide task teams with advice to strengthen monitoring and evaluation plans for new operations under preparation and appraisal, where necessary.

For sovereign operations specifically:

  • Provide additional arm’s length review of “results readiness” (including RBLFs) for projects under preparation or appraisal in other regions, via the Bank’s readiness review tool.
  • Review a sample of supervision reports for quality and compliance, and especially from a results measurement perspective.
  • Support review of project completion reports of sovereign operations for quality and compliance.

For non-sovereign operations specifically:

  • Where, requested, advise portfolio officers in reviewing a sample of annual supervision reports for quality and compliance, from a results measurement perspective.
  • Where requested, advise portfolio officers in reviewing extended supervision reports (XSRs) as prepared by independent consultants, for quality and compliance, from a results measurement perspective.

At regional and corporate level:

  • Provide advice to country and regional strategy task teams regarding results measurement in development of new country and regional strategies, where necessary.
  • Contribute to enhancing understanding of quality assurance mechanisms and monitoring and results measurement requirements and good practices amongst regional teams, including through contributing to training, compliance reporting and reporting on performance and lessons learned.
  • Contribute to the continuous review and improvement of the Bank’s monitoring and evaluation and quality assurance tools and practices.
  • Participate in delivery of training for project staff in Bank member countries.
  • Act as a focal point on quality assurance, monitoring and evaluation and results measurement, support relevant corporate initiatives and reports, including in relation to the Bank’s Quality Matters campaign, and supporting regional offices to engage effectively with independent evaluations.  

Short Term Staff – Network Assistant - CHIS3

Vacancies - African Development Bank - Wed, 14/10/2020 - 19:11

Under the Supervision of the Chief Network Engineer, the Short-Term Staff (STS)- Network Support Assistant will perform the following:

  1. The Help Desk function, network tickets follow-up and incident resolution
  2. Provide support to users of Network, telecommunications and IT tools.
  3. Ensure Level 1 support regarding network port activation, cabling, and users assistance
  4. Provide technical assistance to the team at Headquarters responsible for the installation, maintenance and support of the Wireless Area Network (WAN),
  5. Ensure Physical installation of network equipment
  6. Ensure the management of all network incidents and service requests are recorded in the ITSM tool.
  7. Investigate and diagnose level 1 network problems, working with users, other staff and suppliers as appropriate.
  8. Maintain auditable records and assist in the preparation and maintenance of other documentation
  9. Monitor bandwidth utilization, and network availability
  10. Provide physical connections to the corporate LAN as required.
  11. Use network management systems software and appropriate analysis equipment to collect routine network load statistics, model performance, and create reports, including proposals for improvement.
  12. Perform any other tasks as required

Principal Legal Counsel – Private Sector Operations Division, PGCL2

Vacancies - African Development Bank - Tue, 13/10/2020 - 19:47

Under the supervision and guidance of the Division Manager, PGCL.2, the Principal Counsel will:

  1. Conduct legal due diligence on proposed transactions such as the review of project documents and agreements (including development or construction contracts, supplier agreements, concession agreements, joint venture agreements, management agreements and shareholders’ agreements etc), constitutive documents of proposed borrowers/investee funds and review of local regulatory requirements;
  2. Liaise and collaborates with staff in the Directorate General Hub, the private sector operations, finance, environmental and social complexes to develop the appropriate terms and conditions of each transaction, ensuring compliance with Bank’s policies;
  3. Participate in project appraisal missions and reviewing project concept notes, project appraisal reports, drafting board resolutions;
  4. Draft and/or review, negotiates and finalizes all legal documentation relevant to the proposed transaction, including term sheets, loan agreements, lines of credit agreements, common terms agreements, guarantee agreements, participation agreements, inter-creditor agreements, security documentation, assignment agreements and information memoranda etc., depending on the nature of the project and the type of financing;  
  5. Advise on transaction structure and documentation for private equity investments by the Bank to ensure compliance with Bank policies and practice as well as applicable laws including drafting and/or reviewing shareholders agreements, partnership agreements, management agreements, co-investment agreements, subscription agreements etc
  6. Provide legal support for the implementation and monitoring of projects after signing and disbursement, including advising on waiver requests, approval requests and project work-outs;
  7. Liaise with co-lenders/investors, partners and external counsel as and when needed; and
  8. Undertake such other assignments as required in furtherance of the mandate of the Private Sector Operations Divisions.
  9. Carry out such other duties as may be assigned by the Division Manager PGCL.2 or the General Counsel.

