Tickets !

Relocation Checklist

Some of these documents may not be with you, so you'll probably need to make a few phone calls or take a few trips to obtain them. On the day of departure, don't forget your passport as well.

  • Birth certificates
  • Personal and family documents
  • Medical and dental records
  • Driver's licenses
  • Insurance records
  • School records
  • Bank records
  • Investment records

You will need to visit...

  • Your bank to transfer accounts
  • Your doctor and dentist to obtain your records
  • Your vet to obtain health certificates for pets
  • The tax office to arrange for settlement of taxes

Don't forget to...

  • Forward your change of address to post office, insurance companies, credit cards, tax office and subscribed magazines.
  • Tell your friends and business contacts
  • Cancel telephone and utilities accounts
  • Cancel cable, newspaper, laundry and security or alarm systems

Packing Tips...

  • Make special shipping arrangements for items like live plants, foodstuff, firearms and hazardous materials like paint, spray cans, oils etc.
  • Don't ship valuables like money, stocks and bonds, jewelry and stamp and coin collections. Carry them personally.
  • Separate your belongings into: items to be shipped by air / by sea / to be stored / not to be shipped.
  • Inform your moving company if you require storage at your destination and whether you will be present at the destination when the shipment arrives.
  • Forward these to your moving company: Insurance forms, customs documents, declaration of alcohol and list of new items.