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International Country Code: +225


Mobile Phones

In the mobile sector operators, South Africa’s MTN and France’s Orange Group are leading the market. However with the country's rapid development, there has been the lauch of additional GSM networks such as Moov and Green Network.


Most plans are "pay-as-you-go" and have a somewhat complex fee structure with calls, data, and SMS charges varying depending on your plan, the network you are using and even the time of day.  Recharging stations are conveniently located in small booths along the side of the road.  You can also recharge within the network providers shop directly.


It is very common for Ivorians to have a different phone number/SIM card for each network in order to avoid the generally higher cost of making calls from one network to another.  Users are charged between 30 CFA and 100 CFA per minute for voice calls made within the same network.  Calls to other networks are generally more expensive at about 100 FCFA or more.  SMS messages cost 25 FCFA to 50 FCFA, and it is often more expensive to send a message from one network to another as well.



Fixed Lines

The fixed-line sector is dominated by Côte d'Ivoire Telecom (CI-Telecom), which has recently merged with the mobile operator Orange Côte d’Ivoire (Orange CI).  Together they have created an operator able to provide converged fixed-line, mobile voice and data services. 

As with the rest of the world, landline phones are quickly being replaced with mobile phone options.  However, landline telephone services still exist and can be set up in your home with the following requirements:  

  • A form of identification such as a passport or a national identity card.
  • A map showing the location of your residence.
  • An electricity or water bill proving residency.
  • A payment of an installation fee which varies depending on the option you select.