Principal Business Solution Development Officer, CHIS1

Vacancies - African Development Bank - Tue, 13/10/2020 - 17:50

Under the supervision of the Chief Business Solution Development and /or the Division Manager of CHIS.1, the Principal Solution Development Officer will undertake the following key functions:

  1. Work closely with the Project Management Office and CHIS Management by providing information for business cases, programs and project programming, in line with the Bank’s strategy and IT strategy.
  2. Effectively supervise software development team to implement and maintain business solution and systems.
  3. Analyze, prioritize, develop, test, deploy, maintain and document effective Business Solutions that are fit for purpose.
  4. Effectively apply IT security rules in his/her day to day activities, while ensuring compliance to these policies.
  5. Provide deep technical expertise and lead software development, implementation or configuration with internal developers, consultants or external firms/providers.
  6. Ensure the source code and other standard configurations are properly archived in the Bank’s source code management systems.
  7. Prepare test plans and follows up on testing activities, including coordination of technical tests and user acceptance tests.
  8. Ensure all information are provided for deploying software/ systems into production; this include all information necessary for approval by the Change Advisory Board, all technical configuration required for system engineers and Database Administrators (DBAs), documents for user support specialists and user signoff.
  9. Participate in system enhancement, upgrade and/or new functionality assessments. Keep abreast of new technologies, software releases, enhancements/new functionality and perform application lifecycle management to existing applications.
  10. Prepare or coordinates documentation writing, including user documentation and technical documentation. Ensures the documentation is properly shared and archived.
  11. Guide and give advice to junior IT staff and makes recommendation for management in technical expertise area.
  12. Manage communication on new governance, standards, methodologies and tools to adequate public and train them for the use of applicable components to ensure these are adhered to.

Chief Financial Analyst, FIST.2

Vacancies - African Development Bank - Fri, 09/10/2020 - 15:52


Under the overall supervision and guidance of the Division Manager, the Chief Financial Analyst will perform the following:

1- Balance Sheet Optimization Activities

  • Design balance sheet optimization transactions to assist the Bank with proactive management and preservation of its risk capital in compliance with its prudential limits, including asset sell downs, guarantee structures, reinsurance and risk participations on the Bank’s sovereign and/or non-sovereign portfolio.
  • In collaboration with the Chief Risk Officer, support in the monitoring of the transactions which have been guaranteed/insured to assure compliance with the policy signed with the risk protection seller, and Board expectations.
  • Assist in the calculation and payment of insurance premium, guarantee fees or other compensation payable to risk protection seller to ensure active risk cover at all times during the life of the insured transactions.
  • Scope and build relationships with new potential sovereign or private sector risk mitigation providers able to reinsure/re-guarantee the Bank’s portfolio of assets in the line with the Balance Sheet Optimization Framework, Asset-Liability Management (ALM) and other internal policies.  
  • Engage in reporting on balance sheet optimization activities to internal and external audiences demonstrating strong command of all possible risk transfer instruments, the technical details of each BSO transaction in the portfolio as well as relevant implications in terms of capital preservation, treatment of Preferred Creditor Status, Basel III treatment etc.


2- Development and Marketing of Financial Products

  • Lead the design of new and/or enhanced financial products and their associated operational guidelines (product specification, technical guidelines and implementation modalities), including coordinating feedback from various implicated departments (legal, accounting, risk, financial management etc.).
  • Manage the processing and implementation of new financial products by ensuring cross-departmental buy-in and clearance of the concept proposals through the relevant internal committees including Asset-Liability Management Committee (ALCO) all the way to Board of Directors.
  • Assist operational teams to help resolve important funding or hedging needs, while applying a broad knowledge of international financial markets to ensure high quality outcomes for the Bank and its clients, including new guarantee approaches and/or other risk mitigation financial instruments to meet the changing needs of commercial lenders and institutional investors. 
  • Support the general dissemination and implementation of the Bank’s financial products through training sessions (physical and virtual), e-learning, marketing and communication campaigns, brochures and handbooks, among other communication products.
  • Identify sources of risks in the Bank’s lending and non-loan products and develop processes to assess and mitigate such risks and provide technical support to borrowers in identifying, monitoring and managing risks arising from the implementation of the financial products.
  • Contribute to the development of relevant pricing methodologies for new products and assess their impact on relevant financial, risk management and financial product policies and the long-term financial sustainability of the institution.
  • Monitor the performance of financial products and services, and where necessary, analyze, develop and implement changes to the existing product range to ensure that they continue to adequately meet borrower needs.
  • Share experiences, benchmark and exchange information with similar divisions in other MDBs and keep abreast of financial innovation that can help the Bank’s borrowers. In addition, monitor economic and political trends in the international capital and money markets, and assess their impact on the Bank’s borrowing terms and conditions.


