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  • Franck Provost Sofitel Hotel Ivoire

A Unisex Afro and European salon using Franck Provost, Niwel by Franck provost, l'Oreal and Mizani products.
It is the second Franck Provost salon in Abidjan, the other one is inside Hotel Pullman in Plateau. 

Franck Provost opened his first salon in 1975 in a wealthy district in Paris. 
He revolutionized the hairdressing industry by inventing the “non stop” and “no appointment" Concepts. 
In 1998, the first Franck Provost salon was opened abroad and since then the network kept developing through affiliates, franchisees and eventually through acquisitions. 
Franck Provost products provide perfect hairdressing and colouring for European hair.

The Salons also use French high-end brand "Niwel By Franck Provost", dedicated to frizzy, curly, straightened or mixed hair. It offers a whole range of Afro products for hair relaxing, haircare, haircut, weaves and extensions. 
Mizani salon-exclusive black haircare products are also available.

Address: Sofitel Hotel Ivoire - Cocody Boulevard Hassan II

Tel: +225 22 44 19 25 / +225 59 54 99 33

  • Institut Dieudonné Sénato

Address: Cocody Deux Plateaux Vallons

Tel: +225 05 61 55 47

Facebook: Dieudonné Senato

  • Prestige Coiffure (Chez Pauline)

Afro and European Hairdressing, Beauty & Cosmetic products. 
Address: Rue des jardins-Cocody Deux Plateaux Vallons
Between Zino Boutique & Super Hayat 
Opening schedule: Monday to Saturday 8:30 to 18:30. 
Tel: +225 22 41 26 43 /+225 07 69 36 09

  • Jean Louis David Abidjan

Spa/Beauty/Personal care
Jean-Louis David is an eminent chain of hairdressers, with branches all over the world, providing good quality hairdressing services.
Address: Boulevard de Marseille - opposite "Notre Dame d'Afrique" school - Biétry
Tel: +225 21 00 50 61 /+225 58 98 35 09
Opening schedule: Monday: 14:00-19:00 & Tuesday- Saturday: 9:00-19:00