3- Structured Finance, Financial Solutions, Advisory and Technical Support

  • Provide financial technical expertise and advisory services on project teams to support task managers to design appropriate structures and solutions to meet the growing and evolving needs of clients.
  • Participate in upstream preparation/originating, structuring, appraising, negotiating, restructuring and closing of Bank transactions in various sectors utilizing the breadth of available instruments, with a focus on risk mitigation products (e.g. guarantees and hedging).
  • Equip operational staff to assist borrowers in making decisions on the choice of lending or non-lending product(s) and the packaging of loans consistent with their financial and economic circumstances.
  • Contribute to the drafting, review and processing of internal operational documents to be cleared by various due diligence committees including project appraisal reports and summary credit notes.
  • Draft, review and/or negotiate external project documentation, including mandate letters, term sheets, loan and common term agreements in collaboration with legal counsel.  
  • Design structured transactions (partial credit guarantees, securitizations, credit enhancements, and risk sharing facilities) to assist clients mobilize capital from a wide range of investors including possibly local currency via the domestic capital markets, syndicated loan structures or institutional investors.


4 - Local Currency Funding

  • Assist the Treasury Department to issue domestic bonds in African Capital markets and on-lend to projects.
  • Assist the Treasury Department with the internal documentation required to seek approval to designate specific Regional Member Countries’ currencies as approved lending currencies of the Bank to enable the Bank to establish Medium Term Note (MTN) programs in the underlying countries.
  • Lead the development of derivative based local currency funding strategies for Bank projects utilizing cross currency swaps or synthetic derivative structures.


5- Support to the Division Manager

  • Support the Management of the Division with regards to tasks related to staffing and recruitment, budget and internal reporting requirements.
  • Assist and supervise the successful implementation of ad hoc Special Initiatives and on various matters that relate to strategic Bank interventions or taskforces.
  • Participate and represent the Division as a key member of all the Asset and Liability Management Committee working groups and other senior management technical working groups as needed.
  • Mentor Financial Analysts in the Division to understand the full breadth of the Division’s activities and support their personal development by helping to establish knowledge sharing and peer learning programs to keep them abreast of new finance concepts and techniques.


Principal Financial Accountant (FIFC2)

Vacancies - African Development Bank - Fri, 09/10/2020 - 01:50

Under the supervision and guidance of the Division Manager, Administrative Expenses, the Principal Financial Accountant for Administrative Expenses will perform the following:

  1. Manage system development and upgrade activities for the Division. This involves analysing user requirements for enhanced business processes, designing required specifications to enhance SAP applications based on these requirements within the Division’s overall need and objectives and liaising with the IT department to implement same, collect data;
  2. Perform verification of all types of payments and journal vouchers to ensure correctness and proper application of international Accounting Standards in the processing of transactions, except for loan-related and pension payments;
  3. Supervise and effect timely and accurate payments of invoices/expenses related to contractors and vendors, consultants, travel advances and settlements including   prepayments, accruals and provisions to ensure compliance with International Accounting Standards and Bank’s policy and procedures;
  4. Manage the payment proposals process by ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of proposal confirmations to Treasury for disbursement;
  5. Establish procedures and controls to improve service efficiency to identify cost savings and promote the efficient use of Bank resources in the context of decentralisation;
  6. Provide guidance on accounting treatment and classifications of financial transactions to all documents of the Bank;
  7. Monitor payment processing times and ensure that they are complied with at the Division and all country offices and generate appropriate statistics to monitor key performance indicators related to payment requests;
  8. Monitor open items in the SAP system for services rendered but not paid for;
  9. Ensure that general ledger and vendor accounts are regularly analysed, and that required entries are made;
  10. Carry out adequacy checks and analytical review of Administrative Expenses by comparing expenses of one period to another, provide explanations and reports on the discrepancies and information for monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements;
  11. Generate and/or prepare various SAP and other reports and follow-up of outstanding issues with other departments;
  12. Participate in the review and formulation of accounting procedures, policies and practices, drafting proposals or parts thereof and reviewing proposed drafts by other staff members;
  13. Assess best practices of other organisations; analyse their methodologies and procedures and draft thematic papers and recommendations on their adaptability to the Bank's environment;
  14.  Advise Management on methods to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the control environment in the department in particular and the Bank in general;
  15. Represent the Division in relevant Bank-wide working groups;
  16. Monitor the monitoring and implementation of audit recommendations.
  17. Perform any other tasks as required.


Chief Advisory and Compliance Officer, BCRM

Vacancies - African Development Bank - Mon, 05/10/2020 - 21:31

Under the supervision and guidance of the Director, the Chief Advisory and Compliance Officer will:

Advisory Services:

  1. Provide technical advice and support to the Director when providing advisory services to Management.
  2. Prepare draft advisory notes for the Director.
  3. Coordinate with the Director and the IRM Experts to prepare advisory notes reflecting cumulative lessons learned by the IRM from compliance review, problem-solving and spot-check exercises.
  4. Prepare annual planning of advisory work including coordinating input by BCRM staff and IRM Experts.
  5. Coordinate periodic and annual reporting on performance of the IRM advisory work to measure progress of milestones and design actions to enhance performance.
  6. Coordinate preparation of templates for all requests received from Bank staff seeking BCRM independent opinions and advisory services including screening whether the projects subject of these requests involve any complaints handled by BCRM or other Independent Accountability Mechanisms of sister Multilateral Development Banks.
  7. Liaise with the BCRM Outreach, Communication and Knowledge Management Officer in all activities relating to the institutional learning from the BCRM advisory work.
  8. Provide technical support to the Director of BCRM in compiling and analysing projects’ data and consolidating BCRM staff and IRM Experts’ input in preparation of IRM advisory notes.
  9. Supervise staff, consultants, interns, and short-term staff designated to work on advisory work.

Advising, Guiding and Supporting Line Management:

  1. Provide technical support to the Director in all matters pertaining to the IRM activities from assessment, conceptualization to reporting.
  2. Prepare legal and policy interpretations to support the Director’s decisions on Requests as well as other matters pertaining to the IRM activities.
  3. Provide guidance to BCRM staff and ensure quality of their input to BCRM/IRM work program.
  4. Keep the Director informed of key developments pertaining to the IRM work including emerging trends and practices.
  5. Act as the focal point of BCRM pertaining to Bank wide activities including policy updates, staff recruitments or any other exercises determined by the Director.
  6. Provide support to the Director in the recruitment of BCRM staff and the IRM Experts.
  7. Provide support to the Director in the procurement of Consultants.

Implementing the Work Program

  1. Reference will be made to the IRM Rules in the implementation of aforementioned duties and responsibilities.
  2. Advise on and interpret Bank Group operational policies and procedures applicable to the IRM functions.
  3.  Consolidate the IRM work program and report on performance on a quarterly and annual basis.
  4. Coordinate technical aspect of the BCRM work programs and budget administration to identify the needs for resources, skills as well as achievements and slippages of work programs.
  5. Preparing reports on the performance of the work programs, assisting the division of roles among other BCRM staff and supervising the quality of staff input.

IRM Review  

  1. Contribute to overall review of the proposed amendments to the IRM Establishing Resolution and the Operating Rules and Procedures during the quadrennial mandatory reviews of the IRM.
  2. Provide legal opinion to the Director about the review and supporting the Director in planning presentation of recommendations resulting from the review to the Boards of Directors.
  3. Conduct benchmarking analysis with other Independent Accountability Mechanisms (IAMs) to enrich the reviews.
  4. Supervise BCRM staff input to the IRM review assignment to ensure quality and consistency.

Supporting Role

  1. Support problem-solving activities, compliance reviews, spot-check reviews, outreach, capacity building, and knowledge management activities.
  2. Support the BCRM Case Management and Advisory Officer to prepare draft Notice of Registration of Requests/Complaints for consideration by the Director of BCRM.
  3. Draft and provide technical advice in formulation of BCRM internal guidelines.
  4. Represent BCRM in taskforces to update Bank Group policies and procedures, as may be assigned by the Director.

Chief Gender Officer, AHGC1

Vacancies - African Development Bank - Fri, 02/10/2020 - 13:50

Under the general supervision of the Division Manager of Gender and Women Empowerment, the responsibilities of the Chief Gender Officer – include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Coordination and Guidance:
  • Coordinate the gender activities in the Regional Office internally and externally;
  • Provide operational gender guidance to the Regional Office to ensure quality at entry, implementation and exit as well as compliance with Bank’s policies and procedures as well as regional portfolio objectives;
  • Liaise with other Gender Officers to share best practice and harmonize operational gender procedures where relevant.
  1. Development of Key Documents:
  • Advise and develop gender policies, plans of action, strategies, guidelines and any other relevant documents, particularly with regards to country programming and operations and especially regarding the mainstreaming gender in Bank Group operations;
  • Coordinate the development of relevant documents for Board approval (such as policy, plan of action, strategy and gender guidelines);
  1. Project Development:
  • Initiate, conduct and lead policy dialogue with RMCs and key regional stakeholders on gender issues in Bank Group operations;
  • Develop and review Terms of Reference (ToRs) for studies on gender to provide support to Task Managers;
  • Integrate gender considerations in all Bank Group programs and operations;
  1. Integration and Capacity Building:
  • Produce and disseminate technical knowledge and practical tools on gender by leveraging best practices from sister Multilateral Development Banks, and other international organizations such as the UN Women, ECA, UNDP, etc.;
  • Develop training materials and organize training programs for Bank staff and Regional Member Countries’ (RMCs) officials on gender;
  • Organise capacity building and institutional strengthening in Regional Member Countries (RMCs) through workshops, seminars, conferences, field missions and internal, interdepartmental and loans committee meetings
  1. Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Participate in monitoring and evaluation missions and recommend mitigating measures;
  • Monitor progress achieved in relation to integrating gender factors into Bank Group operations;
  • Report on the achievement on gender equality of the Bank and the Regional Office and the progress made by the borrowers on the implementation of gender appropriate measures.
  1. Other tasks:
  • Organize and coordinate events and/or communications activities related to gender equality in the region such as workshops, seminars, conferences, trainings;
  • Represent the Bank at any relevant gender seminars and conferences when required;
  • Liaise with Civil Society Organisations, multilateral, international, regional and any other  relevant institutions for joint activities in the area of gender.

Principal Social Safeguards & Compliance Officer, SNSC

Vacancies - African Development Bank - Thu, 24/09/2020 - 19:07

The Principal Social Safeguards & Compliance Officer’s core duties/responsibilities will include the following :

Mainstreaming of social aspects in operations, including safeguards, gender and social inclusion.  As task team member, he/she will provide support to Task Managers and Borrowers/Clients in identifying, mainstreaming and monitoring social development and safeguard aspects/concerns in Bank-funded operations during the identification, preparation, appraisal, implementation, and completion stages (throughout project lifecycle) through the following:

  1. Provide E&S support to the Bank-funded projects and programmes, for both private and public sectors.
  2. Address social issues in various Bank operations during the identification, preparation, appraisal, supervision and project completion stages.
  3. Assist Borrowers/Clients for the finalization of the Terms of Reference (ToRs) for the preparation of Environmental and Social Assessment (ESA) documentation (SESA, ESIA, ESMF, ESMS, RAP, ES Audit, Hazard and Risk Assessment, etc.) to ensure compliance with the ISS.
  4. Review the ESA documentation submitted by the Borrowers/Clients as of the ISS and other Bank policies’ requirements.
  5. Draft the technical inputs of the E&S sections in Project Concept Notes (PCNs), Project Appraisal Reports (PARs), Project Completion Reports (PCRs) and any other project related report as required.
  6. Draft and/or ameliorate reporting templates for use in implementing and monitoring social aspects and components of projects and programs.
  7. Contribute to the preparation of management responses to reports issued by the Bank independent accountability mechanism, and similar report.
  8. Liaise with co-financiers to ensure consistency in the mainstreaming of environmental safeguard requirements.    

Policy and Compliance with E&S Requirements:

  1. Participate in the formulation, review and/or revision of the Bank environmental and social safeguard policies, procedures and guidelines.
  2. Provide policy guidance to Bank teams on social safeguard issues to enhance their awareness and the capacity of the projects and programmes to comply with the ISS.

Capacity Building and Knowledge Management:

  1. Contribute to the development and implementation of capacity building and training programs for staff within the Bank and in RMCs.
  2. Participate in, contribute and represent the Bank in internal and external trainings and conferences on social safeguards and social development issues as well as other activities for advocacy, dissemination and knowledge building.
  3. Develop and/or contribute to the development of innovative knowledge products on social sustainability, social safeguards and/or the E&S performance of Bank financed projects and programmes. 
  4. Undertake any other task as the Director of the Environment and Social Safeguards and Compliance Department and/or the Regional Director General.

Senior Agricultural/Development Economist, AHFR2

Vacancies - African Development Bank - Thu, 24/09/2020 - 18:31

Under the general supervision of the Division Manager of AHFR.2 and Task Managers, the incumbent (Agricultural/Development Economist) will contribute to the development and implementation of the SAPZs in the Bank’s Regional Member Countries, in providing technical inputs to Bank Group’s operational activities relating to agriculture and rural development, through the review of the technical design and institutional arrangements for agricultural projects/programs in general proposed for Bank’s funding and assessing their feasibility from the perspective of present and future benefits impact. His/her duties include the following:

  1. Undertake professional tasks, to identify, prepare, appraise and/or supervise project implementation and follow-up on Bank financed sector studies, monitor projects procurement and disbursement and reporting systems to ensure that these are consistent with Bank’s rules of procedures; or causing for such missions to be undertaken by co-operating institutions such as FAO, IFAD, BOAD, World Bank;
  2. Participate in the strategy and sector policy development;
  3. Participate in, and provide technical contributions, as required, agricultural sector reviews, agricultural and rural development project formulation, mid-term reviews and project completion missions and processing;
  4. Participate in appraisal and processing of agricultural and rural development projects and Terms of Reference (TOR) of studies proposed for Bank Group financing;
  5. Contribute technical inputs in the preparation of country strategy papers and portfolio reviews, with reference to the agriculture and rural development sector;
  6. Review procurement documents from regional member countries in line with the Bank’s Group’s procurement procedures and make proposals for action by the Bank and executing agencies;
  7. Review project feasibility studies and progress reports and make proposals for action by the Bank and executing agencies;
  8. Provide technical advice to the Bank’s Disbursement Division on the eligibility of project expenses;
  9. Prepare terms of reference and select consultants for missions and supervise technical aspects of their work;
  10. Negotiate projects with delegations from regional member countries and defend projects at the Board;
  11. Interact – giving/exchanging ideas, advising, explaining - with the Division Manager, the Division staff, the Projects Manager Units, other financiers and counterparts in other multilateral institutions.
  12. Work closely with the Bank’s private sector and the financial inclusiveness departments for a robust SAPZ environment with the associated financial support;
  13. Assist Regional Member Countries in the identification, preparation and appraisal of SAPZ sub-sector operations with a focus on commodity value addition and post-harvest losses reduction;
  14. Work with regional member countries to promote export promotion potentials and enhance import substitution; and
  15. Undertake any other assignments as may be assigned by the (AHFR.2).

Principal Quality and Development Effectiveness Officer, SNOQ2

Vacancies - African Development Bank - Thu, 24/09/2020 - 17:59

Under the supervision of the Manager, the Principal Quality and Development Effectiveness Officer will have the following duties:

  1. Quality and monitoring throughout the project cycle: sovereign operations. Support the quality at entry assessment of operations, including the readiness review approach used for sovereign operations, and use of results based logical frameworks. Support application, compliance, quality assurance and continuous improvement of tools used to monitor and self-evaluate sovereign operations.
  2. Support enhanced quality and monitoring thought the project cycle: non-sovereign operations. Work with operations teams and the non-sovereign operations support department to enhance tools for quality at entry, supervision and completion for non-sovereign operations.
  3. Operations Academy. Lead delivery of a range of new online leaning courses, and continuous improvement of existing courses, in the context of the Bank’s “Operations Academy” program. The program covers both sovereign and non-sovereign operations. Support communication, promotion and continuous improvement of the Operations Academy program.
  4. Analytical and knowledge work. Contribute to the preparation of the analytical work and reports relating to both compliance and lesson-learning of quality assurance and monitoring tools, with the view to improve monitoring, results reporting and ultimately strengthen the effectiveness of the Bank’s development interventions.
  5. Staff learning and coaching. Facilitate workshops and learning events organized for operations staff, including staff members in country and regional offices; provide training and mentoring of task managers especially for the mainstreaming of new tools;
  6. Helpdesk Management and quality clinics. Contribute to helpdesk management activities and provide supports in quality assurance clinics.
  7. Relationship management. Build and maintain effective working relationships with staff of regional and sector Departments, as well as other departments supporting operations, to ensure Bank-wide ownership/internalization of tools, and two-way learning.
  8. Miscellaneous. Undertake other duties as assigned by the Division Manager.

Principal Trade Policy Officer, PITD2

Vacancies - African Development Bank - Tue, 22/09/2020 - 15:37

Under the general guidance and supervision of the Manager, Trade and Investment Climate Division, the incumbent will perform the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. Day-to-day management of the Secretariat of the Africa Trade Fund, including monitoring and reporting of strategic and operational performance, external relations and resources mobilization;
  2. Strengthening the trade integration work-streams with emphasis on developing projects/programmes that are operationally relevant for the Bank;
  3. Assist in defining and expanding the Division’s trade integration agenda and to mainstream the Division’s activities into the Bank’s operational and analytical work;
  4. Providing technical and advisory services to Regional Member Countries (RMCs), Regional Economic Communities (RECs) and the private sector, to assist them implement programmes/projects that will move the regional and trade integration agenda on the continent forward;
  5. Contributing to the preparation of the trade-related aspects of Country Diagnostic Notes (CDNs) and Country Strategy Papers (CSPs);
  6. Building partnerships and coalitions within and outside the Bank, especially with traditional development partners such as the International Trade Center, the World Bank, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development and the World Trade Organization;
  7. Provide support to other duties as assigned by the Manager.

Senior Trade Officer, PITD2

Vacancies - African Development Bank - Tue, 22/09/2020 - 15:26

Under the general guidance and supervision of the Manager, Trade and Investment Climate Division, the incumbent will perform the following duties and responsibilities the Country Economist will:

  1. Analyze the trade, economic and financial conditions of Regional Member Countries, using internal and external information sources, and determine the implications for the programming and updating of Bank Group operations such as defined in the Country Strategy Paper.
  2. Examine the impact of Bank Group operations, in the countries concerned, of regional economic integration programmes and make recommendations on the role of the Bank Group in assisting trade and regional integration initiatives.
  3. Undertake assigned Economic and Sector Work (ESW), focusing mainly on issues of trade, competition and investment climate profiling, and papers on relevant trade related economic and investment issues in the development process.
  4. Identify, prepare, evaluate and monitor the implementation of trade economics, trade development and facilitation programmes.
  5. Coordinate the preparation of Country Diagnostic Notes (CDNs), Country Strategy Papers (CSPs), based on the Regional Member Countries Regional Integration Strategies (RISPS), Trade Development Agenda priorities as well as (AfCFTA Implementation Strategies).
  6. Maintain effective communication with the sector departments and other relevant units in the Bank to ensure a coordinated approach in the implementation of the Bank’s Strategy and Lending/Non-lending operations in assigned countries.
  7. Participate in Country Portfolio Reviews. CSPs, Concept Note writing and PCR processes.
  8. Participate in aid coordination activities with the Trad Complex (UNCTAD, WTO, ITC, UNECA, AU, WB, RECs), as well as bilateral and multilateral donors, with emphasis on promoting effective trade development interventions, projects and programmes.
  9. Participate in the preparation of the department’s budget, the annual and triennial lending/non-lending programmes and briefs on trade development issues, economic reform and institutional support programmes.
  10. Develop and build client relations at levels and plays a promotional role in generating new business to PITD2 and for the Bank.

Principal Renewable Energy Specialist, PERN1

Vacancies - African Development Bank - Tue, 22/09/2020 - 15:08

Under the overall supervision and guidance of the Division Manager – Renewable Energy, the Principal Renewable Energy Specialist (Desert to Power) will perform the following:

  1. Coordinate the various activities of the Desert to Power Taskforce, ensure regular engagement and communication with internal and external partners including the country focal points and Steering Committee members, and prepare regular updates on the implementation of the initiative.
  2. Develop detailed implementation plans for the five priority areas (on-grid solar generation capacity, transmission reinforcement and regional interconnections, deployment of decentralized energy solutions, utility reform and creation of a favourable enabling environment) of the Desert to Power initiative.
  3. Assist regional member countries in structuring renewable energy and energy access scale-up programmes, including Independent Power Producer (IPP), green mini-grids and solar home systems scale-up programmes, engaging with relevant stakeholders on aspects of enabling policy and regulatory environment.
  4. Coordinate the mobilization of resources for the implementation of the Desert to Power initiative, comprising internal and external funding sources such as climate finance facilities.
  5. Lead project origination and business development activities, with a view to developing a pipeline of sustainable energy investments to which AfDB’s full range of financial instruments, including concessional finance could be applied.
  6. Lead the preparation, appraisal and due diligence processes for both projects and programmes, for presentation to the relevant Bank internal committees and to the Board where necessary.
  7. Contribute to the preparation of knowledge and analytical work for to inform country-focussed strategy work as well as new operations in renewable energy.
  8. Undertake any other task that the Division Manager or Director may assign.

Principal Agricultural Economist, AHAI.1

Vacancies - African Development Bank - Thu, 17/09/2020 - 22:01

Under the direct supervision of the Manager, Agribusiness Development Division (AHAI.1) of the Agriculture and Agro-Industry Department and working closely with other Managers in the Agriculture and Agro-Industry Department, in the Agriculture Finance and Rural Development Department, with the Directors General and other Directors, Country Managers and with external stakeholders, the Principal Agricultural Economist’s roles include but is not limited to:

  • Develop coherent programmatic approaches in line with the Bank’s agenda, based on identified needs, priorities and requests of Regional Member Countries
  • Formulate public and private investment proposals in agriculture value chain development and promote an enabling environment by the public sector for private sector investment and involvement in agriculture (Agro-industrial parks).
  • Carry out technical, economic and sector analysis that will guide and support both public and private sector investments in agriculture (agricultural policy).
  • Design technical pathways, estimate funding requirements and propose governance models that will strengthen the performance of agricultural value chains from input supply, agricultural production, harvesting, transportation, storage, marketing and distribution (including export) for greater value addition, improved quality, reduced postharvest losses and reliability of product supply to consumers (Agro-Industry/Value addition);
  • Design and recommend technical services to increase the quality and sustainability of agricultural infrastructure projects intended to scale up production, processing and postharvest handling of agricultural commodities (Agro-industrial parks and corridors development)
  • Assess the requirements for hard infrastructure (energy, water, transport, logistics, information, communication technology (ICT) and soft infrastructure (knowledge basis, quality management systems, organizational systems) in projects within the overall Bank infrastructure pipeline as well as with outside partners;
  • Carry out technical and economic feasibility studies on initiatives proposed for the strengthening and expansion of agricultural value chains, including market centers, warehouses, cold and dry storage facilities, feeder roads, etc. (agro industry and agribusiness);
  • Contribute to the establishment of an Africa-wide policy matrix detailing the five groups of key policy changes required to enable the transformation sought by the Agricultural Transformation Agenda (ATA); key policy areas would be (i) land tenure, (ii) input subsidies, (iii) incentives for local production and processing, (iv) financial sector deepening, and (v) regional integration and trade (Enabling Policy Environment in Agriculture);
  • Participate in initiatives and programmes to increase women and youth employment and enhance skills in agribusiness and agripreneurship by providing appropriate technical content;
  • Provide technical expertise in agriculture and agro-industrial development programs in the area of vocational/agricultural training and farmer extension activities, including institutional capacity building for farmer organizations such as cooperatives (with Rural Development program);
  • Assist the agro industry flagship coordinator in the development of off-grid rural energy investments for increased agricultural processing opportunities (rural development);
  • Assess financing needs and a technical assistance requirement of producers and retailers, and design postharvest loss prevention programs for agricultural cooperatives and SMEs (with agro-industry clusters);
  • Prepare and review reports and papers in agribusiness subject matter as requested by senior management;


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